50 Crafts and Projects Using Recycled, Repurposed, & Upcycled Cans {Saturday Inspiration & Ideas}

50 Crafts and Projects Using Recycled, Repurposed, & Upcycled Cans {Saturday Inspiration & Ideas}

I love a good project you can make utilizing items you would noramlly just toss away. It’s not only a great way to recycle and be green – but an excellent source for free crafting supplies and materials. {and who doesn’t like a homemade project that costs next to nothing to create}
This weeks Saturday Inspiration and Ideas is packed with 50 crafts and projects to turn those trash worthy tin cans into something worth keeping around.

Painted Can Centerpiece
{source: Jayne Weddings}

Can Vases
{source: Rachel Ray Magazine}

Wallpaper Wrapped Can Vases
{source: Martha Stewart}

Painted Can Vases
{source: Sweet Paul Magazine}

Tin Can Vases
{source: Martha Stewart}

Tiered Can Vase
{source: Sweet Paul Magazine}

Tin Can Flower Caddy
{source: Under the Table and Dreaming}

Tin Can Planters
{source: Ruffled}

Re-purposed Can Wall Container Garden
{source: Happy Sleepy}

Can Food Serving Containers
{source: Martha Stewart}

Recycled Can Pedestal Stand
{source: Sweet Paul Magazine}

Covered Cans and Wood Rounds Cupcake Stands
{source: Parents}

Tin Can Table Numbers
{source: 100 Layer Cake}

Breadstick in Tin Can Place Cards
{source: Martha Stewart}

Up-cycled Can Lamp Shade
{source: Mariposa Avenue}

Pendent Light
{source: Shelterness}

Tin Can Nightlight
{source: Mariposa Avenue}

Tin Can Garden Lights
{source: Viva Terra}

Tin Can Jack O’Lanterns
{source: Martha Stewart}

Pumpkin Lanterns
{source: Woman’s Day}

Hanging Punched Can Luminaries
{source: Design Sponge}

Fabric Covered Can Candle Holders
{source: Plum Creek Collectables}

Cork Wrapped Can Pencil Cups
{source: 3 R’s}

Can Organizer Board
{source: HGTV}

Wall Pencil Organizer
{source: Micasa}

Can Cubbies
{source: Martha Stewart}

Tin Can Yarn Cubbies
{source: Do Stuff}

Can Drawer Organizers
{source: HGTV}

Closet Organizer
{source: HGTV}

Hanging Can Storage
{source: Country Home}

Fabric Cover Can Organizer
{source: Flower Girl Design Etsy}

Tiered Vintage Can Stand
{source: Better Homes and Gardens}

Utensil Holders
{source: HGTV}

Can Wine Rack
{source: Real Simple}

Plastic Bag Can Holder
{source: House of Grace}

Mosaic Cans
{source: Instructables}

Soup Can Wall Art
{source: Brain Patrick Flynn Houzz}

Tin Can Knitting
{source: Disney Family Fun}

Can Wreath
{source: Starling Ink Etsy}

Door Hanger May Day Cans
{source: Martha Stewart}

Hanging Can Bird Feeder
{source: Factory Direct Craft}

Recycled Can Wind Chime
{source: Starling Ink }

Tin Can Windsock
{source: Under the Table and Dreaming}

Can Totem Pole
{source: Disney Family Fun}

Can Robot Art
{source: Disney Family Fun}

Wish Can
{source: Disney Family Fun}

Can Gift Wrapping Containers
{source: Disney Family Fun}

Tin Can Invitation
{source: Lovely Package}

Re-purposed Can Biscuit Cutter
{source: Real Simple}

Lunch Cans
{source: Sweet Paul Magazine}

Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. The Sunday Showcase Party begins tonight and I am excited to see what you have been working on! Hope you’ll stop on back later and share your creations – Enjoy!


  1. Such great ideas!!!!Thank you for sharing…don’t know if I will ever be able to throw another can away..

  2. Wow…I have to admit, when I saw the title of this post, I thought, “Oh come on, how many ideas can there be?”

    Amazing ideas! Love them! Gonna try at least 3!


  3. There are some great ideas there! Who would have thought!!

  4. Oh these are the best post about 3R! Love! Love! Love! Do share more of 3R ideas!

  5. This is perfect! I save all my tin cans, always looking for new ways to use them. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a beautiful weekend. -K

  6. Stephanie~
    I am really impressed with all the ideas!! I will definitely implement some of these! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Great ideas!

  8. so many great ideas! thank you- i especially love the yarn storage- wish i woulda thought of that a while ago! great website!

  9. I’m saving the soup cans! My husband is not going to appreciate that I’m now “hoarding garbage” lol

  10. Oh man! I’m on overload! What amazing ideas! Thankx!!! Must be “in the air”, I too, have been “canning”! ;}

    m ^..^
    oc cottage canning

  11. WOW!!!!! There are so many great ideas here — I’ll be pinning forever! Thanks for gathering all of these for us!

  12. These are awesome!

  13. Omigosh this is AWESOME! I pinned so many of these! Love the luminaries and lamp ideas! Genius!!

  14. Excelentes y bellisimas ideas !!!!!
    Muchas gracias..!!!!

  15. Wonderful ideas, so useful!

  16. I can never throw a tin can out without thinking of all the ways I could use it. I got so excited when I saw all these ideas in one place!!!!This is one very inspiring round up – thanks

  17. Absolutely AWESOME! I hate throwing away tin cans and I have wondered so many time what could I do with these coffee cans.. Great for Gifts too

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas


  18. This must have took months to put together. I can’t believe you gathered so many!!!! I am featuring this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com tomorrow.

  19. WOW!

    What’s funny is I have four cans I was going to throw away because I had no idea what to do with them. My fiance knows not to throw potential crafty items away, but he would occassionally ask me… but NOPE! Now I know what to do 😀 Halloween decorations!

  20. This is one of the most amazing posts I have read in a long time. Is it bad that I want to make them all?!?!?!

  21. What an awesome collection of ideas!! I think I pinned about 15 of them!!! Thanks for putting this together!

  22. This is such an amazing collection of ideas Stephanie! Thanks for taking the time to put it together. It must have taken you forever!

  23. so many great uses for tin cans! love it!

  24. So many great ideas! I can only imagine what my family will think of me starting a can collection! lol

  25. I have been waiting to find a link like this for a long time.I have 4 cats and have bags of cat food cans saved for something to do with them…Thank you for all the ideas.

  26. Holy cow, when I saw this I thought it was just a couple of can ideas, most of which I’ve already seen. But the page just kept going and going and going…fantastic ideas and ones that I can definately use!

  27. What an absolutlely brilliant collection of tin can ideas – and they’re all so lovely! Melissa xx

  28. Great collection! Great inspiration!


  29. I loved all the cute ideas for the cans. I have also been recycling cans. I make the outside metal flowers using the commodity-size cans, smaller veggie cans and coke cans. They are cute, cute!

  30. Love these ideas, they are very creative. One question, how do you keep the sharp edges on the cans safe? Just curious because I know my little ones would be all over some of these (like the pencil organizers…) Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

  31. Cool beans! My whole house will be decorated in cans when I grow up!

  32. These ideas are simply inspired…love them all, thanks for sharing sweetie

  33. I absolutely love these. I have done a few, and many more on my to do list! I shared this post here (hey, 2 post from you on there! That’s because you rock!)

  34. Came here through Pinterest!


  35. This is a FANTASTIC collection of ideas. I love it!!

  36. LOVED you’re ideas. I have another idea to add to your list and I would be happy to provide a link to it…I used a coffee can and painted it for a Karaoke DJ to use as a tip jar. Let’s see if this link works http://thumb11.webshots.net/s/thumb4/5/66/53/102056653apTeLO_th.jpg

  37. Your sourses are not right.You should link to the particular article not to the site.It would be easier to see the steps for each project.

  38. Very nice wedding flowers.

  39. Beautiful wedding flowers. Really cute.

  40. These are great….but the links dont bring you to the idea, and there are no tutorials. That was kind of a bummer.

    • I was tyring to find how to make some of the items made from cans. I like the night lite idea. But how do we make them??

  41. Great idea using cans..maybe you want try this too http://wastematerialthing.com/2011/10/cans-waste-material-changed-products.html

  42. LOVED you’re ideas.http://www.veltg.com/

  43. very creative and clever! Love them all.

  44. Amazing ideas! Love them!

  45. C’est juste super.

  46. Thx a loooot best site for reusing source awsumm….xoxxo

  47. Any crafting blog named after DMB is awesome in my book! Cute ideas! Thanks!

  48. This is what they do in Puerto Rico with tin cans… they make rooster noise makers to wake everyone up! http://gablimusing.blogspot.com/search/label/tutorial

  49. Oh another idea… my grandmother used to grow easy houseplants in large coffee cans- back when the metal coffee cans were huge and of vibrant colors. She kept them near a sunny window and it made the entire place very cheerful.

  50. Awesome! Got any ideas for the plastic coffee cans? (Maxwell House, Folgers). I’ve been saving for a while, just knowing there’s got to be something great to make with them, but the ideas just aren’t coming!

  51. My hubby made me a cookie/biscuit cutter out of a tin can years ago. I still have and use it. 🙂

  52. What do you open the cans with so the opening is smooth? I have a rough spot on mine.

  53. Price: they have a can opener at Wal mart that takes the whole top of the can off. I just bought one. Its funny looking/ Has a metal piece on one side, like half a hoop. Thats it. Idk how to describe it. But I found it with the rest of the openers.U lay the metal piece on top of the can, and turn the handle, just like a regular handle on an opener, and the wheel that cuts just catches, like a regular one. Once it cuts all the way around, it gets real easy to turn, u will know when its gone all the way around. Don’t undo the opener, pull up on it and the lid will come off. Hold it over your trash and turn backwards a couple of times and it will drop the lid

  54. I absolutely love your ideas and can’t wait to try them myself

  55. What a great idea of tin can arts , love’em all and I’m so making them .

  56. Great projects, such creative repurposing.

  57. Viewing all of these great projects and dreaming about trying a few make life worth living!! Thanks for your site–found it during a Google search.

  58. I have hundreds of cans I’ve been saving and now have some real cool ideas. I was going to start using them for target practice lol ! but now I can make some real cool things with them ! I liked the idea of the bird feeder, but the birds have to rest on a perch of some kind and I was thinking like a piece of wooden dowel on each side of the can so a couple of birds at a time can eat, especially in winter !

  59. These were all so clever and creative, I’ve pinned the site to my “things to do with the Grandkids” . I really like the robots. THanks for sharing all these ideas. I’ve been recycling for years, but the cans might just have to stay at home !!!!

  60. I have also used the cans with labels in an annual Girl Scout Flower Show, in the design division. It was a recycling class, and they turned out super cute.

  61. Christina de Sa :

    You are amazing thank you for the inspiration

  62. Wow, all of these are absolutely awesome. I just did a quick search for ideas of things to do with cans and found one of your photos on Pinterest. Arrived here and couldn’t believe how many fabulous things I can do. Thanks for this. Very cool post.

  63. robyn thompson :

    Wow! there are several I will do, I keep cans for lots of things this is great.

  64. Rebecca McNally :

    Okay I have to recycle many containers from Carnations instant breakfast!! I have at least 30 and I need any and all ideas I can get!!! I don’t want to toss them into my recycle bin if I can turn them into something (s) useful. Please anyone if you can help me let me know and Thanks a bunch!!!!

  65. So many great ideas here. I think my favorite is the table numbers. Beautiful and brilliant.

  66. Punched tin, been doing that for ages. A neat idea made new again.

    Using a can for biscuit cutting, also been doing that for ages. Years ago hubby made me one out of a tuna can, shaping it into a heart. I still have it.

  67. That wine rack is mine as of this moment. Thanks

  68. Karen stone :

    What paint can I use on the tin cans that us suitable for outside ???

  69. Gloria Richardson :

    It’s always been hard for me to throw any can away now since I’ve seen your Website, I’ll refer to it before any can goes in the recycling ben. Now, what can be done with beautiful empty perfume bottles?
    Love your Website.


  70. Amazing but I have 1 question … With the cans you have to open with a can opener, how can you make sure the top doesn’t cut anyone? How can I ‘blunt’ it in other words lol 🙂 Sorry if its a ridiculous question but Im new to all this upcycling (O..o)

  71. I have thousands of cans at my home. My mom never throw away them and I think to show her your article. You have fantastic ideas. I love can bird feeder. There are so many trees in my neighborhood. I will make at least 20 feeders. Thank you for sharing this.

  72. I *love* repurposing things, it’s so much fun and a challenge for one’s creativity. Therefore I enjoy looking at posts like this one. 🙂 (This is my first visit here.) The fabric-covered containers look really cute. If you allow me, I’d be excited to show you what I’ve made out of cans lately. My passion is mainly painting on wood, but I’ve used all kinds of wooden elements (wooden icecream sticks, for instance), along with dried up moss, cones, felt etc., to turn the cans into something else. So far, I’ve made a fairy house box (the house roof can be removed, so I can store things in the box), a winter house box, with painted wooden beams and snow everywhere, and a box with a 3D teddy bear and a hat (the hat is the lid, it is made of a smaller can, some wood and other thingies 🙂 ). I’ve painted them all in acrylics.

  73. Thank you for the ideas… That can lantern i love the most now i know what to make in my NS2 project ….. :)(: …..

  74. Just love all the craft ideals and projects, Thank you

  75. I love it!! Thanks for this. Very cool post.

  76. The cup cake stands are a great center piece



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