Cut Your Own Martha Stewart Paper Mice Stair Decorations {using the Silhouette}

Cut Your Own Martha Stewart Paper Mice Stair Decorations {using the Silhouette}

Martha Stewart’s creepy paper mice are nothing new to the Halloween decor scene. I have wanted them for the past couple years, as I thought my little guy would get a kick out of them, plus seeing Sarah’s stairs last year made me want them even more. However, by the time I would normally get around to picking them up – they were always sold out.

Even though they are just under $6 in the stores, they are also available as a free template on the Martha Stewart site – to cut by hand. I used the template to cut them out with my Silhouette and thought I would share the process if anyone else was looking for some quick, practically free, decor to get a jump start on their Halloween decorating.

Begin by opening the template from the Martha Stewart site {here}. The template is in a pdf form so in order to open it with the Silhouette Studio software I converted it to a jpeg. There a few online programs that can do this for free {like Zamar – just save the pdf file to your computer and follow the online directions on the Zamar site} or I simply opened the template and made a print screen of the image.

Once you have the file converted and saved, open the Silhouette Studio program, click File, Open and select the image.

Next you want to trace the images and define the cut lines. To do this, click the Silhouette Studio button {shown above} then select Trace.

Click the Select Trace Area option and then Click and Drag the computer mouse around the mice images. {they should now be highlighted with a yellow outline as shown above}

Select the Trace Outer Edge method {shown above} – This method will make one cut around the outer edge of the mice.

Send to your Sihouette to cut. These can be cut with vinyl or I simply used black cardstock to cut mine.

To adhere them to the wall and stairs I used ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape so I would not harm the finishes.

I added the little mice to the Mod Podge Pumpkins from last year, along with some wire pumpkins and a couple of my favorite Flameless Wax Candles – though looking at this picture I am not really sure ‘happy fall’ is is the best saying to have on the set of stairs =)
{there is another ‘L’ on the bottom stair – I promise}

My little guy thinks they are fun, especially at night.

I think I may cut a few more to use as temporary outside decorations for an upcoming party…they would look pretty creepy on the steps at night with a little candlelight…eek!

If you don’t yet have a digital cutter you can still take advantage of the mice by cutting them out by hand, using black construction paper, as suggested by Martha. {or pick them up at your local Michael’s or Joanne’s – they are selling them again this year}

If you have any problems converting the file just let me know – I didn’t want to post the jpeg or the actual silhouette file here, since they are technically not mine – I’d be happy to share them though if you run into anything with the steps above…Enjoy!


  1. Thank you for the link to the critters. I emailed a couple of vinyl people on etsy and no one got back to me. This will work great! (and it’s free)

  2. Those look so cute (since they’re not ‘live’). Love the pumpkins too!

  3. Free and adorable! Hardwood being installed on the stairs in the next week so I can actually do these.

  4. Thanks so much for letting us know where we could get a downloadable image of the cute little mice. I noticed at Dollar Tree yesterday that they are imitating the MS black shadows concept too.

  5. So Cute! I usually do the creepy man on the steps since my kids are a bit older now. Might change it up this year and do the mice. Love your pumpkins spelling happy fall.

  6. what a nice ideaaa… I wanna do this!

  7. I’m sorry I’m italian and I may not understood everything… where did you find the white pumpkings? did you paint it in white?
    Thank you

  8. Lovely, Stephanie

    I really need one of those silhouettes. Thank you for sharing.


  9. Thanks for the tips on how to do this. I am new to the silhouette and need all the help I can get. I will defiantly be trying this.

  10. They have knocks offs of these at dollar tree 🙂 spending the $1 is worth it for not having paper cuts LOL They also have spiders, birds and bats.

  11. Lubię myszy.

  12. What a great project! My son will love this!

  13. I didn’t know I wanted a Silhouette until I saw this! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Love it !!
    Your comment on on “Happy Fall” on the steps made me laugh out loud.
    What a Great Fun MoM you are !!
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  15. Thank you so much! I’ve had my machine almost a year now and am still trying to figure things out. Your tutorial made it easy. I just have one question before I cut them. My bottom right mouse looks like the red outline is almost double. Will it cut out one solid piece? The rest are all a single outline. Thanks!

  16. Thank you so very much! I have a Silhouette but it really intimidates me so I rarely use it. Now I know how to do another thing which will make my husband happy!

  17. Thanks so much for the tutorial and I am going to give this a try. I got a Silhouette in March but I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet.

  18. THANK YOU! I have been wanting some too! This is so AWESOME! I already pinned it!

    Have a great day!

  19. Thank You for the tutorial. I saw the mice last year and thought it was a great idea. So glad I was able to do this myself using my Silhouette.

  20. Ok, I’m not from the US and not familiar with the traditions around Halloween so this seriously creeped me out ;-D

  21. Thanks, Stephanie, for the cute mice idea! I love how cute and quirky this is for fall!

  22. Did you know that with the new updates to Silhouette Studio Designer Edition you can open PDF’s directly in the software (Designer Edition). Import as a Vector. It will be ready to cut – no tracing needed. It works great on this MS file.



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