Fall Felt Circle Wreath {Guest Post featuring Crafts ‘n Coffee}

Fall Felt Circle Wreath {Guest Post featuring Crafts ‘n Coffee}

Have you made a wreath for your front door yet this season? My plan this weekend is to tackle our front porch and do some festive sprucing up. While I’m still pondering a few different concepts for my wreath this year – I’m pretty smitten with this unique use of felt from today’s guest post designer Kathleen George, a featured contributor at Crafts ‘n Coffee.

This Felt & Flowers Fall Wreath makes me feel warm & cozy, just like a favorite fall sweater. While it’s made from simple materials – felt and a wreath ring of STYROFOAM Brand Foam – I think it’s the yummy shade of yellow selected by designer Kathleen George that makes it so rich. You could use other colors, of course – red for Christmas, or shades of pink for Valentine’s Day, and I think it would be just as pretty.

Nothing about this wreath is hard to do, and you can even purchase ready-made felt circles from sites such as etsy. Cutting out your own felt circles is a made-for-TV project, and you’ll finish it up in an evening. If you have a die-cutting machine that cuts fabric, you can use it to cut out the felt circles.

Kathleen is one of my favorite designers, and I frequently feature her projects on Crafts ‘n Coffee. Is it any wonder why?

Materials Needed:
STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” x 1” thick wreath with flat back
Yellow felt OR 216 purchased felt circles (the final number may vary, depending on how they’re placed on the wreath)
Silk flowers (we used three large and four small zinnias)
Ribbon, 8” length
Wire cutters
Thick, white craft glue
Low temperature glue gun & glue sticks
Straight pins
Cardboard, marker & scissors (if you’re cutting your own circles)
Die-cutting machine (optional)

1. If you’re cutting out the felt circles by hand, trace a 1” circle on cardboard and cut out. Use this as your pattern, and cut 216 felt circles from the yellow felt.
2. Glue first row of felt circles around the inside edge of the wreath using white craft glue. The first row should extend about 3/8” past the back of the wreath. Slightly overlap each circle as you work around the ring. When finished, trim away the extra 3/8” so that the felt is flush with the back of the wreath.
3. Glue on second row, overlapping each circle as you go and slightly overlapping the first row. Repeat, gluing on four more rows till wreath is covered. The final row will extend beyond the edge of the wreath; trim away the excess felt so that the felt is flush with the edge of the wreath.
4. Trim stems from silk flowers. Glue to center bottom of wreath.
5. Tie ribbon in a loop. Using hot glue, pin and glue ribbon to back of wreath for a hanger.

Happy Crafting!

Sharon can be found at Crafts ‘n Coffee, a blog all about creating with STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam. The blog features fresh and crafty inspiration made by a variety of different creative designers, such as Kathleen George.
You can also follow Styrocrafts on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks so much for sharing this fun fall wreath. With the popularity of felt craftng, I can see this wreath also being adorned with a fabulous bouquet of felt rolled flowers as well. And if you still searching around for some wreath ideas, like myself, here are a few more utilizing STYROFOAM Brand Foam!

This Ribbon Wreath is another design by Kathleen George simply using ribbon using ribbon and pony beads. I love the stunning sunburst effect created by the sheer ribbons – so pretty. The instructions can be found {here}.

Even with the popularity of yarns wreaths this season, I am still intrigued by the uniqueness of each one. The variegated yarn used in this wreath captures all the fabulous shades of fall – Instructions can be found {here}

And one more design that caught my eye is this Copper Foil Autumn Wreath by designer Ed Smith. I’m inspired by the copper tooling technique using foil sheets and upholstery tacks – how clever! The instructions for this wreath can be found {here}.

I have a giveaway upcoming up later on this evening and I’m working on a feature post from this week’s Sunday Showcase you won’t want to miss! You can also find me over at Brown Paper Packages today – hope you’ll stop by and say hi! Have a wonderful afternoon. Enjoy!


  1. I love every single one of these! WOW they are so stunning!

  2. I just ran into your site and I absolutely love it, you are very talented! I would love to feature you on my blog, see how to “Get Featured”. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Just stopping by to let you know, I featured this project on my fall wreath post here- http://diycraftyprojects.com/2012/11/50-yes-fifty-fall-wreath-ideas-and-inspiration.html. Please grab a featured button from my side bar to use on you blog, if you’d like. 🙂


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