Make Your Own Faux Leaf Fall Garland – {simple, super easy, & inexpensive}

Make Your Own Faux Leaf Fall Garland – {simple, super easy, & inexpensive}

It seems like just yesterday I could not wait for the leaves to turn green and fill in the woodlands that surround our home…It’s that time of year tough that I yearn for a beautiful fall palette of yellow, orange, and burgundy.

Last year I collected a ton of leaves and made a real leaf garland for our porch. It lasted a few weeks but once the leaves began to ‘crunch’ that was the end of that {a big mess – at my front door none-the-less}. This year I wanted something that would last a little longer and possibly make it trough Thanksgiving. I checked out some pre-made garlands but really wasn’t lovin’ the color selection or unnatural feel of those available. As I was cleaning up a mini disaster my little guy made in the floral section of the craft store – I discovered I could make an incredibly easy garland myself – in just the right colors and feel I was looking for.

Materials Needed

Faux Leaf Bunches
Sewing Needle

Many faux leaf bunches are fairly inexpensive and can even be found in the dollar store. How many bunches will depend on how long you plan to make your garland and how full you would like it to be. I found my leaf bunches at Walmart {they have an array of pretty colors} and they were just 97¢ each.

For the garland, you want to make sure the individual leaves on the stems have the little circle connector in the center when taken off the stems – like pictured above.

Begin by removing all the leaves from the stems. It helps to sort them by color if you choose multiples.

Thread a sewing needle onto the end of some jute twine and feed through the center hole in the leaves. {it is that easy} Be sure to use a needle a little smaller than the hole in the center or it will tear the plastic.

I alternated the pattern of colors {green, yellow, orange} and just love how it came together.

Once you have the desired length – cut the twine and just double knot the ends.

It screams fall to me {and my front porch}

Since they are the inexpensive kind of florals – they are a little plasticky and pretty durable {they have made it through the rain as it seems we have been getting quite a bit lately}

I really like the fact that I could choose my own fall color palette when putting this together and the fact that I could make it much fuller than anything I would be able to find in the stores – without the need to double them up.

Hope your week is off to a good start ~ enjoy!


  1. I love this idea. I think I will try to make that today! Thank You!
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. Oh I love this idea because I always want these garlands thicker than they come, and I like being able to pick the color palette! Such a great idea!

  3. I feel the same way about those fall garlands and love this idea! It looks beautiful and more durable than the real, of course.

  4. So cute! I love it. May be making one myself!

  5. What a great idea!

  6. Looks so much better and fuller!

  7. Micheal’s coupon in hand and off to the craft store….yet another great idea!

  8. I love this. yours looks so much more fuller than the store ones. very pretty!

  9. So much better then the pre-made garland!

  10. What a great idea! I’m pretty perfect about my garlands, so this is perfect!

  11. I have love for this. ON my way to wal mart and dollor store, hob lob is an hour and a half away, maybe later this week! thanks for all the inspiration.

  12. Quick, cheap and pretty! This is my type of project.

  13. Such a great idea! It looks fab!

  14. Thanks for this GREAT idea. I have found that even if leaves on a fall tree look beautiful from a distance, once you get right up on them they are sometimes not as pretty individually. AND they don’t hold their color very long (like you said…dry, brown, crunchy). This will solve all those issues.

  15. You have no idea how much I love this! I may very well have to copy to!

  16. this is an awesome idea! I love it. Looks so much nicer than the ones I find in the stores sometimes! I am going to totally try this! thanks!

  17. What a great idea! It will lasts forever and look great!

  18. Great idea they usually look so bland unless you put a few together but the idea you did worked great thank you for sharing!

  19. So pretty…off to the dollar store! Actually…I might look through my stash of artificial greens etc and see what I already have. It really is prettier than anything “Store bought”!

  20. So reasonable in price and so pretty! I like it! I didn’t even notice the twine in the final pic!

  21. I love this and can’t wait to make a garland..Thank you for the idea..

  22. This is a great idea and so simple. Going to have to seek out some faux fall leaves like this now!

  23. Great idea… I wonder how it would work with real waxed leaves. I travel ALOT and would love to do this with leaves from my travels.



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