Paperwhite Bulb Gift Giving Growing Kit {with printables} Forcing Holiday Bulbs

Paperwhite Bulb Gift Giving Growing Kit {with printables} Forcing Holiday Bulbs

During the holiday season I love to give little tokens of appreciation to just about everyone I know – so I am always looking for simple handmade gifts that I can put together quite quickly – especially gifts I can make in bulk and have on hand {for hostess gifts or that very special person I just so happen to forget to add to my list..oops!}

Paperwhites are a staple in holiday plant offerings and forcing them to bloom is a fun seasonal tradition for many. This simple kit is incredibly easy to put together and since many of the materials used can be purchased in bulk – it’s an economical way to say thank you to those who may not always make your gift list.

Materials Needed:
Terra Cotta Pot & Saucer
Potting Soil
Paperwhite Bulbs {narcissus}
Plastic Baggie

Optional Materials:
Spray Paint

Begin with a terra cotta pot and saucer that is size appropriately. {you want to be sure the saucer fits well when place on top of the pot} I used a 5 inch pot, which fits approximately 3-4 bulbs, though any size can really be used. The post and saucer can be decorated as you like and if you have little ones this is a great project to pass along to them to make the gift even a little more special. I simply sprayed mine with some Krylon Champagne Brushed Metallic spray paint.

Scoop some potting soil into a plastic baggie and seal. {The bag toppers can be found below} Just print out, cut, fold over the top of the bag and staple to hold into place.

The paperwhite bulbs can be found at your local garden center {or even Walmart where I found this bag of 7 for just under $5}. This time of year is the perfect time to pick them up as they sell out fairly quickly once the holidays arrive.

Tuck everything into the pot and add filler {optional} for presentation purposes only. I have included an instruction sheet below that can be printed off and tucked in with the kit so the recipient knows just what to do.

Place the saucer on top of the pot and tie with ribbon. Quick, simple and ready to give!

Forcing paperwhites indoors is extremely easy and requires no gardening experience what so ever. They are quick to bloom, pretty, fragrant and can produce blooms indoors from November through March, if properly planted.

Here are a few basics if you are not familiar with forcing paperwhites…

Paperwhite bulbs can be forced indoors and do not need a whole lot of room to grow – just 3 inches or so – making smaller shallow containers a perfect fit. They can be planted in both containers that have drainage holes and even in those without.

If using a container with a drainage hole, as with this project, fill 3/4’s of the way with soil and simply nestle in the bulbs – pointy side up – leaving the bulb tip showing. The bulbs can be planted close together, but should not touch each other. Water thoroughly and continue to keep the soil mist through out the growing process. Place the pot in a sunny location or an area with a lot of bright light. Once the plants have flowered move them to cooler spot with indirect sunlight to prolong the blooms.

If using a container without drainage holes, place a layer of pebbles, rocks, gravel or marbles in the bottom of the container. Place the bulbs on top, pointy side up, and fill in the space between the bulbs with more filler {pebbles, rocks, gravel, etc} to stabilize the bulbs in place. The bulbs can be planted close together, without touching each other, and the tip of the bulb should be left exposed. Fill the container with water – about 3/4’s from the top of the gravel – and maintain this level throughout the growing process. The water level should not touch the bulbs directly as it may cause the bulb to rot. Place the pot in a sunny location or an area with a lot of bright light. Once the plants have flowered move them to cooler spot with indirect sunlight to prolong the blooms.

Here are the printables – simply click below to download and print…

Paperwhite Bag Topper – Chevron

Paperwhite Bag Topper – Burlap

Paperwhite Bag Topper – Yellow

Printable Paperwhite Directions

Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Enjoy!

This post was originally shared over at According to Kelly as part of the
Holiday Bake, Craft & Sew Along. Thanks so much Kelly for having me!


  1. How wonderful is this!

  2. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to get this for a hostess gift? Fabulous.

  3. What a beautiful gift idea! Thank you for making and sharing the printable labels. 🙂

  4. What a great Tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing everything that goes into it! Will have to do this.

  5. Thank you for the easy gift idea.
    I really appreciate this one as many people appreciate flowers during the holidays.
    AL from Calif

  6. This is a lovely idea. It would be a well received gift, Every new season when the flowers bloom your thoughtful gift would be part of the garden.Hugs and wishes for a joy filled weekend.

  7. Great idea! I was wondering do you have to freeze the bulbs first or anything to make them grow? I always thought I had heard that somewhere which was why I never tried this.

    Thanx for a great gift idea!
    Laura Lee

  8. What a beautiful gift idea..

  9. I think I know what I will be giving away this year as a special Thank You…Thank you for the idea!!

  10. How wonderful! I may try to plant some of my own this year…

  11. thank you thank you! i received one of these years ago and loved it! wanted the instructions to duplicate ever since.

  12. Few questions for you:
    Is that a sandwich sized bag of dirt?
    What did you use for filler? (the pretty mossy/grassy stuff that is surrounding the bulbs)
    Is it possible for you to make us Merry Christmas tag with the chevron style?
    Totally love this idea! Already bought my bulbs. Thanks so much!

  13. I really enjoy your blog and thus am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you accept the nomination, please go to my blog to accept your award. You have to do a few things, but nothing illegal 😉
    Am making the paperwhite pots for Xmas gifts. Thanks for the great idea!

  14. This is a brilliant gift, which I would love to make. Unfortunately, I am very allergic to paperwhites (as is my mother), so giving these bulbs to friends to grow in their houses would be tremendously self-defeating. Are there any other flower varieties that could be substituted with the same/similar instructions?

    Thanks in advance for whatever answers you’re able to give.



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