Planting a Pot of Perpetual Spring Color with Fall Bulbs. Dig. Drop. Done {& Curbside Chaos contest}

Planting a Pot of Perpetual Spring Color with Fall Bulbs. Dig. Drop. Done {& Curbside Chaos contest}

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I had mentioned a few weeks ago that one of the things on my fall project to-do is planting bulbs. It’s a perfect opportunity to get outside this time of year and take advantage of the fabulous fall weather – while getting a head start at preparing an incredible garden of blooms for the spring. {plus it’s a great activity to get the little guy involved in too} It could not be any easier – just dig, drop, and your done – simple enough for even the most novice gardener.

As reliable and fail-proof as most bulbs are – there sure is a ton of information out there making them seem quite complex and complicated. I have always admired the variety of bulbs and beautiful blooms seen in store displays and used to be intimidated to purchase them as I often thought a bloom that spectacular must require a ton of care. Once I became familiar with just a few planting basics, bulbs quickly became one of my favorite fall secret weapons for a fabulous spring garden.

I recently had a chance to partner up with Dig. Drop. Done – a fantastic easy to use online resource designed for busy women like you and me. This site is three-year, North American educational campaign designed to demystify flowering bulbs and help women take advantage of their beauty, while not taking advantage of our precious time.

Dig. Drop. Done brings to life how easy flowering bulbs really is. The easy to navigate, pared down website simplifies the planting process – you don’t even need to know species names or soil conditions. The important basics are there for the first-time planter and additional tips and resources are provided as well for the avid gardener. To add some fun to the site three entertaining personalities, Marcy, Juliana and Evelyn, can be followed to help you figure out just how bulbs can fit into your busy and varied lives – whether you’re Supermom, a style-setter or just want a fun hobby. {I personally think I am a cross of all three as I love all the tips each of them have to offer!}

I have only really thought of planting fall bulbs in the ground, though I was pretty excited to see a number of fun projects on Dig. Drop. Done using bulbs in some surprisingly different ways – From interior and exterior design, to creative gift giving and decoration, and entertaining activities for children and families.

One of which caught my eye was Pots of Perpetual Spring color. Even though planting bulb in containers makes complete sense – I had never really thought about doing it and since I love potted plants on my porch and deck I was thrilled with this idea.

I chose a variety of three different bulbs overlapping the bloom times of early, mid and late blooms. { early bloom – Paperwhite Ziva, mid bloom – Tulip Daydream, and late bloom – Allium Purple Sensation}

The key to the perpetual blooms is layering the bulbs or planting them ‘lasagna-style’. Just pick a large container and fill the base with commercial potting soil. Start by planting the first layer of bulbs – which will be the larger of the bulbs – like the Tulips and Allium.

Position the bulbs close together, pointy side up, and intermix them if you are using different varieties. {you want to make sure the bulbs do not touch the side of the pot as that area is more vulnerable to freezing}

Cover that layer of bulbs with 3 inches of potting soil – making sure you fill in the spaces between the bulbs.

The smaller bulbs are then planted in the next layer. They can be placed close together, even touching, as they will simply grow around each other.

Top off the pot with 5 inches of soil and a layer of mulch. Since I used a terra cotta pot, I will be placing these in my basement over the winter, along with my other ceramic pots, to protect the pots from cracking.

Next spring I be able to move the pots outdoors and enjoy three waves of spring blooms! Once those blooms fade away just dig up the bulbs and move them to the garden. I love this idea as the bulbs are far less expensive then purchasing new flowers in the spring – plus they can be replanted in hopes of producing some additional blooms in my garden for years to come. For complete details and specifics visit to learn more.

To find a list of bulbs perfect for planting in your own area, check out the Garden Guru tool on Curbside Chaos. This simple online planner will give you suggestions for your own planting guide according to when you would like to see your bulbs bloom.

And as an educational effort designed to excite women about the surprisingly simple beauty of flowering bulbs, Dig. Drop. Done has teamed up with Taniya Nayak for a $5000 yard makeover! All you need to do to enter is submit a photo of your yard at Curbside Chaos.

Plus for every share on Twitter, “Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done.” will donate $1.00 to Rebuilding Together – the nation’s leading nonprofit, working to preserve affordable homeownership and revitalize communities.

Is planting bulbs on your fall to-do ~ I’d love to hear your inspiration and ideas. Enjoy.

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  1. If you live in a mild winter climate you can even add some live plants on top to enjoy the pot while waiting for spring to come. In the West; mums, calendula, primroses, or even pansies work well. By the time those guys are fading, your bulbs will be popping up to take their place!

  2. I always get my bulbs from Old House Gardens because they have fabulous rare, vintage and heirloom bulbs. It’s great to be unique!

  3. Thanks for sharing!I love the idea of planting bulbs in a pot for spring and have never even thought of it!


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