Ugly Sofa Ugly-Where Chairs and Giveaway Reminder

Just wanted to give a quick reminder
of the Ugly Sofa Giveaway that ends Saturday night.
Ugly Sofa is offering two lucky readers – one item of their choice!

If you missed the original post on Ugly Sofa you can check it out {here}.
They basically carry popular, ‘major’ name brand furniture slipcovers at incredible prices {many starting at just $29.99}.

They also carry these adorable Ugly-where chairs…{look familiar?}

The red chair is my little guys perfectly worn-in Pottery Barn Kids original Anywhere Chair that we have had for three years – The brown chair is his new Ugly-Where Chair graciously sent over to us by the fine folks at UglySofa.

The Ugly-Where Chairs come with authentic “Brand X” slipcovers along with UglySofa’s own brand of foam inserts.

Ugly Sofa “X’s” out the name brand on the tags in order to prevent someone purchasing the their items at unbelievable prices and returning them to the original retail store.

The chair comes vacuumed packed in a space bag – fully put together. I had no idea the chair would even remotely fit into a box that small. It was super fun watching it come to life though as it took just a day or so to fully puff out. {I was seriously said to myself – there is no way this chair is going to make it back to it original shape – but it did…just like magic!}

The Ugly-Where Chairs come in three different sizes – Mini {My First}, Regular and Large (Oversized} – and an array of fabulous fashionable colors. I’m just loving the Chocolate for the fall. They do not come personalized but to tell you the truth I never get anything I purchased at PBK personalize through them anyway. For some reason they will only capitalize the first letter of a name and we like ‘CJ’ to have both letters capitalized. I found someone locally that does the embroidery for me though for just about $6 an item {pretty much the same price PBK charges}. Think sportswear and t-shirt shops or you could even use heat transfer – though I’m not sure how well it would hold up if you have a rambunctious little guy like mine.

So thank you – you made my little guy smile!


Don’t forget to check out the giveaway post {here} if you have not already – you just need to leave a comment to enter.

Have a wonderful night – Happy Friday!!!


  1. Those look down right awesome!

  2. very cool!

  3. Wow, what a difference and the best part means that you don’t have the ‘droop’ affect that you normally have with slipcovers.

  4. I love the shelf unit in the background with the baskets. DO you mind me asking where you got it?

  5. love these!

  6. So which size is the chair they sent to you? And it is chocolate, correct? Also I assume you can take the slip cover off as normal and wash it or take it to get it embroidered?

  7. I love I have bought two brand x sofa covers and one brand x chair cover. They are awesome!


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