What’s Your Favorite Cut & Style Jean? {Women’s Express Jeans & Facebook Fan Exclusive Promotions}

What’s Your Favorite Cut & Style Jean? {Women’s Express Jeans & Facebook Fan Exclusive Promotions}

This post brought to you by Express. All opinions are 100% mine.

As trends come and go, women’s jeans are one fashion that never go out of style. For me, they are an essential part of my fall & winter wardrobes. The fact that they can dressed up or worn casual makes them a definite staple in my closet and I admit once it gets too cold for dresses and skirts – I wear them just about everyday. 

With the array of different styles and trends available nowadays, there are only a few places I will actually spend my time trying on jeans; Express being one of them. Express jeans are available in a full range of sizes, styles, and colors, including Skinny, Straight Leg, Boot Cut and more; accommodating women of all various shapes. Their jeans are stylish and comfortable {no mom jeans here} and since I am tall and love heels – they win me over by offering all of their sizes in long lengths.

What is your favorite cut and style?

Jean Leggings – shape flattering, leg lengthening and the 10″ leg opening is even slimmer than their skinny leg jeans.

Skinny – Express exclusive super slimming 13 inch leg opening – giving a whole new meaning to the word sexy.

Straight – The universal fit that is not too skinny or too relaxed with a 14.5 inch leg opening.

Skyscraper – designed to fit over your tallest heel with a 15.5 inch leg opening, for a long, sexy silhouette.

Barely Boot – a sliming style designed between a mix of a skinny leg and boot cut – with a 16.5 inch leg opening.

Boot – a classic cut that is wider at the ankle with a flattering flared 18.5 inch leg opening.

Flare – a right now cut for a sexy, curve loving silhouette and longer looking legs – with a 22 inch leg opening.

Wide – a loose, polished cut for a modern look and dressier fit – with a 24 inch leg opening. 

My favorites include the Flare Leg Slim Fit Stella, the Rerock Boot Cut and the vintage look of the Button Tab Wide Leg Jean.

For more information on this seasons must-have looks visit the Express Facebook page. You’ll find exclusive previews, special discounts and you can even shop online right from their fan page. Plus you can also enter the Facebook Fan Exclusive Express giveaway – they are currently giving away a $500 suiting makeover.


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  1. The skinnier, the better! I almost exclusively wear jean leggings or skinnies now, but every once in a great while I’ll toss on a pair of boot cuts. Although, I’m so used to not having any extra fabric around my legs that the boot cuts always feel like Hammer pants… Ha ha.

  2. Skinny jeans. I had a baby 3 months ago and I MISS my skinny jeans like nothing else in my wardrobe. Working my way back down with some p90x but I just can’t get back into them fast enough!

  3. I can’t do skinny jeans… every time I try them on I look in the mirror and LAUGH HYSTERICALLY! Then I have to hurry and change because the employees are knocking on the door saying things like, “Miss?? Are you okay in there miss??” And I reply with “Yes… just trying on skinny jeans” and then I hear a very knowing “Oh… okay. Let us know if you need anything!” 😉
    Bootcut all the way for me!!

  4. I’m a bootcut girl. Too many flashbacks to the 80’s when I try on skinny jeans :)

  5. Skinny jeans! I love them!

  6. I love skinny jeans & boot cut. But never ever do I wear Express jeans. Their “bottoms”, pants, skirts, jeans, etc, all seem to have the tiniest waist band. At 5’4″ & 110lbs I can’t fit into ANY of them. The vast majority of people I know feel the same way. The clothes are cute, but only if you have a 20″ waist or smaller. For this reason many of us have stopped shopping there completely. :(

  7. If you had asked me a month ago I would have said boot cut hands down, wouldn’t even think of anything else. But I recently tried on a pair of skinny jeans (not for the first time) and I have fell in LOVE!!! I don’t know why I didn’t like the other skinny jeans I tried, but these slim me down like no body’s business. I actually hate wearing any of my old jeans now. So now I say Skinny All The Way!!! ( I did not plan that to rhyme LOL!)

  8. Is it just me, or do all of those pics look SEVERELY photoshopped? The legs look like they have been lengthened by at least 6 inches both above and below the knee. The stretching has made the legs look pencil-thin–literally. Or is my pudgy 5’0″, 40+-year-old body just warping my vision?

  9. I love the Jean Leggings 😛 In my opinion they go great with every outfit, shoes, bags or watches. If you want to go for a clean and sexy look then this is the best choice.

  10. FLARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not eveyone looks good in skinny jeans….. some people have fat ankles


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