10 Inspiring Laundry Room Spaces – My Tuesday {Ten} No. 18

10 Inspiring Laundry Room Spaces – My Tuesday {Ten} No. 18

Last week our washer decided it was done. The front load set was purchased seven years ago, which I guess for appliances made now-a-days is pretty average – though I was hoping it would last at least a few more years. The entire washer tub actually cracked, which though fixable would cost a pretty penny to repair {ourselves} – so a new set in our very near future. Though we will not be purchasing the same brand, I am thinking it would be pretty cool to keep the dryer we have and have two to help assist with the never-ending laundry situation.
Checking out the options available today, I am completely overwhelmed with all the choices.
I would love to hear any suggestions or recommendations
you may have!

Since things will have to be pulled out and moved around anyway, I am thinking it would be the best time for a complete room makeover. So for my Tuesday {ten} this week I thought I would begin my search for a new washer and dryer by sharing some laundry room inspiration.

{one} Though I generally tend to shy away from bold appliance colors, I am loving the contrast of the red set with the grey cabinetry in this laundry room from HGTV’s Green Home.

{two} This is such a gorgeous space but who would expect anything less from Martha Stewart herself- I could definitely get some laundry done in a room like this. Love the extra dryer and the fact that they did not use any risers as it gives you a lot more space between the top of the appliances and the cabinets – not to mention the nice counter space it provides. We have the pedestals on our current set and there is only a little over a foot of space to work with plus the set is too high to actually make any use out of the tops of the appliances.

{three} Again, not quite sure where I got the notion that I had to purchase the separate pedestals – his built in countertop from Precision Stoneworks utilizes the space so much more and I adore the added banister spindles.

{four} This built in counter from Home Decoration Magazine is another great use of space with the open side shelving.

{five} Even though we are fortunate enough to have a dedicated laundry room upstairs in our home, this great idea from Martha Stewart conceals the appliances away using painted recycled pine boards and a piece of laminate countertop – perfect for a multi-use space.

{six} Great built in cabinetry in this laundry room from Custom Cabinets Direct, though I am not sure I would like the washer and dryer that far apart – I usually like tossing my clothes from one to the other standing in one stationary position. The additional table/counter space is amazing {love those chunky spindles} and the green is something different.

{seven} The beadboard, open shelving and checkered floor in this House and Home laundry room creates a nice crisp clean look.

{eight} Though I also like the classy black and white used in this House & Home Showhouse Laundry Room too!

{nine} This space from the Martha Stewart Living Cabinet line at Home Depot is so serene. I like the uniform look of the walls and the cabinetry being the same color.

{ten} and finally I just love the open wire shelving, painted molding and stenciled wall in this laundry room designed by Sarah Richardson.

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and if you have any washer/dryer brand recommendations – please don’t forget to leave them in the comments below – I’m not sure how long I can go without them! Enjoy.


  1. WE just had ours die this spring, after only 4 years and come to find out it was the brand having problems. Unfortunately we still had to buy a new washer, but the repair man who pronounced our old washer dead, recommended Samsung front loaders. He said that brand is the one he sees the least of when he repairs, which tells me it needs repaired less often then others. I also did some online research and Samsung is the way to go! We got ours on a great deal at Lowes and LOVE it!

  2. So glad you posted all of this inspiration, as I’m trying to get motivated to revamp (well, it’s never actually been “vamped” a first time!) our laundry room. We purchased LG W/D set with the pedestals almost a year ago. I LOVE the W/D but the pedestals are kind of a waste of $$ in my opinion. I wanted to store my detergent and such in there, but the space isn’t tall enough. It’s helpful to not have to bend to load and unload, but not worth $500 for them! Good luck!

  3. My laundry room is too ugly to show but our friend is a repairman and he strongly suggested whirlpool.

  4. Hello, I wanted to write you some lines just to say that I love your blog and it inspires me a lot in my daily life. I have already shared your creative and brilliant ideas in my own blog http://www.losmundosdemomo.blospot.com Thank you very much from Spain

  5. I love the one with the grey walls and all white accents but then again they are all great laundry rooms..

  6. im not a ffan of the front loader, lots of problems, i think they were a bad trend, not sure why you would want to lean over to load a washer. anything with that much water should not have a side door, the musty smell is an issue they all have and everyone one i know has had repair men out within the first year, get good warranty. my friends broke and she went back to the old school ones with no computer board, much more reliable. also, the front loaders have two engines instead of one. another friend just had to replace both engines and its only 12 months old. sorry if im not helping, good luck

  7. We also just bought the Samsung and stacked them for more floor space. Our laundry room is very small so we were glad to have a little more floor room which we used for pantry shelving. It’s work out really good.

    We did a lot of research before purchasing the Samsung and have had no issues with them.

    TIP from the installer/repairman: leave the washer door cracked so that mildew doesn’t form on the rubber around the door.

  8. These are gorgeous. Makes my dreary little space seem even drearier. It’s always been a dream of mine to have a second dryer!

  9. I love this Tuesday Ten! First of all we moved to a 20’s bungalow that had a yucky basement laundry ‘room’ Ewww! you wouldnt believe it! There was a preplumbed area in the breezeway/mudroom for laundry and we put our new w/d in there. It needs work as they look like they’ve been plopped there as an after-thought! Contractor quote – 5k! Nuh-uh.. not today!

    Anyhow.. We got a new w/d set (YAY Me!) since they are in a common area and after much research decided on the Samsung front load. We looked online and spoke to numerous repair people. They have an excellent track record and few repair issues. We got the models with steam features, which is especially great if you have a little one! Lowes has a big sale on these a couple of times a year and if you go there – TIP: go to the post office and grab that old fashioned address change kit & inside there is a coupon for Lowes! Added savings! Wooo-Whooo!

    As to the concerns of mildew inside front loaders: These are the norm where my husband grew up in Europe and they dont have problems with this issue. Ee didnt understand all the fuss so I spoke to my MIL who gave me some advice.
    1) always use high efficiency detergent, liquid pref.
    2) DONT USE TOO MUCH! This mucks up the works & if you have a water softener, use 1/2 to 1/4th of the recommended amt.
    3) After the washer is emptied, quickly wipe down moisture on the door and seal, then I wedge the corner of the hand towel I use into the hinge area to prop the door open & let air in. Later on when I walk by, I just pull it out and close the door. I have not had a problem at all and we live in a humid climate.

    Love your blog and wish you the best in your search for the perfect laundry set-up!

  10. I love seeing the laundry redos but am one of those with the ordinary top loading washer that will not see the front loaders in her future for a good while. I’d like to see laundry rooms for those of us w/the tradtional laundry appliances.

  11. Ok Stephanie, what are you doing to me….now I don’t want to go into my laundry room. I hate, HATE laundry, but if my rooms looked like maybe I would want to do laundry. Thanks girl…shared it on my facebook…

  12. Hi – so sorry to hear of the demise of your washer – sometimes that can happen at the very worst time! Just want to mention that we got the red front load appliance w/d at Sears several years ago. Within a month or two a squealing sound started and we thought the dryer was making the noice. The serviceman came out and said that it was that drawer thing that costs EXTRA when you buy the set. It’s what the washer and dryer can set on. Dog gone but it’s loud and annoying. Of course there is no warrenty or guarantee concerning noice. He said that they are designed that way and most people have the problem. grrr… hate poor and cheap design. Next time I will have my husband build some sort of stand for it and I’ll hang curtains on it or something. I need it tall as I can’t bend easily and it ‘s convenient for me. in front load washer – there is a continual smell in the rubber thing that is right inside the door. I need to try and put some vinegar in there but forget about it when not washing. Other than all that – it’s ok as a set. All I needed was hot/cold warm/cold settings but they go to making them with all sorts of dials and buttons that I’ll never use but have to pay for anyway. I’m not as mean as I sound – honest. Well, maybe I am. 🙁 Good luck with your set and hope it works really well for you!! God bless! hazelruth1

  13. I love your blog – btw! We had a Whirlpool that was also 7 years old that stopped working (it was a chip issue). After research, we decided on Samsung (great rating from Consumer Reports) and also well recommended at the appliance store. It also has a trap that you must clean ever so often which made me wonder where the stuff in the older washer was going…No pedestal this time around as it was a big waste when we purchased the 7 year old washer. And, yes, the appliance folks said that 5-8 years is the average lifespan for washers now. Meh…

  14. When my hubby and I moved into our new place a couple of years ago we had to purchase a washer and dryer; the new place had the set up for a laundry room – just nothing in it but an ugly old laundry basin!

    We got a great deal on Electrolux’s front load washer/dryer – in a stunning red hot red! They have been holding up great so far. I did have a bit of an issue with the dryer not drying clothes enough – but I think that had to do with the way we hooked it up (hubby crawled back behind the dryer and replaced the hose, then set the machine to use a “damp alert” which adds extra drying time if necessary, and there have been no real issues since). I also do notice a musty smell from the washer at times – but there is a cleaning cycle on the machine which does a pretty good job (wiping down and airing out the washer after each use are also great tips, as per Eileen above).

    As for the colour – I too had reservations about choosing something so bold. But, I have been trying to be more adventurous in my colour choices, so hubby and I just went for it and to be honest, I LOVE it!!!! We ended up styling the laundry room based on one we had seen in an issue of Style at Home (here’s the link: http://www.styleathome.com/homes/renovating/fabulous-finished-basement/a/28178/3). I find it so bright and vibrant now; I really do enjoy going in there to do laundry. I also like that we used Ikea cabinetry – that way, when we decide to move on from this home, the new owners will be able to pop by Ikea and pick out new door faces if the bright red isn’t to their liking.

    Best of luck choosing a new washer/dryer and designing your new laundry space! I’m sure it will turn out just beautiful – can’t wait to see a post about it!

    Take care,

  15. These laundry rooms are so pretty… I don’t even HAVE a laundry room and now I want one so badly!
    I just found this blog (someone linked to it on twitter) and even though I’m kind of busy, I can’t stop reading or at least looking at all the pretty pictures (yeah, I’m like I little kid that way).
    Definitely bookmarking this for later!



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