10 Uses for Your Pumpkins after Halloween – My Tuesday {ten} No.19

10 Uses for Your Pumpkins after Halloween – My Tuesday {ten} No.19

With Halloween quickly approaching, there will soon be plenty of pretty pumpkins left over from all the spooky festivities. We usually wait until the last week before Halloween to carve a few since I like having them around to enjoy as long as possible. Whether you have carved your pumpkins already or not – there are plenty of ways to use your pumpkins after Halloween.

For this week’s Tuesday {ten} I have rounded up some creative ideas to keep in mind before you toss your pretty pumpkins aside. Many of us spend a good amount of time picking perfect pumpkins from the patch – so we might as well get the most of out them, right?

My Tuesday {ten}

{one} Many prefer the taste of pie pumpkins for baking – though regular pumpkins can surely be used in many recipes as well. Regular pumpkin puree can sometimes be a bit more watery than traditional ‘pie’ pumpkins though it is still perfectly fine to use when cooking. The Pioneer Woman has some great instructions for making Homemade Pumpkin Puree. The last Saturday Inspiration and Ideas post contained 50 Pumpkin Recipes if you are looking for some ideas to incorporate pumpkin into your diet! {pumpkins are a great source of zinc and vitamins A, C and E}

{two} All those vitamins, along with alpha hydroxy acid found plentiful in pumpkins, are also amazing for your skin. Take a couple tablespoons of the pumpkin puree and mix it with a splash of milk and a tablespoon of brown sugar for a natural, fantastic smelling face mask. {just rub on and leave for 20 minutes} Bethany Frankel also recommends benefits of using antioxidant-rich pumpkins on your skin – you can find her Pumpkin Mask recipe {here} – along another recipe using fresh pumpkins from Everything Pumpkin.

{three} Have your carved your pumpkin yet? This recipe for Pumpkin ‘Gut’ Bread from Dianasaur Dishes uses the stringy insides of those carved pumpkins. The word gut is somewhat throwing me off but it would be nice to have a warm slice of bread after a night of carving pumpkins!

{four} While your separating the pumpkin ‘guts’ save the seeds for planting your own crop next year. Pumpkins are incredibly easy to grow – ehow shows you just how to prepare the seeds for planting.

{source: Department of Ecology}
{five} If you are not going to consume the pumpkins yourself, they are a great source of zinc, iron and phosphorus for your composting pile. If you do not have a your own compost bin, check out Earth 911 to find a composting center near you. Since pumpkins are entirely natural there is no need toss them in the trash and fill up landfills.

You can also simply bury them in your garden, where they will decay quickly and enrich the soil.

{six} Use the empty shells to create a bird feeder like this one from Martha Stewart.

{seven} If you have not carved your pumpkins move them inside and use them to create a fabulous centerpiece for Thanksgiving. Better Homes and Gardens has some great ideas to incorporate them into your fall table decorating. Don’t forget to polish the pumpkins to make them nice and shiny and preserve them a bit longer.

{eight} You can also wow your Thanksgiving guests by using the pumpkin shells to serve your favorite dinner dishes, soups or even drinks – like this Pumpkin Pie Nog from Better Homes and Gardens.

{nine} Did you know pumpkins also can be used to make a yummy smelling Pumpkin Incense Burners like the one shown above from Martha Stewart. The process is super easy just requiring some spices and a tealight candle – how cute!

{ten} And this was one of my favorite ideas submitted to one of last years Sunday Showcase Parties from Jaime at Caught in Grace. She saved her pumpkins, painted them and made an adorable Pumpkin Snowman for her Christmas display – love it!

What do you do with your pumpkins after the holidays have come and gone?


  1. Love the pumpkin snowman! What a clever idea!

  2. pumpkin soup with bacon in it : )
    Roast pumpkin

  3. I love the snowman..

  4. Love the round-up. I never thought of a bird feeder! I have to apologize. I linked twice and I shouldn’t have, promise I won’t link andake dinner atthe same time again.

  5. Love the bird feeder. I have a thanksgiving pumpkin project that will crack you up!

  6. Great ideas! I use one of mine to make a turkey pumpkin (I have a kit for it).


    I love the incense burner idea!


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