Antiqued Skeleton Bones – Using Acrylic Paints

Antiqued Skeleton Bones – Using Acrylic Paints

Happy Friday my friends – Just one last spooky project to share before the tricks and treats begin. One of the projects on my fall to-do was a set of the popular glitter skeleton parts see around this year. I really thought it would be a fun project to get my little helper to help me with, though after a few hours of playing with the ‘sprinkles’ {as my little guy calls them} most of containers seemed to have disappear…like right into the carpet disappear – To say we had glitter everywhere is a complete under statement}.

So I decided to scratch the glitter approach and update the inexpensive plastic look with some acrylic paints. {sorry glitter, maybe some other time}

Materials Used:
Inexpensive Plastic Skeleton Bones
Krylon Fusion for Plastic
Americana Acrylics
Americana Staining/Antiquing Medium

Additional Supplies Used:
Brushes, Cotton Rags

The bones were left over from my little guys Pirate Party a couple years ago. They were really inexpensive and picked up from various places including the dollar store and The Christmas Tree Shop.

All the bones were sprayed with Krylon’s Satin Almond. The Fusion for Plastic works perfectly on things like this – no scratching or peeling.

Americana Staining/Antiquing Medium was used to give the bones an aged look. I really like using this medium as you can turn any color acrylic paint into a stain. It is much cheaper than purchasing an entire can of glaze for smaller projects and you can mix different shades too.

The medium simply gets mix with equal parts of acrylic paints – Some of my favorites for antiquing are Americana Raw Umber, Traditional Raw Umber, and Traditional Burnt Umber all by DecoArt.

Just brush the mixture on – concentrating on all the creases and crevasses – then gently wipe or dab off with a cotton rag.

It is very forgiving to work with and you can continue to repeat the process until the desired look is created.

Once the mixture is brushed on, I like to let mine sit for a minute or so to set the paint and let it dry a little before wiping it away.

The amount of color left behind totally depends on how much is wiped away.

I added the bones to a layer of Sphagnum Moss, one of my favorite inexpensive vase fillers

…and covered with a giant cloche – tied with a satin bow.

This was our little touch of spooky decor this year….Have a great Halloween weekend!

I’ll be back in the morning with this weeks Saturday Inspiration and Ideas Post ~ Enjoy.


  1. Whenever I’m looking for Halloween things, I don’t want to spend too much money on it, so I tend to find something that is a little bit cheaper. Then you have the issue with it not looking as authentic and I love this idea of painting the bones to make them look more life like! You did a great job! I’ll to try this out next year:)

  2. I glazed a skeleton from the dollar store last year and it made it look so much better. Paint and glaze can really change things!

  3. Love these painted bones! I actually think they look a bit elegant—if that’s possible?!
    Happy Halloween!

  4. Great job! I love the look.

  5. you have great ideas and fantastic blog

  6. i love your pretty tastes 🙂

  7. wow! its amazing. i like it


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