How to Make Doily Catch-All Bowls {simply using premade crocheted doilies and glue}

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I have a simple, fun, and easy craft to share today – a little something to help organize the things that don’t necessarily have their own place – doily catch-all bowls.

These little catch-alls are made simply by using white school glue and premade crocheted doilies, that can be picked up at any craft store or even the dollar store. They not only help corral tiny tidbits, but also make super cute candy dishes too!

Materials Needed:
Crocheted Doilies
School Glue
Bowl or Dish {to be used as a form}
Plastic Wrap

Begin by choosing a shallow bowl or dish to use as a form for creating the catch-alls. The bowls/dishes should be low and shallow and the size should be relatively close to the doily size your using.

Line the inside of the bowl or dish with plastic {cling} wrap.

Pour some school glue into a clean dish – I used plain Elmers School Glue. This time of year is the perfect time to stock up as many stores have their school supplies already on clearance.

Place the doily in the bowl and complete saturate it with the glue. It’s a little messy, but best to use your hands for this part.

The doilies used should be made from cotton as they absorb the glue much better than the stiff lace doilies.

Run the doily between your fingers to remove any excess glue and place it in the form, right on top of the plastic wrap.

You can play with the sides a bit – either leaving them smooth, pinching a little ruffle, or simply folding them over the rim of the form.

Leave to completely dry 36-48 hours. {yes, this is the hardest, but crucial to get a nice stiffened shape}

Since I am a super impatient crafter, I stuck mine in the dryer.
My front load dryer has a stationary rack that speeded up this process – I just put it on extra low heat and they were completely dry in about an hour.

Once dry, pull the plastic wrap from the bowl or dish to release the doily – then slowly peel away the wrap from the doily.

Super easy – with results that are worth the wait.

This is great simple craft that the little ones can get involved in too – great handmade gifts they can be proud of making themselves!

They make organize those boring supplies a little prettier whether in a drawer or sitting on your desk – though I think I would rather prefer them filled with some edible treats!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week ~ Enjoy!

This was originally shared as a guest post over at Brown Paper Packages
Thank you so much Kierste for having me!


  1. These are such a great idea. I am hoping to get my computer room redone using my great great grandmothers parlor set in it and these would be great to go with the set. There is a sette” and two straightback chairs and a glider rocker to the set. And over 100 years old. And I remember as a little girl all the doilies belonging to her mom my great grandmother had in the parlor. So I think these would be so fitting.


  2. Do you think if would be possible to use liquid starch and get the same result? Or do you have to use glue? Thanks.

  3. Made these about 3 or 4 years ago and they still look great today. There is a fabric stiffener that you can also use instead of the glue.

  4. Clever..It looks so easy to do..Thank you for the post..

  5. Hi, Stephanie

    Lovely idea! I love how it turned out.


  6. I used to make these back in the day – 1980’s. I recently found one I made for my mother-in-law and it still looks good. The color is a little bit darker, but the shape is still holding.

  7. Oh, I LOVE this! Can you even imagine how darling it would be in a little girl’s room as a place to hold hairbows, etc. I SO need to make one of these for both of my daughters! Thank you for this great tutorial, too! 🙂

    Have a good night!


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