Kitchen Cabinet Door Magnetic Chalkboard Message Center

Kitchen Cabinet Door Magnetic Chalkboard Message Center

Since kitchen cabinets are frequently used and centrally located they are a perfect spot for message boards. With the array of specialty paints on the market, converting the inside of a kitchen cabinet door to magnetic message board is an easy and simple project that can be completed within a few hours. They are conveniently located, easily accessible and when the door is shut, all the jumble is tucked away and out of sight.

Ironically our little guy never took a bottle when he was an infant so it has been a new experience for us mixing formula and sticking to a set feeding and medication schedule since his surgery. We dedicated one of our kitchen cabinets to all of his supplies and by turning the door into a message center – everything is clearly displayed to help keep us on track.

Materials Used:
Krylon Magnetic Paint Spray
Krylon Chalkboard Paint
Painters Tape

I began by removing the cabinet door and lightly sanding the center panel. It was then taped off with ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape.

The entire center panel then received a couple coats of Krylon Magnetic Paint. The paint comes in a spray can and is very easy to apply – just like regular spray paint.

The magnetic paint dries to a grey primer finish and can be top coated with any color regular paint. For the bottom half of the door I used Devine Color Paint in Macaw from the Cynthia Rowley Collection. Devine Color paints contain zero VOCs and I really like the thick and creamy consistency, much like rich yogurt. The paint finish dries to a unique fabric like finish as well.

The top half of the door was painted with Krylon Chalkboard Paint. The chalkboard paint comes in a brush on as well as spray version – For this project I chose the brush on for maximum coverage.

Once dry I primed the chalkboard paint with chalk as directed, simply by rubbing the entire surface with a piece of chalk – then wiping off.

My little guys feeding and medication schedule was then cut with vinyl using my Silhouette machine. The Silhouette allows you to use any font you have stored right on your own computer so it is very convenient to cut plain text, as no cartridges are needed.

Now I have my little in-home pharmacy all set up and ready to go. All the feeding supplies and medications are in one convenient location and the schedule helps us stay on top of what my little guy needs. I made some small magnets, which I will be showing later in the week, that we use to mark off when a feeding is complete or a medication is given.

The chalkboard area is perfect for jotting down notes – like the formula equation – especially helpful when we have others helping out. Since the entire door is magnetic doctors notes and information can also be hung for quick reference.

If the schedule or medications ever change the vinyl can be easily removed and replaced without damaging the actual door.

I’ll be back later this afternoon with the Tuesday {ten}. Have a wonderful day ~ Enjoy!


  1. When I was clicking over to see this I was thinking how I wouldn’t want a chalkboard on my cupboard door.
    I was happily surprised to see it on the inside of the door.
    A great idea to have everything there.
    I hope he gets well soon.

  2. That is awesome…

  3. Fantastic-out of the way but still at hand. Hope that your wee one is on the mend.

    We did a whole wall of chalkboard/magnetic paint in our little girl’s room this summer and she (and everyone that visits) is having a ball with it.

  4. This is handy dandy! I want a silhoutte, but alas it isn’t in the budget right now.

  5. That is a FANTASTIC idea! I love that you can’t see it when the door is shut. Have chalkboard panel on the outside of one of my pantry door panels for the menu for the week. Love the idea of doing it on the inside. Great work.

  6. This is a great idea! I can’t stand the front of a messy fridge so at my house we have all the photos and lists on the insside of the cupboard doors so I can still enjoy them as I make meals etc but I don’t have a fridge that looks like a messy bulletin board.

  7. Great use of space! I did chalk paint on the inside of our laundry cabinets and love it!


  8. What a wonderful way to stay organized. I really like how you split the door half magnetic and half chalkboard. Great idea!

  9. I love love love love love this! I need to do it!
    Thank you!!!

  10. Clever..I love the idea of being on the inside of the cabinet..

  11. Great idea! I love that it is on the inside of the cabinet.

  12. I have been considering doing something like this, but I hadn’t thought about the magnetic paint aspect. I love it. It is soooo perfect.

  13. Yours looks so great, and I love the magnetic feature!

    Here’s what someone could do if they’re renting and can’t actually paint their cabinets…

  14. This is great! I’ve been wanting a chalkboard in my kitchen but have been weary of putting one because of the appearance in my open-floor plan home. I love the idea of it being hidden behind the cabinet door! Genius!

  15. What a great idea! Love how it’s hidden in the cabinet!


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