Make Your Own Embossed Clay Magnets {& a PSA Essentials Giveaway Reminder}

Happy Friday everyone! I sure love fall weekends and I sure am ready for another fun filled packed couple of days. Before the weekend kicks off I wanted to share the magnets I made for the Magnetic Chalkboard Kitchen Cabinet I posted earlier in the week – as well as give a little reminder for the PSA Essentials Giveaway that ends tonight.

I plan on using the magnets to keep track of my little guys feedings and medications so they needed to be kind of small to fit on the grid I had made. I had a lot of fun playing with the oven bake clay I used over the summer, from the stamped pennant banners & mini terrarium mushrooms – and since I had plenty left over I decided to make my own magnets.

These are really simple to put together and would make cute additions to teacher gifts this season…especially since your little ones can help make them.

Materials Needed:
Oven Baked Clay
Stamps {I used my PSA Essentials Peel & Stick Packs}
Cookie Cutters
Magnetic Tape Strips

Additional Materials Needed: Wax Paper, Roller/Rolling Pin, Cookie Sheet, Paint Brush

There are a few different brands of oven baked clay that are available at your local crafting store. I picked mine up right at Walmart for just under $5. The box contains a lot of clay as a little goes a pretty long way. It simply gets baked right in the kitchen oven which hardens the clay and creates a bisque matte finish. You can do so much with this $5 box of clay and it is kind of fun to play with too!

For the magnets – soften a small piece of the clay by kneading it just a bit and then roll to 1/4 thickness with a clay roller or rolling pin.

Any scrapbooking stamps can be used to create a design in the clay. I love the intricate patterns of the PSA Essentials Peel and Stick Rosetta Pack, so I decided to use them.

Now I have to say that the Peel and Stick packs are specifically made to use with the PSA Stamp Body on paper and envelopes. {PSA states that they are not responsible for embossers used on anything other than paper} However the stamp dies come on a sheet of clear paper and I simply cut out the stamp, leaving the paper on, so the sticky back would not be damaged.

The great thing about the PSA Stamp dies though, is they are made with a special stick technology meaning if the stamp dies start to loose their stickiness from oils from your fingers, inks, paper dust, etc. all you have to do is simply rinse the die in warm water, and presto the stamp is back to new.

Press the stamp into the clay, gently applying pressure to the entire surface, and then remove.

The designs can then be cut out using a circular clay/cookie cutter. Since I only wanted a small magnet I used a smaller cutter and only cut out the centers.

Remove the excess clay from the cut designs by simply peeling it away.

Using a knife, carefully remove the cut outs and place them on a baking sheet.

Bake in the oven according to the packaged directions. Most brands only take a few minutes. Once the cutouts are removed from the oven, let them cool completely.

They are now ready to be painted or embellished. I used several colors from the Cynthia Rowley Collection for Devine Color Paint for mine. Once they were painted I lightly wiped off some of the color to enhance the embossed patterns.

Once dry the magnetic backing can be applied. I found these Magnetic Tape Strips right by the clay in Walmart and they were only a dollar or so a pack. Cut the magnet to size and then just peel and stick to the back of the cut out.

It was a little gloomy in the kitchen, so I placed the magnets on my Framed Ikea Fabric Memo Board for a better picture. Magnets can be somewhat plain and boring so I really adore the cute addition of the embossed pattern.


The PSA Essentials Giveaway ends tonight. Don’t forget to stop by and enter for a chance to win a Custom Personalized Stamp along with a Peel & Stick Pack {a $65 retail value}. These are perfect to stamp envelopes, bookplates, stationary, even business cards. But the versatility of these stampers go way beyond that – check out the original post {here} for more information.

Have a wonderful Friday and a fabulous weekend ~ Enjoy!


  1. Those are adorable!! 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial! 🙂

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  3. They came out so pretty! Great tutorial–thanks…

  4. Stephanie, how very clever of you!!

  5. What a great idea, these are so cute!

  6. This is neat. Will have to try this.

  7. Super cute! Definitely going to try this one 🙂 Hope your little guy is doing well!

  8. These are very sweet, but are you aware of the danger of the fumes from your oven & the residue on your utensils?? This summer our grandsons used oven-bakeable clay for some cub scout projects. Don’t want to be a spoil-sport, but check out the warnings!!

  9. Hi kn – just wanted to respond to your comment as I did not specifically mention it in the post {so thanks for mentioning it} – I am hoping that those that were to attempt working with clay for craft purposes would only use utensils or tools that were dedicated for that purpose only.

    Also in reference to the clay – many oven bake clay brands are labeled non-toxic and are safe for baking in a regular oven. The temperature and bake times are very crucial as if the clay is scorched or burn it can omit fumes that may irritate the airways. {that is why it is important to follow the individual package directions as stated above}.

  10. These are so adorable! I am going to try making some of these!!

  11. Oh I love these!! how cute and simple… thanks!


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