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Mini Pinwheel Thankful Garland Banner

Happy Thanksgiving My Friends. I have so much to be thankful for this year ~and truly grateful for each and every one of you. I had great intentions of creating a meaningful 'thankful' project this year however, the past few weeks have flown by very quickly. I did mange to pull together this fast and easy Paper Thankful Garland made from a few supplies I had stored away. It can be made in less than an hour and customized by you, your family and even left blank for your holiday guests to fill. Materials Needed: Scrapbooking Paper Continue reading

My Thanksgiving Day Attire and a Special Shabby Apple Holiday Discount {Spanish Steps Review}

As a little girl one of the excitements of the holidays was getting new dresses to wear each year to our family gatherings. My mom always took the time to make sure my two sisters and I, along with our brother, had coordinating outfits and everything was always laid out and ready to go the night before. It was one of those little traditions my mom took pride in and I have to admit to this day, I still try to uphold for myself. Even though now-a-days each of us has our own style, my sisters and I still always call each other to see what each Continue reading