Ornament & Garland Topiary featuring Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange {Handmade Holiday Project No. 21}

Ornament & Garland Topiary featuring Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange {Handmade Holiday Project No. 21}

Welcome back to the continuation of the Handmade Holiday Series featuring STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam. This week we are sharing a total of twenty five inspiring projects to create for the upcoming holiday season.

I’m pleased to welcome our next guest,
Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange

We have seen quite a few topiaries in the series and honestly I just can not get enough of them. Each one has been made using a number of different materials making them great additions to fit in with any decor style. Cyndy is here today sharing her Ornament and Garland Topiary – taking on a more formal, elegant feel. Please welcome Cyndy.

Thank you so much Stephanie Lynn for inviting me to participate in this fun series! I have loved seeing all of the amazing projects and am so thrilled to be here today!
I just love the look of topiaries and I especially love holiday topiaries because they can be elegant or whimsical and either way, holiday means lots of sparkle and bling.

I wanted to make a fun little Christmas topiary for my kitchen and I have made them before using Styrofoam™ Brand Foam balls and they are super easy to create. There are so many possibilities and color combinations with this project and it’s a very inexpensive way to really add a pop of elegant or whimsy.

So let’s jump right into the tutorial!

Here are the supplies that are needed to make a small topiary:

2 Styrofoam™ Brand Foam Balls 5″ Small garden planter

1 Wooden dowel (5/8ths X 12”) Small amount of moss

Roughly 12 small ball ornaments 2 Sprigs of plastic mistletoe

2 Sprigs of faux berries in desired color Straight pins

1 yard of narrow ribbon Hot glue gun

3 feet of garland mesh/ mesh ribbon

Begin the project by taking both of the Styrofoam™ Brand Foam balls and push the dowel into each ball halfway so you have a ball on both ends of the dowel:

Next, remove one of the balls and insert your decorative sprig at the very top center of the ball and opposite of the hole. This will be the top of the topiary:

Begin sporadically pushing and twisting the 12 ornaments into the ball :

When you get the ornaments laid out exactly where you want it, begin removing each ornament from it’s hole and add just a little hot glue to base of the ornament stem and to the stem tip and wait 30 seconds (so glue does not melt the ball) and then insert back into it’s hole and hold for 30 seconds:

As your working your way around and gluing, you can rest the ball on a candle holder to keep it stationary.

After you glue all of the ornaments, it should look something like this:

At this point, it is best insert the Styrofoam™ Brand Foam ball that is still attached to the dowel and place the ball and dowel into the planter and cover with just a little moss. I added just a little bit of hot glue to the top of my dowel (waited 30 seconds) and then I inserted my topiary ball onto the top of the dowel.

Next, cut your mesh garland into 5 inch width strips and with a straight pin, gather and pin the end of the mesh into the base of the Styrofoam™ Brand Foam ball right next to the hole for the dowel :

The goal is to simply lightly hide the white Styrofoam™ Brand Foam so loosely work the mesh up and around each ornament and spread the mesh and pin sporadically. I liked to pull the mesh loosely up and out a little like this:

It’s ok if you can’t cover all of the white because you will be adding more things eventually that you can strategically cover these areas. I like to take the end of the mesh when I am finished and wrap it down and around the dowel and secure with hot glue:

Once you have covered the ball with the mesh it should look something like this:

Next, take your berry sprigs and either cut or pull apart each branch:

Insert the sprigs strategically around the ball.

Next, take your narrow ribbon and begin the same way as the mesh and pin the end of the ribbon and the base of the ball. Work the ribbon around and over the mesh but pull the ribbon out some and then pin so the ribbon is worked around loosely:

You don’t need a lot of ribbon, just enough for a touch here and there:

Finish off the topiary by hot gluing 4 or 5 mistletoe leaves strategically around the ball:

Thank you again Stephanie Lynn so much for inviting me to participate in this series!

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Thanks so much Cyndy for sharing your topiary. The finish look is so elegant and with the array of ornaments and ribbon available this can be customized to fit in with any color scheme or type of decor very easily.
There is more in store…I’ll be back shortly. For a review of all the previous projects in this series simply click the event button above ~ Enjoy.

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  1. Hi SL!! Oh, this is so pretty! I do believe I could do this! Thank you always for all of the inspiration. Now I’m going to go and check out this site.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
    You’re always a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  2. Thank you so much Stephanie Lynn for inviting me to participate! All of the projects have been absolutely amazing!

  3. This is absolutey stunning! SO elegant. Love it.

  4. Love this project! Even I can work with Styrofoam, thanks for sharing!

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  6. I never thought I could make a topiary like this. It is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing and now maybe I can make one!


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