Spotlight Review – Leap Frog My Own Story Time Pad {for kids}

A couple of weeks ago Leap Frog sent over one of their newest products for my little guy to check out and review, the My Own Story Time Pad. Since my little guy is highly motivated by his iPad for learning, I thought the concept of this new tablet reader would grab his attention and provide some additional fun educational opportunities along the way.

If you have not yet explored the world of Leap Frog, they are a trusted brand of fun, engaging, educational electronic toys design specifically for kids. My little guy is so intrigued with electronics so having his own tech toys, made just for him, are a huge plus around here.

As many of you know my son just turned turned five and is autistic, so the educational aspects of the tablet were the first thing that caught my eye – while the fun characters and animation grabbed the attention of my little guy.

While the pad is labeled for children ages 2 years and up it actually contains material that is appropriate for my little guys learning level – focusing on the alphabet and phonics skills.

My Own Story Time Pad comes preloaded with one story, one email and three songs. You also have the ability to connect the pad to your computer and personalize it with your child’s name and some category favorites. Once personalize, the pad actually speaks your child’s name as they interact with it – which I really like.

Ten additional stories are available online and you can choose up to five of them to add to the pad at no cost. The pic above is a good example of the graphics that show on the actual tablet display.

Different music and melodies can be added as well – a total of nine songs – again, at no additional charge.

One of cutest features is the pretend email. Three personalized emails can be downloaded to the pad. The little character then periodically prompts the user to check the email by pressing the email button and then will read the email once opened.

All the personalized content downloads to the pad from your computer through a USB cable – which is included.

Some additional things I really like:
The size is perfect for small hands and it is lightweight as well which makes it great to bring along on trips out and about {think shopping cart entertainment}

The online feature to share your child’s progress with others is another fantastic option from Leap Frog for Moms like me to keep therapists and other specialists working with your special needs child in the loop.

For my little guy, I love the emphasis this pad places on phonics. The letters in the alphabet are not only spoken, but the letter sounds are repeated multiple times helping your child recognize the relationship between the sounds and the letters.

The only thing I wish was little more advanced is the display window on the actual unit. Because the graphics are all in black the {2 1/2 inches wide by 1 1/4 inches tall} screen is a little hard to see unless you are holding the pad right in front of you. Not a huge biggie, though for parents trying to interact with your little ones while they play – it makes it somewhat a little hard to see.

I would definitely recommend the My Own Story Time Pad as I think it would make a fantastic gift and is well worth the price tag for the neat personalized features it includes.

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Special thanks to LeapFrog for sending us the Story Time Pad for this review. While LeapFrog provided the product to me, the opinions I’ve expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest point of view. I always like to see and learn about a product a little more depth prior to purchasing – so I hope by passing this information along it may be beneficial.

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  1. Things certainly have changed since my children were growing up! Now my grand girlies are experiencing all the technology- the kids of the future will be super multi-taskers!

  2. I’m planning on getting my daughter the LeapFrog Text and Learn for Christmas. I just love LeapFrog products, and as a company I think they are great!

  3. I think you’ve convinced me-I thought maybe my wee one was too little but I’d rather her play with this than fuel her addiction to my iphone 🙂

  4. Do you have any suggestions for ipad apps for children with Autism? It takes so long to search through them all.


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