Wrapped Gift Package Garland featuring Kelsey from Tattered & Inked {Handmade Holidays Project No.12}

Wrapped Gift Package Garland featuring Kelsey from Tattered & Inked {Handmade Holidays Project No.12}

Welcome back to the continuation of the Handmade Holiday Series featuring STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam. This week we are sharing a total of twenty five inspiring projects to create for the upcoming holiday season.

I’m pleased to introduce our next guest,
Kelsey from Tattered & Inked

I am a big fan of using garlands for the holidays as they are simple to make and easy to customize for each occasion. Kelsey is sharing a charming garland today featuring an array of pretty embellished packages ready for the gift giving season. Please welcome Kelsey.

Hey ya’ll!!
My name is Kelsey and my little piece of blogland is over at Tattered and Inked and I am so excited to be here today!!
I love reading Under the Table and Dreaming and was over the moon excited about hanging out here for a bit.
I love decorating for Christmas and one of my favorite decor items for this time of the year is all kinds of fun garlands!
I love being able to drape and hang things for just a couple months- it seems to make everything just a bit more magical and special.
So I decided to show you guys a fun & funky wrapped gift garland!
For the base of all the gifts, I used 12×36 sheets of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam to create the shapes I wanted.
The STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam worked amazing for this project because it’s so light and sturdy, which is exactly what you need for something that is going to be hanging up somewhere!
*12×36 sheet of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam
*Serrated Knife to cut the sheet easily
*Various fabrics and paper for wrapping
*Embellishments of your choice
*Thick raffia or String to hang the garland

The first thing you need to do is decide what shapes you want for your different presents.

I cut out several rectangles and squares of various sizes to use.

A serrated knife works perfectly to cut the sheet- just use small back and forth sawing motions.
Cut out as many shapes as you want and then lay them out in a pattern that you like.
I always like to give myself a visual of how things will be set up so I don’t use the same paper or fabric on two right next to each other 🙂
The fun part is getting all your embellishments together!!
Raid your craft closet, fabric stashes and scrapbook paper and lay it all out to work with.
I love having a large assortment of things because it seems to just drive a little more creativity 🙂
Don’t you love my big pile of goodies?
And just start having fun wrapping, gluing, cutting and tying!!!
I wanted a more vintage, soft feel to mine so I used a lot of burlap, brown paper and whites, reds and blues.
Be creative and don’t be scared to just try things out!!
Some of my favorites were just ones that I started tying things on and ended up loving!
I used a thick piece of raffia that I had on hand to glue the packages too when I was finished.
I also tied some scrap pieces of burlap in between each package to give it some extra flair 🙂
I love the simple pennant banner on the first one, and I even added some small upholstery tacks around the sides!
The red package just has some simple white jingle bells tied around it.
My favorite one might be the brown paper package that I glued a doily onto.
I tucked a tag that says ‘be merry’ onto it and added a chipboard circle that I wrapped with red burlap.
It looks like a cute mini wreath to me 🙂
The burlap wrapped package has little cookie cutter charms strung onto it!
This is such a fun & easy project to add some holiday charm to any part of your house.
And if you cut some extra package shapes out, they make great centerpieces and fillers!
I love them with my white milk glass bowl just sitting on the table.
Plus it means, I get to keep wrapping pretty presents that won’t be just ripped to shreds come Christmas morning 🙂
Thank you so much for inviting me over, Stephanie Lynn!!
It was so fun to be here and I hope that you’ll swing by and visit me at Tattered and Inked!!
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Thanks so much Kelsey for sharing this fun and festive garland. The little packages are so sweet and I think my favorite would have to be the doily wrapped gift too!
I’ll be back shortly with another creative project to inspire your Handmade Holidays. To check out all the previous guests in this series simply click the event button above. ~ Enjoy.

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  1. I love the garland, so simple yet beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    ‘hugs from afar’

  2. Great project, ladies! I love seeing the sheet music used as wrapping and embellishment. Charming. 🙂

  3. LOVE this garland idea Kelsey! Turned out so pretty 🙂

  4. I love the garland..Clever..I love the saying on the one package..

  5. This is super unique! I love it!


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