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Make Treats for Santa’s Reindeer – Birdseed Cakes {Reindeer Food Christmas Tradition}

Growing up my parents kept the wonder, imagination, and magic of Christmas alive through many family traditions - I fondly remember, still to this day. Like many we always left fresh baked cookies and a glass of milk on the table for Santa and we also placed carrots on the porch for all the reindeer. Even though my little guy still doesn't talk, this year is the first year I can actually see the excitement and magic of Christmas in his eyes {and as a parent I am beyond thrilled}. In an effort to keep him engaged, I put a little twist on Continue reading

Holiday {Major Brand Name} Quilted Stocking Giveaway from Ugly Sofa

The countdown to Christmas is on {just 14 more days}! In spirit of the season my friends fromUgly Sofa are back to kick off the weekend with a with a fun holiday giveaway.If you missed them last time around, is primarily known for their popular, major name brand furniture slipcovers which they stock at incredible prices {most sixty percent or more off retail - starting at just $29.99}. They also carry other fun frippery {from this so called brand x catalog company}, like the Ugly-Where Chair I posted about here.So guess what Continue reading