Bark Wrapped Glass Hurricane Centerpiece {simple & easy natural decor}

Bark Wrapped Glass Hurricane Centerpiece {simple & easy natural decor}

Happy Friday My Friends.
It’s no secret I have a love for large glass hurricanes. They are a staple around here as I always have them out – I love the candlelight – and always enjoy giving them little makeovers from time to time.
Today it’s not so much about the makeover but this super cool ‘stuff’ I recently found during one of my craft store rendezvous.

I am all about natural, rustic, “bringing the outdoors in” decor so I was thrilled when I stumbled upon this Bark Roll at Joanne’s.

It’s part tree – part ribbon and I just love the look of it.

I wrapped a few layers around one of my glass hurricanes and secured the ends in place with a tiny bit of hot glue.

Then I stuck an upside-down bowl in the center {to add some height}, plopped a three wick candle on top and filled with some mini pinecones.

Quick and easy – with a look I just adore.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make me happy ~ in this case a roll of bark ☺

I have a fun giveaway coming up this afternoon just in time for the holidays.
Have a lovely Friday ~ Enjoy.


  1. Stephanie-how cool is that!! I love hurricanes too! I have never seen the bark ribbon before.

  2. I have never seen bark ribbon before. that is soooo cool and has to be a lot easier to work with than regular bark. thanks for sharing!

  3. Bark ribbon is such a fantastic idea. I need to look for some. Love your candle hurricane. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  4. wow who would have thought THAT would come on a roll? Beautiful beautiful results!

  5. Cool stuff. Have never seen anything like it. Love your hurricane candle display!

  6. How WONDERFULLY simple and GORGEOUS! Love that bark roll! Now, a hunting I will go! 🙂


  7. Very, very cool. I didn’t even know to look for this product. Thanks again for the 3M giveaway. I’m taping up a project this weekend.

  8. Simple and still totally stunning. Didn’t know there was such a thing as bark roll! Too bad I already left the craft store today 🙂

  9. SO cool! I’m going to look for that stuff! Joanne’s you say?? I’m there! 🙂

  10. There is a johann’s down the road that I’ve have been meaning to get into….I now have a perfectly good excuse to stop in! This is awesome stuff

  11. Bark ribbon,I have never heard of it nor seen it before..This is one reason why I love blogs..Thanks for the idea..

  12. Oh my goodness. this is so pretty. Bark ribbon?! Whaaaat??!! Beautiful work. Pinned. 🙂

  13. This is a great idea for any time of the year if you live in the mountains. Thanks for sharing!


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