Fun and Creative Ideas for Giving Money as Gifts {Tuesday Ten}

Fun and Creative Ideas for Giving Money as Gifts {Tuesday Ten}

When it comes to holiday gift giving, I am one who usually spends a ridiculous amount of time trying to find perfect gifts for those on my list. Whether it is a basket full of presents that go with a set theme or a practical gift I know the recipient will use – I enjoy putting a little thought behind what is under the wrapping.

There are times though when the best gift for that someone on your list is simply plain old cash. I wish I could be one to stick a few bills in an envelope and call it a day – but for some reason it goes against my ‘craftiness’ will. So for today’s Tuesday Ten I have rounded up ten ways to turn those paper bills into little works of art and make giving gifts of money creative and fun!

{Creative Ideas for Giving Money as Gifts}

{one} Folded Bill Tree Card designed by Designer Jennifer McGuire at
Hero Arts. All the supplies to make this card can be found in the Hero Arts Shop and they even have a YouTube videoshowing step by step instructions for folding the tree.

{two} Here is another adorable folded bill tree card by Designer Sarah J. Moerman at Just Visiting. I love the simplicity of this sweet tree!

{three} These two holiday money holders from Designer Katrina Simeck at
Fiskars are whimsical and fun. How cute is the ‘Money to Burn’ in the fireplace!

{four} This money scarf is another creation from Designer Jennifer McGuire at
Hero Arts. Again all the supplies to make this card can be found in the Hero Arts Shop and the same YouTube videoas noted above includes the step by step instructions for folding the scarf.

{five} The money candle, another by Designer Jennifer McGuire at Hero Arts, is actually for a Birthday but I thought with the addition of a little holy it could easily be transformed for the season. The link contains all the supplies from the Hero Arts Shop that are needed for this card.

{six} I actually made these Money Bracelets last year as gifts for my nieces {who informed me cash for tweens was the most awesomest gift ever} The step by step tutorial can be found {here}.

{seven} This super cute idea from The Crafts Department {Martha Stewart} is a two for one as not only is the box made of money but there is a rolled surprise inside.

{eight} Money trees are another eye catching way to creatively display money gifts. I think a mini Christmas tree filled with these Origami Dollar Bill Snowflake Ornaments, fromOrikane, would be simply striking.

{nine} My brother and sister in law actually did this one year using a recycled tissue box – the kids were thrilled as they kept pulling dollar after dollar from the box. This one is called the Money Machine™ cash dispenser and is available in a kit from Unique Novelties.

{ten} Money Mazes are another way to add some fun to the mix as they actually make the recipient work a little for their gift. The money is locked into this contraption in clear view and the only way to get to it is to guide a small ball through the plastic maze. Fun and entertaining…

You can even add a little special touch to your currency with Santa Dollars. Santa Dollars is a charitable organization where you can purchase Santa seals that cover the front of regular dollar bills. The seals are completely removable leaving the bank note intact. They can be purchased {here} and all of the proceeds go to the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation.

Ideas for Giving Cash as a Gift

Have a fabulous day ~ Enjoy.


  1. these are so fun! my dad always likes to get money because he saves up to buy camera equipment which is too pricey for any of us to just get him. this year i plan to get a little rosemary tree and stick money on it and tell him it is a “money tree”. 🙂

  2. What great ideas, especially the origami! I tend to grab money envelopes during Chinese New Year and have them at the ready.

  3. Great ideas!!! I give cash to a lot of people who ‘help’ me throughout the year. I might try something like these. Oh course, I will have to put my own spin on it!!! lol

  4. This is creatively snart! It’s also like a game. ‘Where’s your gift?” lol! I was using my iphone when I checked your blog. I didn’t see those money were included in the craft! I had to see them for the second time on my big monitor.


  5. I’m your newest follower and linker!
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  6. What a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing. Coming up with creative ideas for giving money can be somewhat difficult. You have now solved that problem.

  7. I love all of the ideas but the box with the money that can be pulled out of it..Well that one is my favorite..They are all awesome ideas..Thanks for the post..

  8. Very creative and fun ideas.

  9. I too like to give money as gifts – I took a medicine bottle (plastic) and made my own label – to look like the real one for a birthday – be sure and put NO REFILLS ha

  10. It have just found this site and am intrigued. Many thoughtful and crafty gift
    ideas offered here. I’m not very good with the computer…hope I don’t lose you..

  11. Nice collection of ideas! Money origami is fun! There’s also directions to make a money rose here:

  12. Thank you! These are exactly what I have been looking for! Simply AMAZING!



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