Glittered Book Page Paper Mache Letters featuring Debbie from Debbiedoo’s {Handmade Ornament No.8}

Glittered Book Page Paper Mache Letters featuring Debbie from Debbiedoo’s {Handmade Ornament No.8}

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{Handmade Christmas Ornament No. 8}

This season just has crept up so fast on us this year!

When Stephanie from Under the table and dreaming asked me If I would like to guest post for her on ornaments, it was perfect timing because I had just completed this quick little craft.

{This here craft is one my little guy did a few years back}

Obviously he can work with glitter, read on….

I seem to be spreading lots of JOY around the house these days…what you don’t believe me?

Sure I am just ask my family…NOT!

Well, I am having fun decorating and this was my latest little craft venture.

I found these little wood chip letter at Hobby Lobby for 99 cents each.
My initial intent was to glitter them.
That was a disaster , and I have officially decided I HATE glitter, now that’s the holiday spirit for ya!
PLAN B! always have a PLAN B just in case.
I took some old vintage book pages and tore them in tiny pieces and mod podged them on piece by piece. Really simple and fun.
I then brushed lightly some glitter on them.

That was easy enough!

I added a thin ribbon and have them just dangling from the pie safe…

These could however, be hung on the tree too!

I added a fresh poinsetta to my Tureen.

Happy, happy JOY, JOY!~

More Holiday decorating to come, I am on a roll now.

Have a great night and thanks for stopping by.

Thank you Stephanie for having me.

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Thanks so much Debbie for sharing your paper mache letters and contributing to this years series.

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  1. Debbie rocks! Thanks for having her over.

  2. Thank you Stephanie, you ROCK! I am honored you had me along with all these other talented ladies. I am enjoying this series.

  3. Love these! Great idea~

  4. Great idea..

  5. Hi, Steph

    I love your JOY!


  6. Cute, cute, cute! Debbie did a great job~

  7. Cute…love letter projects!

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