Make Your Own Mini Boxwood Wreaths {Ballard Inspired Chair Back Wreaths}

Make Your Own Mini Boxwood Wreaths {Ballard Inspired Chair Back Wreaths}

I have adored the mini boxwood wreaths ever since I spotted them in the Ballard Designs catalog. The simplicity, natural greens and endless decorating options make them seem well worth their price tag.

Though the Ballard version is made from fabric I happen to find a faux boxwood garland at Michaels, that I thought would suffice, for just a fraction of the cost. These can also be made using fresh greens or rosemary – however since I mainly wanted these for my little guys play table chair backs – the durability of the faux boxwood seemed like an added plus.

Materials Needed:
Faux Boxwood Garland {or greens}
6″ Mini Twig Wreath or Grapevine Wreath
Floral Wire

I used a twig wreath for my base as I thought the grapevine wreath was just a bit too thick and I did not want any of the brown to show through. A mini grapevine wreath can certainly be use though and you could even make your own form as well from a wire hanger or even cardboard.

Since I did not need all the twiggy branches, I gave the wreaths a little trim by simply cutting them off. {The twig wreaths were found at Michaels and just over a dollar a piece}

Next the boxwood sprigs were removed from the garland by simply popping them off the stems. The garland has enough greenery to make four full wreaths and was $14.99 {before any coupons} from Michaels as well.

Each stem was secured into place on the wreath using floral wire.

The wire was just looped around the wreath and twisted in place on the back.

Each new piece of boxwood overlapped the previous piece, so the end pieces are covered and out of sight. The pieces were layered fairly close to each other for a fuller look.

Super easy and a quick project to complete.

I think they look so sweet hanging on the chair backs – and at this price I could even make them for the 10 chairs in my dining room.

I added a couple to my shelves as well to fill the awkward space on the “dedicated speaker shelf”.
Am I foolish for believing the speakers have to be placed in an exact space for maximum surround sound potential? If anyone knows any differently please let me know so I can get my self back 😉

Have a wonderful Thursday – Enjoy!


  1. I’ve also loved these!! I like what you did and yours look even prettier than Ballards!

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Stephanie Lynn!!! Pinning!

  3. So lovely and tasteful. I love the boxwood leaves.

  4. Beautiful! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  5. Oh these are so cute. What a great job you have done. Thanks for sharing!

  6. After reading your tutorials I feel like I can do any project. Thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful week.

  7. These are beautiful and at that price why would ya not want to make a few of them..Thank you for sharing this project..

  8. Really very nice and easy to make by using your way of making it.

  9. So, so cute! They look adorable on the back of the little chairs. Great job!

  10. So simple and pretty!

  11. I have been longing for the Ballard mini boxwood wreaths! Thanks for this tutorial!

  12. Great idea and love the frugal DIY price!

  13. I love these! I’ve been wanting boxwood decor for Christmas, I’m going to have to keep my eyes open for garland going on sale in the next couple of weeks!! I found you from Knockoff Decor 🙂

  14. These are SO darling! Thanks for the tutorial. I will be going to michaels to get some boxwoods soon. Cute blog by the way found you from Knock off Decor.
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