Mini Photo Canvas Ornaments featuring Cameron from Homemade {Handmade Ornament No.23}

Mini Photo Canvas Ornaments featuring Cameron from Homemade {Handmade Ornament No.23}

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This week we are sharing last minute ornament ideas for the season

Please welcome our next guest,
Cameron from Homemade

{Handmade Christmas Ornament No. 23}

Last-minute shopper? That’s easy – try being a last-minute crafter! Lucky for me (& you if you’re part of the Procrastinate Tomorrow movement), I have a super quick and cheap project that takes minutes to make, a little longer to dry, and could be given to SO many people. A DIY photo ornament made from tiny canvases.

3×3 canvases (so tiny & cute)
Pictures you can crop to 3×3
Paper to back the canvas
Yarn, baker’s twine or ribbon to hang the ornament
Mod Podge
*not pictured – some way to attach the hanger – I ended up using furniture tacks

To crop my pictures, I held the photo with a canvas behind it in front of a light source (aka the sun).

Then, I traced my placement on the back. I trimmed the picture using my paper cutter (you may need to check your picture and trim a little more off to make sure it fits on the canvas).

I thought it would look nice to round the corners of the photos just a little since the canvas doesn’t have totally square corners like an art board. I used my scallop edge scissors – they cut just a little bit of the corner off – perfect!

It fits just right! I used Mod Podge to attach it to the front of the canvas. In this case, putting the Mod Podge on the picture turned out to be easier. Again, I didn’t put a top coat on – I like how the pictures look un-Mod Podged.

Now, spread a thin layer of glue or Mod Podge on the back and attach the backing paper.

Finally, use the furniture tacks to attach the hanger – I tied a knot in the ends of the yarn first. I also had to trim the ends off the tacks with a wire cutter or they would have poked through to the front – yikes!

I wrote a message around the edge of the canvas – I looked through my ribbon to see if I had any that would fit to go around the edge, but it was all the wrong size! I like how the message turned out anyway – it’s going to make a great gift for my awesome husband!

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Cameron can also be found on Etsy

Thanks so much Cameron for sharing these adorable photo ornaments and contributing to this years series.

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  1. How adorable! Love!

  2. Love this idea so much that I am going to make some for my family. thanks for sharing!

  3. This looks great – you’ll have to show me how you made that awesome photo montage at the end! You made me look so cool 🙂 Thanks for featuring me!

  4. Where did you find the mini-canvases? They are adorable!

  5. what a great and simple idea. love it

  6. Oh my goodness, this is just fantastic. Thanks

  7. What a great idea..
    Have a Blessed Christmas..

  8. Hi!! I found your site through Ucreate!! I so LOVE this thoughtful Christmas Ornament!! I know I can make this!
    Thank you for posting such a simple ornament but such a keepsake for generations to come! 🙂
    Merry Christmas!!

  9. I like the orniment but I like delicate on my tree and make photo orniments of loved ones also. I would like to share my
    idea. Very simple and very cheap to make. You will need a photo copy of picture on card stock (I use the cream color
    cause I like the aged look), A can of spray varnish, a orniment wire hook, a red velvet bow or ribbon bow,very small
    garland with berries,trinklets such as scrap booking supplies.

  10. please allow me to finish,lol! I make a photo copy in a 3″ circle, Cut out the circle. Spray with varnish and quickly ( if
    you like sprinkle with clear glitter lightly). decorate outter edge with garland of choice. add a trinklet that reminds you of something they like. wrap hook at top around garland. wrap your bow around hook and hang near a light on your
    tree. The light will make the orniment bright and the picture near transparent and shows nicely even standing at a
    We love to look at them and when friends and family visit they remember when also.


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