Mod Podge Glitter Ornaments featuring Chris from Just a Girl {Handmade Ornament No.21}

Mod Podge Glitter Ornaments featuring Chris from Just a Girl {Handmade Ornament No.21}

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I’m delighted to welcome our next guest,
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{Handmade Christmas Ornament No. 21}

Hello! I’m Chris from Just a Girl. I just love Stephanie Lynn’s ornament series, and I’m over the moon to be a part of it again! I did a little photo shoot of my tree the other day and talked about how I went in a totally different direction than years’ past. That meant trying to cut some major cost on ornaments.

I raided the craft section at Hobby Lobby and picked up some supplies that would give me beautiful ornaments without the expense. Keep in mind that these supplies will last you several ornaments. Talk about cost effective!

The round ornament was a $.50 find.

I Modge Podged some glitter paper onto it and trimmed it out with some coordinating ribbon.

Instead of worrying about trimming the paper around all the curves just right, I decided to use a little snippet from a leftover boa I had laying around the house.

The second ornament was also Modge Podged.

I brushed on a thing layer of it and sprinkled a bunch of bee-U-ti-ful brown glitter onto it.

I still wanted it to have a little bling, so I used a green ribbon to make a simple bow at the top. Yes, that’s my manicure you’re looking at. Don’t judge.

I added a brooch that was my grandmother’s to the bow. It ties the green and brown together, and it’s a beautiful reminder of a beautiful woman.

Total cost of these two ornaments was $1.00. I had the other supplies already.

When it comes to ornaments, think outside the box (literally). You’d be amazed by how simple they are to make, yet how stunning they are to look at! Thanks again to Stephanie Lynn and Happy Holidays to all of her readers!

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  1. Yay! I love those accents – those feathers from the boa are fabulous.

  2. Karen Henderson :

    Love your ornaments but the best is the cost. don’t we all have tons of “stuff” around the house to use? Thank you very much!


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