10 Tooth Fairy Traditions and Ideas – Tuesday {ten}

10 Tooth Fairy Traditions and Ideas – Tuesday {ten}

This weeks Tuesday {ten} [a day late] is a bit off the decor track and is full of Tooth Fairy ideas – as we recently discovered my little guy has two loose front teeth. We have never had an official Tooth Fairy assigned to our house, since these will be the first baby teeth to go, so I have been peeking around the web collecting some ideas and inspiration I can forward along to
our future fairy.

I would love to hear any traditions your tooth fairy has {or had if your kiddies are grown} – especially if you have any ideas for special needs children who don’t quite yet comprehend what is actually going on. For us, we tend to go big and a bit over the top for events such as these so our little guy possibly gets a better idea of what is happening. Plus it makes the experience a little more fun and a lot less traumatic as seen though his eyes.{Tooth Fairy Traditions & Ideas}

{one} The Official Tooth Fairy Kit is a package that can be purchased from the Office of the Tooth Fairy site. The Kit contains a Certificate of Record for filing with your local Tooth Fairy and a reusable cloth deposit bag for the first tooth and all subsequent transactions. The official certificate keeps record of name, age, tooth lost, and method of extraction.

{two} Here is another kit found on Etsy from Paper and Twine. I really like the added Fairy Dust and the Tooth Fairy Business Cards to place under the pillow.

{three} Tooth Fairy Pillows

Tooth Fairy Pillow with Record Chart from Loop Loft

Molar Shaped Tooth Fairy Pillow knitted from soft baby alpaca available from Oeufs {eoc-friendly and hypoallergenic}

or if you are inclined to make your own here is a similar free pattern and directions from Embroidery Library Projects

Designer Samarra Khaja created this fabulous fabric pattern available on Spoonflower for Toothy the Tooth Fairy Plushie. The pre-printed fabric can be purchased, cut out and sewn together and it can even be personalized it as well. {got to love the backpack full of dental supplies}

{four} Tooth Fairy Pouches

Colorful Felt Tooth Fairy Bags
Full diy directions can be found on The Purl Bee

Felt Tooth Fairy Pockets
Full diy directions can be found on Heartmade

{five} Tooth Fairy Boxes

Wooden Tooth Fairy Box available from Wunderkind

Matchbox Tooth Fairy Box
Full diy directions can be found on Disney Family Fun

Soft Felt Tooth Fairy Box
Full diy directions can be found on American Felt and Craft

{six} If you have a light sleeper {or simply do not need another stuffed item in you little ones room} how about a Tooth Fairy Dish.

Source: The Brick Kiln

Source: Sunshine Ceramics

{seven} Turn Miniature dollhouse parts into Magical Tooth Fairy Doors- this a brilliant idea and I love the ‘real life’ intricate details of some of these. {and the whimsical ones are adorable too!}

Source: Jaimee Rose

Source: 2 Little Bunnies

Source: TaDaa Studio

Source: Nest of Posies

and the tiny key hanging on this door adds the cutest finishing touch.
Source: She’s Making Cards

{eight} Tooth Fairy Dust so the little ones can visually see the tooth fairy has made a special visit. The tooth fairy usually leaves her dust behind on the window sill or door way, foot of the bed and of course under the pillow.

Fairy Dust from HearthSong

This Tooth Fairy Dust is more like confetti and it glows in the dark – from Confetti Kids Boutique available at Kiddlins

Lisa’s Tooth Fairy carries magical coins along with her fairy dust and shares some other great Tooth Fairy tips over at Moore Minutes

{nine} Tooth Fairy exchange treasures.

Tooth Shaped Glitter imprinted Money from The Southern Institute {with the help of a little glue}

Glitter Sprayed Tooth Fairy Money from Ten Kids and a Dog

Origami Money Ring from Crafty Tammie’s Sew Full of Love

{ten} Tooth Fairy Letters

Free Printable Letters from Tooth Fairy Letters

Tiny Tooth Fairy Thank You available from Luxely

World’s Smallest Post Office Service available from Leafcutter Designs

You can even make your own miniature envelopes with this simple McGill Mini Envelope Punch

Feel free to share your ideas below ~ Enjoy.


  1. Crafty DIY posted on Pinterest a cute idea for leaving behind tooth fairy dust. She said to make – Fairies in a jar 1. Cut a glow stick and shake the contents into a jar. Add diamond glitter 2. Seal the top with a lid. 3. Shake. It’s very pretty! – Karen

  2. I never seen so many tooth fairy ideas! Wow! What a great post!

  3. I love this article!! Great ideas…I’m not there yet but you’ve surely inspired me!


  4. Last year when my daughter was about to lose her 1st baby tooth, I found the most adorable Tooth Fairy Pillows on etsy. The shop is called fangdangles and here is her site: http://www.etsy.com/shop/fangdangles?section_id=7522826

    They are extremely durable and well made! Not to mention fun and cute! My daughter loves her’s so much, we immediately bought one for my son, knowing that he too would soon be losing his 1st baby tooth.

    I usually don’t post these kind of things, but found her pillows to be so well crafted and so well loved, I just had to share!

  5. This post came at a great time. Many of my son’s friends have recently lost their first baby teeth and I just started thinking about a pillow and which “tradition” we will follow. Ah… they’re growing up!

  6. Our tooth fairy leaves a glitter and baby powder mix of fairy dust from the pillow to the windows…sometimes she leaves an encouraging note too. (My childhood tooth fairy did the same thing)

  7. I have two children. The oldest is only 2 years older. However I waited until the youngest lost her last tooth at age 11 & then in a letter that night with her last treat from the tooth fairy told her that her sweet mom has been the tooth fairy and it was a pleasure to do that for her. My first intention was to make an invitation to both of our children and invite them to a luncheon to meet the tooth fairy, the easter bunny and santa but time was running out and we were about to move so I went with the letter instead and only gave way that I was the tooth fairy. She of course then shared the letter with her older brother in the morning who then started asking questions about santa…I said “he fills our stockings no matter where we live, isn’t he simply amazing?” and I left it at that!! Enjoy these years. It is such a magical time.
    andrea in calif

  8. On the subject of baby teeth (and just totally adorable) is the blog ‘My Milk Toof’. We came across the book version on a family vacation and fell immediately in love with Ickle and Lardy. The detail of the sets is incredible and the photography is always gorgeous! Check it out for some ‘toof’ themed cuteness! Mymilktoof.blogspot.com

  9. Such fabulous ideas!!! I wish I had have done a couple of these when the tooth fairy first visited our house.

  10. I LOVE the fairy dust and the glitter sprayed money! We made a little bowl with a lid out of clay and painted it, which is cute, but I have to add some dust next time!!

    Thanks for the great ideas

  11. My son is 11, and this past week had two teeth to come out. He still believes in the Tooth Fairy. I won’t tell, as he will learn soon enough on his own the real truth. I stitched a little pocket to keep his tooth in, for under the pillow. He makes sure he washes his tooth so its nice and clean for the Tooth Fairy.

  12. These are really cute ideas! Thanks for sharing! I’m excited to use one for my little guys. πŸ˜‰


  13. Jeez, these are all cute ideas…wish my kids were still young but I’m gonna pass this on to my sis! Her young ones will LOVE IT!

  14. hello + thanks for putting looploft as one of your tooth fairy finds…i LOVE all of your choices! my advice = be
    timely…mine are 21, 18 + 15…so lost teeth are a thing
    of the past πŸ™ but they never enjoyed waking up to a tooth still under the pillow! if you choose my tooth fairy chart pillow use coupon code: CUSTOMERLOVE
    for 20% off your total purchase…all my best for a
    great first-time experience πŸ™‚
    [email protected]

  15. Love the fairy dust idea..I will have to relay that to my son and daughter in law as my granddaughter is about to lose her two front teeth!..

  16. In our house, I prinkle opal glitter from the window all the way to their pillow. In kindergarten he collected the “fairy dust” in a baggie & took it to school. All the kids were amazed an made believers out of all of them!

  17. This post was such a fun surprise to see! I appreciate your including me. πŸ™‚ I actually am loving this collection of ideas Bookmarking this post!

  18. I had a “Tooth Fairy” baking party for my niece because she has such a sweet tooth!

    View photos of it on my blog:

  19. Our tradition – I made a zipper doggie pillow: http://www.indygojunction.com/patterns/home_dcor/pillows/zipper_critters/

    My son puts his tooth in and in return he gets a dollar and a itty bitty sized letter. The tooth fairy always includes a joke because she loves to laugh!

  20. my kids always write a note to the tooth fairy and tell her whether or not they’d like her to take the tooth. My daughter always wants to keep hers…my son lost his first tooth tonight and wants her to take it πŸ™‚
    We put a little tea light by the window to let her know a tooth is in there waiting for her!

  21. Hi there. Love your collection of ideas. For our family we learned early on not to tell our children there was a tooth fairy or other creatures of lore. We have always been honest when they loose a tooth. We have a treasure box with all their teeth in it with a pouch that goes under their pillow. As they get older its a game to see if they can catch us putting the money in the pouch if they do we double it:) my oldest (20) has always said she appreciated us not ever lying to her about any of this kinda stuff:) hope this helps

  22. I had to call the tooth fairy when one of my kids accidentally swallowed a loose tooth. She told me that if the child will draw a picture of how they look with the tooth missing that she can still leave money. It’s a good thing because our next lost tooth came out while eating an apple and playing in a lake…. don’t know if it got swallowed or if it’s in the lake!

    • Darcy Fesmire :

      My son did the same thing. First 2 were lost and now #8 was also lost. Came to this site looking for ideas. Funny that could lose them!

  23. I’ve got a little dude, so I love finding ideas for the boys! My favorite so far was a modified version of the fairy gliter dust that is very popular… for the boys, they used pencil shavings. Perfection πŸ™‚

    • I have two boys, and we discovered that the Tooth Fairy is so busy these days that she subcontracted out some of her work, specifically for boys, to the Tooth Pirate . . . arrrrr! He’s actually very friendly, and the only treasure he hunts is teeth! They use the tooth pillow that my mom made me, and they receive a letter from the Tooth Pirate in drawling pirate-ese, and a small gift for their teeth. The first tooth also warranted some gold doubloons that led in a trail to the gift.

  24. I’ve given my boys $2 bills from an old stash I had. They love it! My friends have used the Tooth Fairy Necklace from Kristen Elise Designs http://www.kristenelisedesigns.com/search/label/Tooth%20Fairy adorable!!

  25. thanks for including my origami ring! since then, our tooth fairy has also made a butterfly and a heart – and better get busy learning something new because another tooth is loose!

    i’ve found that gold glitter hair spray from halloween works great for decorating letters from santa and the tooth fairy. and we use a hanging tooth pouch on the outside of the door – keeps the fairy from waking the kids.

  26. My step-son has autism and didn’t grasp the tooth-fairy concept until this past year, which worked out great because he lost half of his mouth in about 6 months time! He’s 9 years old and almost finished losing teeth, but my hubby and i were extatic that we could participate in this ritual with him finally. We keep it simple so he can understand such an abstract concept a little easier. His method is to put the little tooth in a huge envelope, label it to the Tooth Fairy and then we in turn leave a fresh new envelope with a dollar bill in it for him in the morning. He gets so excited each time, and after he lost his last tooth we put him to bed, and a few minutes later he called his Dad back in and asked when she would be coming! Like many milestones in his life, it was delayed but so worth it to see that [toothless] smile through the process. πŸ™‚

  27. A friend of mine types a letter from the tooth fairy in the smallest font possible. She will add comments like you have taken such good care of this tooth it was so very nice and clean. Or when tooth brushing was a chore she would say this tooth didn’t look so bright and happy, I do hope you will make sure to brush the new tooth coming in it’s place. It’s important to have happy healthy teeth~ then she leaves the gold dollar coin.

  28. My tooth fairy travels around the world looking for those lost teeth.She leaves a few specialty coins from the US, but she
    ALWAYS leaves one or more coins from another country as well. The next morning there are always great discussions on where the tooth fairy was last.It encourgages use of globe and atlas work and can bring about a study for the day/week on a different country.

  29. I love the gold dollar coin idea. I love the idea of making it special. The gold dust certainly does that, too. My son writes a letter asking the Tooth Fairy to please leave his tooth (He’s sentimental, and a collector. Geesh, I wonder where he gets that?…). He also leaves space at the bottom of the letter for the Tooth Fairy to answer, which she does with sparkly ink and curly letters. I’m wondering if you have any good ideas for preserving the teeth? Do you do that, or do you just toss them?

  30. Somehow the tooth fairy in our house started leaving special coins and money. My son has gotten Sacajawea (sp?) dollars, Kennedy pieces, a mercury dime, a punt from Ireland, etc. Now the precedent is set and the tooth fairy is running out of ideas.

  31. Amber Vargo :

    My tooth fairy got lots of letters, and sometimes instead of money she left toys (like a hot wheel car). My mum kept all the notes and teeth in an old coffee can, and just got rid of it this year nothing had happened to the teeth; though most of my did have cavities.

  32. We always tell my boys that the tooth fairy takes the teeth, cleans them up and recycles them to new children! There are so many children in my family (nieces, nephews, cousins) that one of the younger ones always seem to be growing a new tooth every time an older looses one! It also is a great way to encourage talk about recycling and reuse!

  33. my son is 41 now but when he was about 4 i guess his tooth was super loose he wouldnt let anyone touch but my brother that is 9 years younger than me tied a thread around his tooth and when he wasnt thinking about his tooth my brother pulled it right out..i still have the tooth with the string around it… he never cried cause it was so loose..

  34. When I grew up we didn’t have the tooth fairy. We had the tooth shark! We would take a clear plastic cup with a little water and leave it on the kitchen counter with our tooth in it and then in the morning there would be coins! All of these ideas are so cute!

  35. except gluing glitter to money is considered defacing money – which is illegal. May want to be careful with this.

    • The United States Department of Treasury’s Bureau of Printing and Engraving website describes the regulation as follows:

      “Defacement of currency is a violation of Title 18, Section 333 of the United States Code. Under this provision, currency defacement is generally defined as follows: Whoever mutilates, cuts, disfigures, perforates, unites or cements together, or does any other thing to any bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt issued by any national banking association, Federal Reserve Bank, or Federal Reserve System, with intent to render such item(s) unfit to be reissued, shall be fined not more than $100 or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.”

      “Defacement of currency in such a way that it is made unfit for circulation comes under the jurisdiction of the United States Secret Service.”

      Applying glitter isn’t “intended” to render the bill unfit for circulation. As long as the bill is spendable there is nothing to worry about.

  36. One of the smartest ideas I’ve heard- is to tell your children that their taste buds change each time a tooth is lost. So they hates vegetables last week- this week they might like them. My friends have been very successful in getting their young children to be better eaters at a young age.

  37. My daughter had lost her first tooth n I sprinkled glitter from under her pillow n made a trail down the side of the bed, on top of the carpet, onto the window ceil n on the screen of the window to make it look like the tooth fairy made w trail on her way out. She was so excited n speechless that all she did was scream in joy. It was the cutest thing ever!

  38. I love this article and all the ideas you’ve gathered! I’ll want to share them with your permission…

    Please check out my tooth fairy pillows at


  39. I love all these ideas! In our house before we go to bed with our tooth under the pillow we leave a small bowl filled with water on the window sill. As the tooth fairy flies in her wings will touch the water and the next morning we find out what color our tooth fairies wings are.:-) We only do this on the first tooth, but my sister does it with every tooth because “there is a whole magical world filled with nothing but tooth fairies, and you never get the same one twice.”

  40. When my daughters lost there first tooth the tooth fairy put a 2 dollor bill under there pillow. You can get a 2 dollor bill at most banks. They loved it.

  41. My mom crochet my sister’s and mine. They looked similar to the molar above. When my older sister started loosing teeth we had these little containers to put under the pillow, but I moved so much during the night that it was hard for them to find. So my mother looked up a pattern and made us both one.

  42. My son just lost his first tooth. He never complained about it being wobbly or loose so here I am unprepared and scrambling. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for this post…I love all these ideas!

  43. When my little boy first started having friends lose their teeth, he asked me all sorts of questions about the tooth fairy. I didn’t want to lie to him so, we told him that mommies and daddies get a special privilege when little children lose their teeth. The privilege…we get to turn into fairies ourselves sometime that night! He asked what it’s like…I said…I don’t know, you have to lose a tooth first. Then I secretly bought fairy wings and body glitter that I get to use. We fully plan to take pictures for him to see the special transformation. He lost his first tooth today so I get to dress up as a fairy tonight! What fun!!!

  44. I would always fill a glass with water and put my tooth in it and when I woke up, the water would be a different color, and the tooth would be replaced with money πŸ™‚ I absolutely loved it πŸ™‚

  45. Hi! Thank you for this great list. My little guy is about to lose his first tooth and your post helped me to create a wonderful memory for him {and a blog post too! Found here: http://littlebluesroom.blogspot.com/2013/01/from-tooth-fairy.html}. Thanks again…now to wait for the tooth to fall out!

  46. This is the nicest collection of Tooth Fairy ideas that I’ve come across. I have the Tooth Record Kit for my boys, but I want to incorporate the other items as well. Who could help believing in fairies? πŸ™‚

  47. I used to throw my tooth fairy a tea party i my Barbie House. I used all the doll silverware and left out a doll size cup of tea and crumbs of food on the plates. The tooth fairy would always leave notes about how much she enjoyed the party.

  48. When my kids were small, we sprinkled baby powder on the dresser on a tooth fairy night. Sure enough, next morning the kids would find tiny footprints in the powder! (Curl your hand into a fist and use the little-finger-side of your fist to make the foot. Put in the toes with the tip of your finger.)

  49. My mother made fairies for both of my children with a personalized story for each. My daughter’s was a feather duster doll that she added wings and a bustle too. The dool held a tiny pouch type purse that matched the bustle. The tooth was put in the purse and the next morning replaced with coins. The bustle had a hidden compartment to hold the teeth after they had been replaced by coins. My son’s was a small diarama with a corral with a black pony, a cowboy for the fairy and a wishing well. The tooth was placed on a special tiny tin plate and the next morning had fairy dust (glitter ) on it. A few coin appeared in the wishing well along with a very small polished rock. the cowboy sat on a small stump that was a hidden container for the glitter. She also provided a small bag of polished stones to add to the wishing well for each tooth. It took several teeth for my son to make the connection between the tooth that was gone and another new polished rock. My mother made the cowboy on a wire frame, with a pill bottle with a marble inside to sound like a thumping heart if he was rocked back and forth. The hair was fashioned from her own hair and the jeans, shirt and hat from my father’s old clothes. As Alzheimer’s has destroyed my mother’s creative mind, these are memories that my children and I will cherish forever.

  50. On top of the pillow – which I add the dates in with puff paint, I hand illustrate receipts for the teeth that are left for her and they’re always signed by the same fairy.
    Here’s an example: http://instagram.com/p/sRQuGTRS6l/?modal=true

  51. I love your collection of 10 Tooth Fairy Traditional designs. I am always looking for creative baby gift embroidery design. I am thankful to you to provide me this great tooth fairy design ideas.



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