45 Creative Duct Tape Crafts & Projects {Saturday Inspiration & Ideas}

45 Creative Duct Tape Crafts & Projects {Saturday Inspiration & Ideas}

Happy weekend my friends. I was planning on another organization post today but decided to slip in something fun. This weeks Saturday Inspiration and Ideas highlights America’s favorite silver fix-it all, Duct Tape. The heavy duty adhesive has thousands of uses and probably known best for it’s quick fix ability- But have you taken a peek at the fashionable colors and prints available now-a-days. For crafters, duct tape offers countless possibilities – and it’s not only inexpensive but super easy to work with too!

{45 Creative Duct Tape Crafts & Projects}

Duct Tape Waterproof Beach Bag
{source: Family Fun Go}

Duct Tape Bags
{source: Wishberry Blossoms}

No Sew Fabric and Duct Tape Tote
{source: Instructables}

Duct Tape Messenger Bag
{source: Momfilter}

Fruit Slice Duck Tape® Purse
{source: Duck Brand}

Braided Duct Tape Bracelets
{source: WikiHow}

Rolled Duct Tape Bead Bracelets
{source: Dollar Store Crafts}

Duct Tape Beads
{source: Crafty Soccer Mom}

Duct Tape Hair Bows
{source: Bles-id}

Duct Tape Belt
{source: Crafty Soccer Mom}

Duct Tape Awareness Ribbons
{source: Duck Brand}

Duct Tape Covered Boots
{source: Crafting in the Rain}

No Sew Duct Tape Apron
{source: Instructables}

Duct Tape Super Hero Mask
{source: Dukes and Duchesses}

Duct Tape Key Ring Wristlet
{source: Crafty Soccer Mom}

Duct Tape Wallet
{source: Duck Brand}

No Sew Duct Tape Basket
{source: Libby Dibby}

Duct Tape Flower
{source: How Joyful}

Duct Tape Flower Pens
{source: Seven Sisters}

Duct Tape Valentine Pencil Toppers
{source: Barista Kids}

Duck Tape® Roses
{source: Duck Brand}

Duct Tape Rose Valentine’s Wreath
{source: This n’ That}

Duck Tape® Valentines Box {using a shoe box}
{source: Michaels}

Duct Tape Bat Garland
{source: Hand Make My Day}

Duct Tape Topiary
{source: Poppies at Play}

Duct Tape Trick or Treat Bag
{source: Joanne Fabrics}

Duct Tape Poinsettias
{source: Duck Brand}

Duct Tape Stocking
{source: Joanne Fabrics}

Duct Tape Wreath
{source: Five Days…5 Ways}

Duct Tape Wreaths
{source: The Pixel Mom}

Duct Tape Gift Bag
{source: Bowdabra}

Duct Tape Santa Wrap
{source: Kandee Johnson}

Designer Duct Tape Wrapping
{source: Green Eyed Monster}

Duct Tape Decor Box Centerpiece
{source: Real Simple}

Duct Tape Table Cloth
{source: Green Wedding Shoes}

Duct Tape Party Banner
{source: AllisonWaken}

Duck Tape Tailgating Flags
{source: Duck Brand}

Designer Duct Tape Covered Office Containers
{source: Disney Family Fun}

Duct Tape Can Koozies
{source: Duck Brand}

Duct Tape Decorated Water Bottles
{source: Heidi’s Recipes}

Duct Tape Luggage Tags
{source: Qreative Quail}

Duct Tape Luggage Tags
{source: Real Simple}

Duct Tape Picture Frame
{source: That Damn Cat Designs}

Duct Tape Covered Floors
{source: DuctTapeAddict on Craftster via Apartment Therapy}

Striped Floor
This is actually done with vinyl tape but could easily be duplicated with inexpensive duct tape
{source: Rebecca June via Apartment Therapy}

Have you made any thing with duct tape lately?



  1. totally rad girl! yummy tape! where else but blog land would we ever say THAT?! xo


  2. What a fun post! I had no idea so many fun things could be created with duct tape. I made this mirror with some a while back!

  3. I made a duct tape business card case:


    and lots of wallets.

  4. wow so many creative ideas that just amazed me to see what they do with a roll of tape thank u for sharing

  5. How fun! I’ve never crafted with duct tape before. I may have to try some of these out. I especially like the roses. Great post 🙂


  6. Wow, so many awesome ideas! Definitely need to try out some duct tape crafting!

  7. These are mind-blowing!! Can’t wait to go check some of them out in detail — love the rose wreath and all of the tote bags! Also love the gift wrap ribbon and bows! Thanks for posting these!

  8. Who knew????? It’s a testament to the creative mind. Fabulous post!

  9. Thank you for sharing our Bowdabra Blog Duct Tape gift bags. I have passed along the link to our Bowdabra Facebook Followers. So many creative ideas I am sure our readers will enjoy the post!

  10. What fun ideas! Thanks for sharing! There are quite a few ideas I’d like to try. I covered my little girl’s scuffed shoes with zebra print duct tape. They turned out so cute!


  11. Hi Stephanie! I did a post about a duct tape bracelet today and added your link for all the great ideas that you found! Thank you for all the inspiration!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing my boots! And this post is perfect!
    Duck Tape actually just sent me a whole goodie box of stuff, and I’ve gotten some inspiration on what to do with some of it!!

  13. I had no idea my bags were on here! Imagine my surprise when I logged in this evening. Love your site! Thanks for including me! 🙂 Brandy

  14. What a fun post … thanks so much for sharing my duct tape mask! I just did a duct tape Valentine’s Day tablescape for Duck Brand … you can see it on my blog.

    Enjoy your evening!

  15. thanks for the post

  16. love duck tape

  17. Hi

  18. The messenger bag looks cute

    • I took the messager bags and made it into a lunch box, my friends love it and I sold it between $5-$10 @ my school, my friend and I have our own business!

    • I am 10 years old and i have a pashen for duck tape art. I also have my own buisness with some of my friends. good luck with your buisness.

  19. wow so many things you can do with duct tape i tried this on my floor and i love it

  20. I babysit three girls so its an easy cheap craft that isi easy to learn. Thanks for posting 🙂

  21. I made duct tape purses for all my daughters and granddaughters for Christmas last year. They were a big hit. Love all the new patterns and colors, and love this site

  22. I really love the wreath idea. I am making it with my 7 year old sister.

  23. love it so creative

  24. so cool!!

  25. I love duck tape thanks for the great ideas !

  26. thanks for all the awesome ideas me and my friend have a buisness and we have about 400 rolls of duct tape !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I made duct tape flowers and a duct tape cell phone case

  28. ther are some realy good ideas

  29. I’ve made like 76 duck tape flower pens in like 2weeks and I love every one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. And I have like 23 rolls of duck tape!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Hottstuff1000 :

    I’ve made a duck tape prom dress for prom tomorrow 🙂 I love it ! $50 worth of duck tape!

  32. LOVE DUCT TAPE!!!! It’s great! I made a whole bunch of flower pens to give to my dance ppl and I made one for Mother’s Day

  33. Hi. i love all this ideas and want to make all of them!
    but does anyone know where you can find coloured duct tape in england? as i can only find white silver andblack in hardware stores and would love to find more exciting colours.

    thanks 🙂

  34. Hi I am obsessed about duct tape and was wondering if u could make a vid of how to make a duct tape wallet if you have not yet. If you can I would be soooo happy.(ps i am 6 grade) so I am a bit young

  35. Elizabeth Wayne :

    Fantastic, my girls loved it!! Its so creative and fun! Their favorite was the bow:)

  36. Thanks again for including us in this Duct Tape round up! We are still getting traffic from your post! We will give you a shout out on our social media sites today! Keep rockin’ it! Susie @Bowdabra

  37. Dancer Violin 100 :

    I am in love with ducktape I made purses and a bookbag also a book cover .I made a headband too.

  38. I made a few ductape pin-wheels. They are super cute! They weren’t mentioned in the list but I can tell you how I made them. They are super easy. First you cut a two inch long piece of duct tape. The you fold it in half. Make sure the square is a one inch by one inch. Then cut a three quarter inch slit from each corner toward the center(it helps to draw a dot in the center in pen). Then you fold each oppostite corner into the center and secure it with a glue dot or a little bit of hot glue. Then put an adhesive backed gem in the center. Using another glue dot(or dot of hot glue ) attach a toothpick to the back. They look super cute on cupcakes! Or you can attach them to earing backs for a cute pair of earnings or make a loop from duct tape and attach it to the back of the pin-wheel for a super stylish ring! Your done! Their super simple to make and SUPER CUTE!!!!!!

  39. i LOVE to play around whith duck tape so i am crafty whith tape and other things so i LOVE this website and ideas!

  40. i think that the duct tape floor would be hard but cool

  41. What brand of duck tape is best for crafting? Is there any difference between Duck brand and generic?

  42. Wow! how dod they make the duke tape covered floors? that looks almost impossible!



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