Make Your Own Sensory Seek and Find I Spy for the Kiddies {Cars Squinkies}

This is another quick project for the kiddies and a spin off from the Game Day Noise Makers. I actually posted this idea a couple of years ago as I made some incredibly easy I Spy Bottles to put in the favor bags for my little guys Birthday Carnival. I Spy bottles and bags are great early learning tools offering open ended quiet learning time with your little one. {especially special needs children who seek tactile activities} Older kids get a kick out of them as well using them as a game to play ‘who can find it the quickest’…not to mention these make fantastic travel toys for time spent in the car.

The concept is quite easy as the bottles {or bags} are filled with ‘hidden’ trinkets that can be found by manipulating the object and sifting through the filler. A list of objects to find can be written out or for younger children the parent or care giver can verbally give the cues {which makes a great interacting activity}

I wanted to post this again as my little received some Squinkies as a Christmas gift and the just so happen to make the perfect trinkets to place in the bottles. I was not really up-to date with the squinkie fad when my little guy received them but they are pretty popular and come in a ton of varieties for boys and girls and even in commercialized sets like these from the Disney Cars movie. My little guy loves Cars so it’s a great motivator for him to find the different characters and keep him engaged. We of course use it more as a learning tool though these can be fun toys for all kids of all ages.

**These can be made with a number of small objects – basically anything that can fit in the bottle – you can find a list of everyday items I used a couple years ago {here}**

Beans or rice can be used as the filler. We used yellow split peas to fill our bottle.

Make sure the bottle you are using is completely dry and fill 3/4’s of the way full with filler.

Add your special trinkets.

{silly boy saying hi}

If the bottle is for younger children you may want to seal the lid on with hot glue or super glue to prevent those tiny hands from spilling the beans … literally.

Shake to mix….

…and play!

I have a fantastic roundup of features coming up from the Sunday Showcase Party today. You can take a sneak peek at all the fabulous project linked up this week {here}.

Have a wonderful morning ~ Enjoy!


  1. I reading your blog and I’m in a big impress!!! You’re very creative!!! sorry for my horrible englisch!!!I’m your fan 🙂
    Regards from Poland!!!

  2. I picked up a pack of Cars Squinkies that were clearanced after Christmas to put in an iSpy bag for my son. I love your idea of using a bottle–that would be much easier.

  3. This is great! My boys have collected some of those little toys (had no idea they were called squinkies) and I was trying to figure out what to do with them. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 ~Mel

  4. What type of bottle did you use? LOVE IT!!! Thank you!!!!

  5. I love this idea. I’ve seen a few variations, but this one seems so easy to do. I’m definitely going to try it. Thanks!


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