Mason Jar Photo Valentine – How to Fold 3D Paper Hearts

I am a little behind in decorating for Valentine’s Day this year and even though I typically do not do that much – I still like to add some festive touches around to help my little recognize the different holidays. I started out making some simple 3D paper hearts – which can be used in a number of different ways – and since they only require some scrapbook paper, they are a super inexpensive way to scatter some holiday decor around your home.

Since I have an abundance of glass jars I decided to put a few to use {50 ways to re-purpose and reuse glass jars} and incorporate the hearts to make a cute Mason Jar Photo Valentine. I thought these would be perfect for the grandparents and since it’s just a subtle touch of ‘Valentine’s Day’ the jars can be displayed year round.

Materials Needed for 3D Paper Hearts:

12X12 Scrapbook Paper {or 6×6}
Scissors or a Paper Cutter

Materials Needed for Mason Jar Photo Valentine:

Empty Glass Jar with Lid
Pebbles or Decorative Rocks
3D Paper Hearts
Printed Wallet Sized Photo
Spray Paint {optional}

To make the paper hearts, begin by cutting the 12×12 piece of scrapbook paper into 1 1/4 inch strips. The scrapbook paper only has to have a single sided design.

Fold each strip in half and cut.

Working with one strip at a time, fold the upper right corner down to make a triangle – as shown above.

Fold the triangle across and up – as shown above.

Fold the triangle across and down again – as shown above.

Cut the remainder of the paper strip off at an angle – as shown above in step seven – and cut again as shown in step eight.

Tuck the cut end into the folded side leaving you with a triangle shape as shown above. Next puff and crease the triangle in the center of the longer side.

Using your thumbs, flatten the two points – as shown above – and trim around the corners with scissors to create a heart.

These take just minutes to make and are really easy to fold once you get started.

They can be used as fillers for jars and vases or look cute simply displayed in a bowl.

For the Mason Jar Photo Valentine, add some pebbles or decorative rocks to a glass jar and slide in a wallet sized photo. {I simply printed a photo right from my computer on regular white paper}.

Toss in a few paper hearts and use a pencil to arrange inside if needed.

A touch of spray paint can be used to make the lid a tad bit fancier. {I used Krylon Brushed Metallic in Champagne Nouveau}

It’s not only a cute twist on a Valentine for your loved ones, but a neat alternative to framed picture that can be used year round.



  1. Adorable

  2. So cute and so easy!

  3. Love them – and of course the mason jar too!

  4. That is so very adorable! I love anything with mason jars. Thanks for the post and sharing your creativity!

  5. paper footballs! i never thought about taking them a step further and making them into hearts. What a lovely idea!!

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  7. Very clever and cute idea.

  8. How darling! I can see loads of uses for those cute little hearts! I wonder if it would work for bigger ones…hmmm…have you tried that?

  9. I so love the mason jars! I really admire how you can put everyday ordinary little things together to be so adorable! I love it!

  10. I love this project Stephanie Lynn! The hearts are so pretty and just the perfect touch! Aren’t mason jars the best? Great for so many projects and uses! Have a wonderful week! Angie xo

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  15. Hi Stephanie, Thanks for the tutorial of the cute hearts!! Seeing your jack, reminds me that I would like to see your playroom or even just the whole top of the cubbies where the jack lives with your new mason jar valentine and …..
    Hope you and yours have a wonderful week. Andrea in Calif.

  16. these are just so cuute I am sure any grandparent would love to have one on their mantle shelf

  17. Love the paper hearts pinned these for sure and thank u for the great easy tutorial

  18. Just a delicious idea! I can only imagine a grandparent’s reaction upon getting these.

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  24. Stephanie, this is such a cute idea!
    What printer are you using?
    I’ve tried this before with icky results.
    I did something like this with baby food jars.
    But I like yours better! 🙂
    Thanks, Sherry

  25. Well I am pretty crafty but my little hearts look like crap. wonder what I did wrong..


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