One Fish Two Fish Color Matching & Counting Activity {Dr. Seuss Kids Craft}

This Friday marks Dr. Seuss’ 108th Birthday and we have been celebrating by re-visiting some of the classics that have stood the test of time from this beloved author and illustrator.
I recently purchased the Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Collection App for my little guy and highly recommend it as the original visual artwork, picture/word association, and entertaining interactive features captivate and engage young readers – especially those who need visual stimulation, like my little guy.

In honor of my little guys favorite, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish {and his current obsession with fishies in general} – I put together this fun activity for him simply using some supplies I had on hand. This activity can be can be used for color identification, color matching, and counting. It can also be easily adapted to incorporate shapes and number of other activities by changing out the counters.

Materials Needed:

Egg Carton
Oven Bake Clay
Heart and Circle Cookie Cutters
Acrylic Paints

Additional Items Needed: Knife, Baking Sheet, Oven, Paint Brushes

Begin by cutting down an egg carton and painting the inside cavities with acrylic paints.

For the fish you will need Oven Baked Clay. {I purchased mine right in the craft isles of Walmart for under $5 a box – and one box goes a long way} To keep this a fairly simple project I used a few basic shapes to make the fish, however you can get as creative as you like here or even hand over the clay to your little one and let their imagination shine. Again, we used fish for our activity, though any shape or figure can be used.

To create the basic fish shown above, roll out the clay and use cookie cutters to cut a small heart {for the tail}, a circle {for the body} – and roll a small ball {for the eye}.

Assemble the pieces together, lightly ‘smushing’ them together, and use a knife to cut out the mouth. Bake the clay as directed by the manufacturer {as they vary}. Since my pieces were a little thicker they did require additional bake time. {note: the picture above was taken after the clay had been baked; painting courtesy of my little guy – do not paint the clay prior to baking}

While my little guy was preoccupied with his own clay I made him a couple ‘fancy’ fish out of rolled balls. Playing with clay is fun no matter how old you are.

Once the clay has baked and cooled, paint with the same acrylic colors used for the egg carton.

This simple project can be used for a multitude of different activities for your little one – like color identification and matching.

Numbers can also be added {either by painting them inside the egg carton or simply putting a piece of numbered paper in each cup} and used for counting.

If you want to work on fine motor skills you can have your toddler use a set of tongs to pick up and place the fish in the carton as well.

I found my little guy so intrigued with this simple egg carton and anxious to play with it as he was involved in helping put it together. Activities like this are perfect for his learning style as he is having so much fun, he has no idea he is actually learning and working on skills at the same time.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


  1. Cute and a great learning aid.

  2. 🙂 So cute and so fun! I should make this for my 30 something daughter. I lost could how many time I read this book to her!

  3. What a great project. Love your fish. They really are cute!

  4. Really cute idea! I need to pin this for future reference!

  5. I remember reading this book to my granddaughter and she reading it back to me…super adorable project

  6. Wow Stephanie You are really talented with the clay, love your “fancy fish”. Very nice. What a great Mom you are teaching in such a wonderful hands on way. Good for you also for putting time with your child before the laundry or cleaning. Our little ones are little for such a short time, your generation has learned that it’s more important to spend time with your kids. I was always taught the house had to come first. I can say I regret not spending time with my kids more in the ways you are. I did spend time with them just differently. I did take the neighborhood to the beach.

  7. I love this!! I am a huge Dr. Seuss fan!! This is too cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Really sweet – my kids would be all over this – and I can finally use one of the many egg cartons I’ve saved because I knew I would need them someday!!! Thanks for sharing – we are fellow Seuss lovers as well (I think I have read Wocket in My Pocket so many times I have it memorized)!

  9. What a beautiful project! My kids are going to love this, and they will think I am the coolest momma ever {I will be sure to give you the credit!} Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..


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