10 Potting Bench Ideas with Free Building Plans – Tuesday {ten}

10 Potting Bench Ideas with Free Building Plans – Tuesday {ten}

Each year as the planting season begins, I start to envision the potting bench I will someday be able to put to good use. A strong sturdy base, spacious top, and a dedicated home for all of the pots, tools and garden essentials.

Thanks to a mild winter, my husband had a chance to get a jump start on building a storage shed on our property {above left} to house all of our garden and outdoor stuff. There are still a few finishing touches left on the list – though before he can even get the doors on, I’m gathering ideas for the potting bench I have always wanted that will have a home inside.This week’s Tuesday {ten} is a collection of Potting Bench ideas which include links to the actual step by step building plans.

{source: Vegetable Gardener}
This potting bench from Kitchen Gardener Magazine combines desired practical features, solid sturdy construction and gorgeous style all in one. The free plans include detailed drawings, step by step instructions and a comprehensive list of materials and wood cuts. The added hatch and hardware cloth on the 6 ft workspace {seen in the plans} provide a functional potting surface and I love the adding shelving for organizing and storage.

{source: Lowe’s Creative Ideas}
With a generous work space, open shelving, and pull out potting soil bins – this potting bench from Lowe’s Creative Ideas is a charming diy option that is eye candy to any gardener. The wooden slots on work surface are great for recycling excess potting soil and the hardware cloth back is a nice touch for hanging tools.

The plans for the Potting Center Hanging Frames can be found on Lowe’s Creative Ideas as well and would make a great addition to any outdoor space.

{source: The Family Handyman Magazine}
This handy gardener’s bench from the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine includes complete plans with a cutting list and can be built using basic carpentry tools. There are no complex joints to construct so no special woodworking skills are required. The soil container on this one is a simple plastic trash bin and the plans include a removable lid and sliding grate.

{source: Lowe’s Woodworkers}
The addition of lattice and pegs on this charming bench from Lowe’s Woodworkers offers nice organization for hanging small tools and accessories – while the built in shelving for storage keeps frequently used items close at hand.

{source: This Old House}
Wire mesh backing on this three tier potting bench from This Old House provides a perfect spot to hang your most used gardening tools and keep them within arms reach. The plan states that the cuts and assembly are fairly simple – even though there are a lot of pieces to put together.

{source: Fresh Home Ideas}
With just a few basic tools this simple potting bench from Fresh Home Ideas can be made in one afternoon. The shelf cut outs for pots not only add a decorative touch but are a fun way to display herbs or flowers.

{source: Free Plants}
If you are willing to put some of the aesthetics aside and are looking for a straight workhorse table, check out these free potting bench plans from Free Plants. The bench boasts a large 48 inch work space and an upper shelf for housing tools and other garden essentials – while the lower shelves provides enough adequate space for organizing and storage.

{source: Better Homes and Gardens}
If your into using recycled materials, this functional potting bench from Better Homes and Gardens is constructed with two wooden pallets. The top shelf and back slats provide some space for extra storage and I like the idea of adding inexpensive hooks along the countertop edge for hanging tools.

{source: This Old House}
Repurposed furniture is an alternative solution to building something new, as shown above from This Old House. A painted picnic table can quickly be converted into a great workspace while the stacked benches on top provide some clever shelving for storage.

{source: Better Homes and Gardens}
This storage packed portable potting bench from Better Homes and Gardens is definitely something else I would like to add to my to-do. The addition of the wheels on the front and the handles on the back gives the advantage of rolling it around the garden as you work and keeps your tools and materials conveniently organized and handy. The attached 5 gallon bucket is perfect for potting soil or fertilizer and I like the added recessed tool bin.

I have seen some pretty cool potting benches posted {like Tracy’s, Sarah’s and Marianne’s} and would love to see more – feel free to leave a link below.



  1. I also have a potting bench on my wish list. I really like the one with the picnic table and benches.

  2. I bought an unfinished workbench kit from HD and have successfully used it as a potting bench. (Actually, I’ve bought it twice: bought one in So Cal, decided not to move it and bought it again here at our new home!)

  3. Great collection of links. Thanks.

  4. Love this.
    Thanks for the links. Happy Spring.

  5. Hi Stephanie Lynn~

    That is so exciting that you are making plans for your new potting bench! I love all of these ones you have shown, and the first one especially caught my eye. 🙂 Thank you for the beautiful inspiration photos!


  6. I bought a potting bench and husband quickly took it over. I should post it just to illustrate what a potting bench shouldn’t look like…a “what not to wear” photo! These pics are wonderful!!

  7. I love the first one – the top and the wheels are great!! I want one too.

  8. How funny! I just spent the last 2 hours pinning potting benches. I have an old store bought one in my yard that is on it’s last legs and my plans for today are to give it a new life. Thanks so much for the pictures… I’m ready to start re-doing!

  9. Delightful!!!!! When we moved last year I left behind my potting bench – here’s hoping some of these ideas will encourage my hubby to make me one for here. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks for the great collection – it is really helpful.

  11. These are fantastic. And they look like fun to create and make your own.

    Mommy Sauri~

  12. lovely! we’re READY to thaw out here & enjoy spring SOON!

  13. Love these! I repainted a hand-me-down potting bench a couple of years ago but I need to actually start using it 😀

  14. these are so much fun! Except….all I can think of is all the black widows that will get themselves all over the nooks and crannies of these, here. 🙁 I wonder how I could keep them at bay, because these are so lovely!


    • Spiders don’t like peppermint essential oil. Maybe you could treat the wood with peppermint essential oil mixed into the wood preservative each spring, and it would help deter the black widows. Or mix the essential oil with a little bit of the preservative and spray periodically during the warm months. Worth a try?

  15. All right, I needed one of these like, yesterday!!


  16. Thank you! Been looking for something like this for a while.

  17. I build my own the looked almost exactly like the second one. It’s nice actually having room to work!

  18. I love the bench from Lowe’s Creative Ideas a lot! It’s totally my style!



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