Creative Door Mats You Can Make Yourself – Tuesday {ten} DIY Welcome Mats

Creative Door Mats You Can Make Yourself – Tuesday {ten} DIY Welcome Mats

While we are still plugging away at re-painting our front door woodwork I am keeping motivated by collecting ideas for the creative curb appeal that is to come.

Last week I shared some creative ideas for displaying your home address; so I thought I would continue this week’s Tuesday {ten} with a few options to create your own welcoming door mat.

Door Mats are one accessory that can virtually be added to any front door even if you are lacking space in your entry way. These inexpensive diy projects are some easy options to welcome your guests and not only add a little style to your front door, but give you a chance to bring some personality into the space as well.

This simple wooden door mat from Martha Stewart requires no additional tools other than a hand saw and drill. To assemble, rope is just thread through each 2×2 board to create a sturdy, long lasting mat.

This colorful floor mat is another wooden option from Lowe’s Creative Ideas. The cheerful rainbow of cut pine boards is held together using common hardware and requires just a few basic tools to assemble.

Woodworking For Mere Mortals shares a video tutorial to create this sophisticated framed wooden mat. This simple project only requires the wood, two steel rods and some washers and can be put together for just $24.

If you are looking for a more nautical or beachy feel Martha Stewart shares the details on this braided doormat – which only requires thick twisted nylon rope.

Some river rocks and glue is all that is needed to transform an inexpensive plain doormat into high-end catalog replica as shown on Oregon Live.

If you love a good upcycle, and I am sure I am not the only one, Danny Seo’s book Upcycling: Create Beautiful Things with the Stuff You Already Have is one not to miss. Included in the book is this clever leather door mat Danny created using twelve belts he found at Goodwill. You can learn more about this simple project on Daily Danny.

This eclectic patchwork mat was created using FLOR carpet samples by flickr user Paliscat via Apartment Therapy.

We all know the power a little spray paint can hold and when it comes to door mats the sky is the limit for turning plain coir mats into personalized works of art. A can of your favorite color and a sheet of cardstock is all that is needed to create simple designs, house numbers, or even a custom monogram – as shown above from Better Homes and Gardens.

Stenciling is another easy option to transform a plain mat or rug – and with this example from Better Homes and Gardens, you don’t even need a fancy cutter for your designs – just a piece of poster board.

And this final idea from This Old House creates a patterned rug-like mat right on your stoop using nothing but painter’s tape and floor paint.

Is a new welcome mat on your spring to-do?



  1. those are some fun ways to welcome people on in! nice group – thanks for sharing!

  2. Which on to choose? With Spring upon us, I suppose a spruce up of the front porch needs to be on my to do list. I love the belt idea! So unique and I’m off to Danny’s blog to see what else he has in store! Thanks for the inspiration!!! Jules

  3. Fantastic ideas! I love the one with the pebbles!

  4. Number 2 is my favourite. What a wonderful way to start smiling before you even ring the doorbell!

  5. Great, great finds!!! Love them all. :))

  6. I’ve been wanting to create my own doormat for awhile. I really love that wooden one from MS. Nice!

  7. Great ideas! That nautical rope rug is fantastic!

  8. Really great collection you have – love the pebbles, flor sample, and colored wood mat … they’re all inspiring! Thanks for sharing : )

  9. It’s a toss up….Really liked the belt one, but I think I ♥ the painted-on-the-diagonal-checkered one!

  10. We don’t have an entry mat–and I LOVE the painted entry!

  11. It was not on the list before I saw this post…

    Beautiful ideas.

    Mommy Sauri~

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE the painted stoop idea. Thank you so much for sharing it, we have a front door mat but it holds water and drives my husband nuts …. this will solve that problem!


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