Creative Ideas for Displaying Your Home Address – DIY House Numbers – Tuesday {ten}

Creative Ideas for Displaying Your Home Address – DIY House Numbers – Tuesday {ten}

We had such amazing weather this past weekend – my husband could not wait to get started on one of many outdoor projects we have planned this year. The woodwork around out front door has been dying for some attention since we moved in so he anxiously began chipping away the layers of paint that have accumulated over the years.

While the woodwork has turned into a much larger job than anticipated, I’m looking forward to all the fun updates and added curb appeal that’s to come – stylish house numbers being one of them.

So this week’s Tuesday {ten} is a collection of some creative ideas for displaying your home address. These simple do it yourself projects are sure to make a statement and a quick way to add some personality to the front of your home.

This contemporary diy address plate, via Instructables, uses inexpensive house numbers found at a local hardware store.

The numbers are mounted on a piece of Lexan sprayed with a window frosting spray and hung with hex drive bolts and spacers.

Here is another option using pre-cut numbers mounted on wood, from Lowe’s.

A mix of found house numbers, in different fonts and sizes, can be easily transformed into an eclectic address plaque as shown on Design Sponge – the numbers were painted a unified color and mounted on a piece of plywood.

This set up, via Real Simple, can be created in just minutes with one trip to the hardware store – the house numbers are just mounted on a wooden deck or fence post.

For just under $5 you can cut your own house numbers from treated lumber with a jig saw – or if you have scrap wood laying around this can be a practically free project. Lowe’s Creative Ideas has a complete list of numbers that can be downloaded and used as a free pattern – or you can simply use a font you like right from your own computer.

These fabulous mid century modern numbers are another diy ‘jigsaw’ creation. The template and step by step directions can be found via Curbly and they can be put together for less than $20 a set.

I really like the simplicity of this stenciled house number planter via Martha Stewart.

Vinyl adhesive creates an elegant etched glass look on this front door, via Country Living.

Simple jute or coir doormats can embellished with house numbers by simply spraying them with enamel spray paint. The stencils can be made with either cardboard as shown above on Fresh Home Ideas….

or even with plain cardstock and masking tape as shown on Martha Stewart.

Decoupaged house numbers on simple white or decorative plates can be used year round, not just for holidays, as shown above via Better Homes and Gardens.

and here are some pre-made options available on Etsy as well…

Japanese Paper Covered House Numbers – Mooza Designs

Wood and Nail House Address Numbers – Studiokrav

Framed Address Plaque – Vintage Wood Designs

How are your house numbers displayed?


  1. This project is totally on my to-do list this spring… but which one to choose? I love the stenciled planter, but the numbers on the door look so sharp. Hmmm… thanks for the inspiration!!
    ~Heidi 🙂

    PS- giveaway on the blog if you want to stop by!

  2. They are all fabulous except the plates one – it gets really windy where I am. Thanks for sharing and you’ve given me some ideas!!

  3. Wow, great ideas. Might need to come back to this post in the near future.


  4. Love these ideas! Thanks so much for putting them together!

  5. I love all of these ideas! We have planned on DIYing our numbers for our new casa but how do I choose?!

  6. Store brought black numbers on a piece of polished granite we salvaged. It appears to be a sink cut out. The granite is propped up in one of the flowered at the end of the drive.

  7. I love these ideas! What we have is so boring and I’ve thought about doing something about it, but didn’t know where to start. Now I do, thanks!

  8. There are some really cool house number displays here….now I think I will have to get a bit creative and do something with mine. Thanks.

  9. Love that yellow door!!

  10. These are really cute! Though some of these (like the door mats) seem like they would only be good ideas if you also have the number displayed in a more obvious place that’s easy to see from the road. I always find it frustrating when I’m driving down the street looking for a particular house and they have the house number in an unusual spot, or even completely hidden.

  11. Firefighter/Paramedic :

    I like some of these ideas because I appreciate a beautiful, stylish home but when displaying your address please keep a couple things in mind for emergency responders…

    1. Numbers need to be high contrast against their background.
    2. Numbers should be at least 4″ high AND clearly visible from the road when displayed on the house.
    3. Have the numbers as close to your garage or front door as possible.
    4. If your house is far from, or not visable from the road numbers should be displayed at the street in large, high contrast numbers near your driveway entrance.
    5. If your mailbox is adjacent to your driveway, please make sure numbers are on both sides of the box.

    Those tips could save your life in an emergency!.


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