Make Your Own Wooden Ball Curtain Rod Set with Brackets – DIY Drapery Hardware

Make Your Own Wooden Ball Curtain Rod Set with Brackets – DIY Drapery Hardware

I have another diy curtain rod to share today and
I am more than pleased with how this set actually turned out.

I really wanted a wooden bracket type system for my little guys room and after much searching decided the most cost efficient way to have them exactly how I envisioned them was a little trip to the hardware store.

Materials Needed:
6″ X 8″ Wood Corbels
Round Wooden Dowel – cut to length – size 1-1/4 inch
Wooden Finial Balls – size 1-3/8 inch
Stain or PaintTools Needed:
Hole Saw – Size 1-1/2 inch
Drill Press {recommended} or Hand Drill

All of the supplies to create both rods were found at our local Home Depot – I have included the links to each below for reference. The scale of the rod and corbels used was based off the unfinished wooden finials – which were the largest I was able to find without special ordering them off the internet. The following was used for each window:

Two 6 inch x 8 inch wooden corbels – $1.98 a piece
{these already come with metal keyhole plates for hanging}

1-1/4 inch Full Round Wooden Pine Dowel – $1.53 a Foot
{this is sold by the foot and be cut to length right in the store}

One Pack of Levolor Unfinished Wooden Ball Finials
These were $5.97 a pack at our local store but show just under $10 on the site
Two finials are in a pack and they come with the dowel screws already inserted

I began by staining all the pieces with the same ebony stain that was used on the table. {this can be done after the holes are cut in the corbels as well – I just touch touch them up after the fact}

A 1-1/2 inch hole saw was then used to cut the openings in the corbels to insert the rods. Hole saws can be easily found at your local hardware store for under $10 or so and can even purchased in sets of various sizes. They are basically cylinder bits that attach to a hand drill or drill press and cut clean, smooth, perfectly round holes.

For the hole placement I measured how far away from the wall I wanted the curtain to hang and once the first hole was cut – I used it as a template to mark the remaining corbels. I found it much easier to use a drill press for this step as it’s important to get all of the holes as close as possible – placement wise – so the rod hangs level.

The hole can also be cut to a ‘u’ with a jig saw – like many of the premade curtain brackets.

Once I touched up the holes with stain they were ready to hang.

The corbels come with one keyhole plate on the back for hanging. Since I only was using one panel on each rod – it was strong enough to hold everything. If hanging full curtains or heavier drapes extra keyhole plates can be purchased and attached to the back.

The curtains are from IKEA – Ritva in natural beige – the same panels that are hanging in our living room bay window. These were purchased awhile ago and I am not seeing the beige listed on their site anymore but they have several other colors.

My little guy is highly sensitive to light so we left the espresso wooden blinds – that we can pull shut and darken the room on his not-so-good days.

I was a little worried about hanging just the two panels but I think it works especially with the bench seating in the middle. I am trying to keep as much storage as possible in the room and these both hide a lot underneath the lids.

I had a chance to try the Behr Premium Plus Ultra in this room and was pleased with the paint and primer in one. {I love anything that requires only one coat of paint – plus it’s low VOC as well}. The color is called Polished Limestone and is actually a Glidden shade that was color matched.

I really like choosing wall colors that seem to change shades throughout the day and this is one of them. You can see all different shades of gray, green, and blue with this calming color depending on the time of day.

We also found four chairs for our Home Depot Built Table.

They are from IKEA {Henriksdal} and are bar stool height – perfectly sized for the table and the brown-black frames could not be a better match. Since a majority of the room is dark I went with the linnerydcovers that resemble a natural linen. {I know what you’re probably thinking – but they are just covers and can easily be removed}

I am so excited how this little sanctuary for our little guy is coming along.
A few more things to cross off the list – with plenty more to share.
Have a wonderful evening ~ enjoy.


  1. His room is coming along very nicely. The colors you choose seem very calming and not overly stimulating. You and you husband are doing a wonderful job.

  2. Great looking room Stephanie! Love the curtain rod too!~ I am over at word press now, and my new url is Just in case you had me in your reader, I guess it is not coming up. The old one must be deleted and this one in place of it. What a pain this has been. I am so grateful for my friends finding me and adding me back. I feel lost out here LOL!

  3. The room is falling into place so well. Everything looks serene and calm, without being bland. Great balance! I am sure he will blossom in it =)

  4. Thanks for this great tutorial on making the rods. I’ve been afraid of trying to do it before but you make it look so easy and doable. And your room is just so sleek and neat…and uncluttered. Very very nice!! Love it.


  5. Fantastic! This helps a lot, I was in Home depot looking for those finials and I didn’t know what they were called. I ended up getting post toppers, like for fencing, same shape but they were a little BIG for a curtain rod! haha. THanks!

  6. Nice looking room. The rods came out great and I love the picture gallary wall.

  7. I love this idea. Now, if only I had the right drills! Thanks for the idea.

  8. Love this idea – I am totally on the lookout for inexpensive curtain rods. I hope you don’t mind if I feature this project in a post tomorrow on DIY curtain rods.



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