No Sew Faux Fabric Storage Bin Liners {Ikea Expedit Basket Option}

No Sew Faux Fabric Storage Bin Liners {Ikea Expedit Basket Option}

I am a huge fan of hidden storage – especially since my little guy’s toys have become such a big part of our household. I can’t seem to have enough bins, baskets or storage boxes dedicated to each room; not only corral all the stuff but conceal it as well. So naturally I am also a fan of
the ever so popular IKEA EXPEDIT.
Since we already had one eight cubby EXPEDIT in the room we picked up another additional unit, in an attempt to squeeze as much storage as possible into my little guys playroom.I really like the finished look fabric liners add to baskets and bins and knew the units needed a little color to break up all the darkness. So with a little patchwork fabric I created faux liners to dress up the otherwise ordinary storage bins – and did it without even breaking out the sewing machine.

There are many options for storage bins available from various stores that will fit the EXPEDIT – The storage bins used for this project can be found {here}. I like them because they utilize the full width of the cubbies and leave about a two inch opening at the top {if you decide to cover the handle part of the bin with fabric this is important so you still have easy access to pull the bin in and out.}

I measured and cut the fabric first then finished off all the raw edges with fusible web. These can also be sewn – but I used Stitch Witchery to make these quick and easy since I had eight to do.

With the stitch witchery you just fold the raw edge of fabric to create a finished hem, stick in a piece of the web, and iron. {it’s that simple}

The length of the fabric needed for each bin was determined by measuring around the outside of the bin and adding two inches for the hem and seam {I used 1/4 inch fusible web = 1/4 inch hems}

{1} Hem the bottom raw edge
{2} Measure and hem the top raw edge {it’s important to make sure all the height measurements are the same for all of the bins so they are all alike when you are done}
{3} Hem the left side raw edge
{4} Hem the right side raw edge

To attach the fabric to the bins I just used more stitch witchery. Starting with the front of the bin, I cut a piece of the fusible web and lined it with the top of bin {this was super easy because the bins already have a top seam -shown above- that I used as a guide to keep my lines straight}

The finish edge of the fabric was then alined with the web and then I just pressed with a heated iron.

Once I got to the back of the bins I used a bead of hot glue to seam the two ends of fabric together -the bottom of the fabric was just left to hang.

Another reason I like this specific type of bin is that the plastic handles can easily be removed. So once I was done fusing on the fabric, I popped the handles from a couple of the bins, cut a hole in the fabric, trimmed off the excess and just snapped the handles back in.

I only cut a few of the handles out for the bins that will get the most use.

I just can’t get enough of this patchwork plaid.
I am little obsessed with madras plaid clothing so when I found this fabric for the room I was sold ❤

These are the first EXPEDIT units we have used on ‘their sides’ and I really like the extra counter space they create. Due to spacing, we have always used them standing up, vertical, like in the living room – but laying them down allowed us to utilize the wall space as well for the framed chalkboard.

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start ~enjoy.


  1. This is a great idea! I love your fabric choice too, thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great way to add some color. Your little guy’s room is coming along wonderfully!
    Jenn 🙂

  3. I love the look of the madras plaid – it is so fresh against the dark wood. Very pretty {and I am a sucker for madras too}

  4. I love the Madras, it looks wonderful and now I am telling my age. Madras was all the rage when I was in high school and college. I had tons of it and when I got older and it wasn’t as “in fashion” I still remember hemming pants for men who wore them, golfing. Madras is a wonderful fabric and will show so much color for your son. You have done a fabalous job getting his room ready. I read every day to see what is happening to his room and all the other goodies you have.

  5. Oh, that plaid! We love our IKEA shelving too… looks like I will have to follow the link and get some storage cubes to decorate. Love the “new sew” option you’ve provided. Everything you do is just so darn cute. God knew what he was doing when he gave your little guy to you… he knew you would provide for his needs in an amazing way. His room is just spectacular! xoxo jules

  6. Great idea!

  7. Love this idea! And the madras plaid has me thinking of summer shorts 🙂

  8. wow – what a great personalized little portion that has HUGE impact! and your process is genius! well done!

  9. Way to not use the sewing machine – I have a huge roll of stitch witchery but never think of using it! My playroom could sure use a similar makeover. . .

  10. Where did you find that Madras Plaid fabric? Please share!!

  11. they look excellent! Great idea.


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