25 Things To Do With Empty Plastic Bottles {Water & Soda Bottle Crafts} Saturday Inspiration & Ideas

25 Things To Do With Empty Plastic Bottles {Water & Soda Bottle Crafts} Saturday Inspiration & Ideas

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. In honor of Earth week, I have some upcycled bottle crafts to share for this weeks Saturday Inspiration and Ideas. Many of these projects require little time and only a pair of scissors…and of course the repurposed bottles are free!


For even more reuse reduce recycle crafts made from common items
you may already have laying in your recycle bins – check out:




Water Bottle Bird Feeder via Disney Family Fun
 Recycled Bottle Bird Feeder via Birds & Blooms 

 Bottle Mold Birdseed Acorn via Design Sponge
 Plastic Bottle Herb Planters via Disney Family Fun
 Water Bottle Cloche via Disney Family Fun

 Plastic Bottle Terrariums via Blomsterverkstad

 Hanging Water Bottle Vases via MiCasa

Plastic Bottle Hanging Garden via Rosenbaum
Plastic Bottle Plants Markers via Mr Brown Thumb

 Plastic Bottle Flower Pot via Let Us DIY

 Felt Covered Plastic Bottle Vase via Disney Family Fun 

 Repurposed Plastic Bottle Jewelry Stand via Epbot

Bottle End Desk Organizer via Craft
Water Bottle Pencil Cases via Duitang 
Plastic Bottle Cap Bag Sealer via Apartment Therapy
 Upcycled Plastic Bottle Packaging via Paper, Plate and Plane
 Plastic Bottle Chandelier by Michelle Brand via Inhabitat
Plastic Bottle Patio Light Covers via About.Com Family Crafts

Plastic Bottle Beads via Disney Family Fun

 Water Bottle Cuff Bracelets via Canadian Family
Bottle Piggy Bank via Martha Stewart
Foam Bubble Blower via Disney Family Fun
Plastic Bottle Fireflies {made with a glow stick} via Better Homes and Gardens
Happy Earth Day ~ Enjoy.



  1. Some of those are genius! Kinda makes me wish we used plastic bottles! I guess I am going to need to ask around. Thanks so much for sharing this.
    That chandelier is great. I did used to use the bottoms for candle molds when I made them…


  2. These are really great ideas and so cute! I just usually save them to pack in corners of boxes I ship out to my kids so the boxes don’t crush. Not really exciting but practical.

  3. We also use the soda & water bottles for the summer. We clean them out, take off the label, fill them with water, & freeze them so our rabbits (who live outside) & some of our other animals can lay against them so they won’t have a heat stroke & stay nice and cool during the Texas Summers.
    We tend to go through a lot since one of our rabbits likes to chew through the plastic so he gets wet & licks the ice.

  4. Wow! I found about 6 of those to be things I could do right away! THanks for posting this!

  5. Thank you for posting! I love all the bird feeders.

  6. I’m sharing your bird feeder post with the spoons on my FB pages…I just made one with my 2 daughters in honor of her 10th b-day 🙂 Hope you can check it out!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  7. These are such fun ideas!

  8. Love all the great ideas

  9. Out of the thoughts. Awesome Creativity. Where the ideas come from?

  10. Some of those are just so crazy clever! I was almost afraid to read the post thinking OH NO, now I will never get rid of my plastic bottles because I’ll know what to do with them.


  11. A cosmetic bottle packaging is a bottle construct of plastic, with a neck that is narrower than its real body and an opening at the top. The mouth of the bottle is normally sealed with a plastic. Many packaging offer important safeguard against pilferage for retailer.

  12. A+++

  13. I had 12 empty water bottles here, and now they are all either bird feeders or jewelry!

    I love this!

  14. I make these cute little pill cases using two plastic bottle caps and the very top part of the bottle ( the screw on section). I glue one cap to the cut off side of the screw section and then leave the screw part open so that I can put a few pills inside and put the bottle top back on. It sounds confusing but quite simple! Lis

  15. I love this blogspot..found you through Pinterest(I think!) What great ideas and I just asked my neighbor 2 nights ago if she could use my Nestle liquid creamer bottle for her munching snacks that she usually keeps in glass jars in a cabinet in her garage. It would be great to have in the car for those little munchies like goldfish, jelly beans, M&M, Reese’s pieces, etc. I wished I knew how to post a picture but I’m not the least bit computer savy. I use the Nestle Coffee-mate liquid creamer in Hazelnut flavor for my coffee. Maybe somebody else uses this brand too and can post a picture of what it looks like or you can go on their website and see what the empty container could be used for. Thanks for sharing all these nifty ideas with your readers.

  16. sruthikabu :

    this is simply wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. all are very useful and beautiful

  18. I’ve just seen these awesome 25 things to do with…what great ideas! I look forward to more. Thank you! 🙂 Lil

  19. Dianne L. Springer :

    I found a use for the plastic containers from the grocery store for fresh strawberries. Line the bottom with foil (this helps warm the soil) then add soil. Add seeds and gently work into soil. Lightly water then close lid. Set in sun and water as needed. I planted cilantro and have had several requests for seedlings when they are ready to transplant.

  20. Lovely collection but out of all these the best one I liked is Plastic Bottle Hanging Garden via Rosenbaum…:)

  21. Very useful and helpful for environment pollution prevention and saving the costs 🙂 … thank you .

  22. I use the tall empty bottles to stuff into my boots when I’m not wearing them. They stand up well and it keeps their shape! Much less than the cost of expensive boot stuffers.

  23. Swikruti Mahesh M :

    nice all these things that made by using the wastage material

  24. ssssssuuuuuuuuperbbbbbbbbbb very useful for school students

  25. These are great ways to avoid waste, not to mention very creative! Good job! Thanks for sharing! ‪#‎kidshavingfuntimes‬ ‪#‎mygeniusproducts‬



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