35 Herb Container Gardens ~ Pots & Planters {Saturday Inspiration & Ideas}

Last year was the first year I decided to start all my herb plants directly from seeds. I have to admit, I didn’t really think I had the patience to wait for the seeds to grow – however, I started them early indoors and they quickly grew to the typical sized plants I would normally end up buying anyway when it was actually time to plant them outdoors.
herb container gardens
The seeding and growing process was incredibly easy {no green thumbs required}. I used small terra cotta pots {shown above bottom right} for the seeds and kept them on my kitchen window sill until they were ready to be transferred outdoors. It was truly rewarding and something I will definitely continue to do each year.I kept the herbs in a few planters on the deck last year and have to say it was extremely convenient to have them within an arms reach to use every chance I could. As I am a little hooked and excited to put together our herbs for this year, I thought I would share some Herb Container Gardens for this weeks Saturday Inspiration and Ideas.

Herb Garden Baskets via House to Home

Decorative Herb Container Basket via Giving Plants

Natural Woven Willow Herb Planter via Plow & Hearth

Scented Herb Container Garden via Better Homes and Gardens

Source Better Homes and Gardens
Source Growing Herbs at Home

Miniature Herb Garden {with planting guide}
via Better Homes and Gardens

Source Better Homes and Gardens

Vegetable and Herb Container Garden via Better Homes and Gardens

Potted Arrangement Herbs via Real Simple

Potted Herb Garden via Real Simple

Source Better Homes and Gardens

Vegetable and Herb Container Garden via Better Homes and Gardens

Source Better Homes and Gardens

Two Tiered Homegrown Herb Container Garden via Sunset

Terra Cotta Planter Tower of Herbs via Martha Stewart

Strawberry Jar Herb Garden via Better Homes and Gardens

Flip Flop Herb Flowerpots via Flip Flop Flowerpot

Make a Recycled Planter Herb Box via Fresh Home Ideas

How to Build a Double Barrel Herb Garden via The Herb Companion

Wagon Herb Planter via This Old House

Source The Gazette

Repurposed Stock Pot Herb Garden via Better Homes and Gardens

Wooden Crate Herb Container Garden via Southern Living

Source Oregon Live

Natural Jute Portable Container Garden viaEco-Friendly

Hanging Herb and Vegetable Basket via HGTV

Hanging Herb Container Baskets via House to Home

Hanging Herb Garden via HGTV

Herbal Window Box via Better Homes and Gardens

Herb Window Boxes via Martha Stewart

Table Top Herb Garden via Better Homes and Gardens

Wooden Basket Herb Centerpiece via Country Living

Potted Herb Container Centerpiece via Delish

Stacked Terra Cotta Herb Centerpiece via Better Homes and Gardens

More herb inspiration can be found in these two posts from last year as well….
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Have a wonderful evening ~ enjoy.


  1. These are ALL fabulous! Where is the “pin all” button???!!!

  2. Wow. What great ideas! There were several containers I would love to try. Thanks for the great post.

  3. Those are awesome planters. It sounds like you use your herbs to season your cooking? Growing herbs seems to me to be a whole other time consuming project. I’ve always wanted to grow herbs but have been too lazy to try. We live on top of hill and the wind can be absolutely horrific at times plus we only have shade on East side of house in afternoon. Do herbs need constant sun, partial sun, shade, etc? Would have to put them in planter of some kind as our ground has so much alcali it kills anything just getting near it.
    I have an old metal chicken feeder with 4 troughs I was thinking of using to plant something in. Would I need to punch holes in the bottom to grow herbs in it? How did you learn about growing herbs? Heavens with all you do, having small children and your blog, etc. don’t know where you have the time to do anything, let alone grow herbs. Maybe I should get a book from the library? Anyway you’ve inspired me to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love the wagon planter!! I’m a renter so anything portable is great for me. I’m new to your blog, and loving it! Have a great day. xo Beck

  5. I love these, especially the re purposed ones- the wagon is particularly cute. I just gave some gifts of herbs planted in old tin cans painted purple.

  6. thanks for these beautiful ideas!

  7. I wish I had a wide enough enough windowsill to start herbs in little pots – that is so cool! Thank you for all the wonderful, creative ideas on herb containers. I think I’m actually going to head outside now and dig up some of my oregano that’s gone “mad” and plant some in containers for my porch.

  8. Stephanie, I often pick up little plants to add to the garden and use them in tablescapes for a week until I get around to planting them on the weekend.
    I Love all the inspiration you have shared here.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  9. Just perfect! I live in an apartment and have been dying to start a container garden of some sort. I guess I have no excuse now

  10. I was looking at your post and I was suddenly inspired. There is a wooden basket herb center piece and as I was looking at that I couldn’t help but think of the wooden baskets that are used to make steamed dumplings. It would be interesting to use one of those as a planter. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I just found you via Pinterest! Looking for herb garden ideas and inspiration, as I do not have a green thumb. Loved your post and pinned several images.

    Great blog!


  12. Roselyne Li Ching Ng :

    I love your work. I have always wanted to create a herbs area in my garden n home.
    Would like to know how to start and what season is best to grow them.



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