Inexpensive Framed Educational Chart Wall Art  {Classic Smokey the Bear Nature Posters}

Inexpensive Framed Educational Chart Wall Art {Classic Smokey the Bear Nature Posters}

When looking for some decor to display above the cubby unit in the playroom/learning room, I had a hard time deciding what exactly I should do. Previously I used the space to create fun playful vignettes – but in an attempt to keep the room plain, simple and a bit more educational for my little guy, the busyness probably would not be a good choice this time around.

I thought the best simplistic way to fill the large space without a lot of chaos would be framed prints. Educational posters and charts were the first thing that came to mind – as the frames would not only be decorative but could easily be taken down and used for learning
{while keeping the prints protected}.

Upon browsing many different options, the perfect set of prints happen to be just a click away and feature one of my old school favorite mascots, Smokey Bear {often called Smokey the Bear}.

My little guy loves nature and the outdoors so the basic plant and animal identifications were right up his alley.

I first fell in love with the simple yet colorful artwork created by Foote Cone and Belding (now DraftFCB), the advertising agency that is said to have worked pro bono on wildfire prevention since the Wildfire Prevention’s campaign inception, in the 1950’s.
I ♥ the classic, yet vintage feel of each and every poster .

Then there is the overall message of building an appreciation for the natural world that I just adore – not to mention Smokey, himself.

The posters were purchased from the National Association of State Foresters and can be ordered through their online store {here}. I have read that you can find some free copies of the posters by contacting the forest agency in your own state – however the complete set was just $21.00 and supports the National Association of State Foresters’ conservation education and fire prevention efforts {quicker and easier for me then trying to hunt them all down}.

I ordered the 8.5″ x 11″ pack and framed the prints using a couple different sized mats & frames. The pack contains all sixteen posters {and they send multiple copies of each} – I’ll be giving some of the extra copies I received away next week…

Here are few close-ups of some of my favorites…each poster is printed with a clever conservation/prevention message…

Butterflies ~ ‘Pretty Please’

Birds ~ ‘Thanks to you, we still have a home.’

Bird Nests ~ ‘Residential Area – Please be careful’

Insects ~ ‘The forest belongs to every living thing.’

Fish ~ ‘Wild fires catch fish, too.’

Leaves ~ ‘Think’

State Trees ~ ‘Be careful with our stately treasures. Please’

Flowers ~ ‘Why be careful with fire in the forest? Pick a reason. Because.’

Fungi ~ ‘Have fungi. But be careful. Some of these mushrooms may not be edible.’

Footprints ~ ‘Leave a good impression in the forest.’

Mammals ~ ‘Please be careful with the future’

Lizards ~ ‘Leapin’ Lizards! Be careful with fire in the forest.’

I let my little guy choose which posters to frame so we ended up fish, butterflies, bugs, snakes and birds – for now – but we have plenty more to choose from if we ever want to change them out.

If I had not already completed the magnetic art work frames for the window wall – I would have definitely considered dedicating an entire framed collage to these prints. {I am sure my little guys masterpieces will bring a lot more heartfelt smiles though}

Hope everyone has a fabulous holiday weekend ~ Enjoy.


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    what a lucky little guy you have!
    These look fabulous, such beautiful illustrations of nature and you’ve presented them really nicely.
    I remember as a kid adoring posters with lots of different things to look at and discover and I ‘m sure your little fellow will find something new to look at and learn in these every time he’s around them (I’m sure he’ll also learn a great sense of style from his Mum as well!).

  2. Those are so neat. I have a brother and SIL that are elementary teachers so I am going to try and find free ones for their classrooms. Thank you for sharing!

  3. What a great solution! I love how you used the different size frames and mattes to get a varied look. Unrelated but I also love the lamps you have up there. Great use for that lamp style.

  4. Do you know when I was a young girl I had a stuffed Smokey Bear? I absolutely adored him and dutifully tucked him in next to me each and every night. I could NOT go to sleep without Smokey. During a move across country he was accidentally left behind in a motel… I remember crying for hours and pleading to turn around to go back and get him. We called the motel to no avail….. I have such fond memories of Smokey and will definitely have to look into getting a set of these prints! They are simply stunning and bring back such wonderful childhood memories! Thank you!

  5. What wonderful ideas and prints. It all works so well together. Love that Smokey the Bear!

  6. I love the way you framed these prints and I really like the colors in the prints. I will look forward to your giveaway.

  7. I’m in love with the prints. What a GREAT idea. Please tell me where you got the posters!!!

  8. This is great! Love them!

  9. This is so beautiful.
    Have a Happy Easter.

  10. These are so beautiful! I never you could purchase prints like these. Thank you for writing a post about these. I will be putting on these on my To-Buy List. We are putting a bid on a home (an old farmhouse) and these would be perfect in the upstairs hallways. You did a beautiful job in framing these and displaying them. Thanks again for posting these. 🙂

  11. Oh, I love how you mixed the frame and mat styles! Smokey the Bear was a favorite of mine growing up, too.

    On a side note…I am also diggin’ those lamps. Are they new, I don’t think I’ve seen those in the room before? I’d love to know the details on the lamps, I think they’d work perfectly in my guest room.

    tinab158 at hotmail dot com

  12. Thank you for sharing this wonderful resource! I also grew up with Smokey Bear- he was so solid and good! You did a beautiful job displaying them.

  13. Thanks for sharing…what an INCREDIBLE find on those posters AND oh-so-fabulous way to display them!

    I tried looking back at your other playroom blogs, but couldn’t find where you got your shelves/cubbies. They didn’t look like Ikeas…may you please share where you got them? Thanks!!!

  14. Thanks so much for letting us know about the forestry posters. Those are extremely detailed and so pretty with the colors. Really wonderful to have in a room. I can hardly wait to get some and use them. I can keep what I really like and maybe send the one with the lizards and snakes and bugs to my oldest son who breeds snakes, etc. (shiver). $21.00 is indeed a very reasonable price for all you get.

  15. I’m a child of the 70’s and Smokey the Bear came to our elementary school to talk about fire prevention. I remember that they gave us each a “badge” to help stamp out forest fires. What a sweet post, and I plan on buying a set for myself!

  16. Ok… so now you think I’m a crazy woman that doesn’t even read your blog post completely!!! I came back to see if you answered as to WHERE to get the posters….. and DUH!!! there was the link right in you post. What a dummy I feel like. Well, I went to order them… and they are out of stock….. BOO!!! I promise… I read your post very well. I guess I must have been so excited… I just skipped right over it!!!

  17. What a beautiful, classic, and smart choice…will make an excellent teaching tool. You are clever indeed.

  18. The prints are fabulous. I love the way you have displayed them.

  19. You have made my day with this find! I can’t tell you how much these posters shaped my life. They adorned my walls as a child because my Dad worked for the S.C. Forestry Commission and I was in love with nature and of course Smokey Bear. There was a never-ending supply of new posters from Dad’s office and I was always begging for new ones. Perhaps the unanticipated influence was that of “design.” I credit the “longest running PSA in history” with shaping my future as a graphic designer. I just ordered a set for my new office space and owe you a great debt for your great idea and for sharing it on Pinterest! THANK YOU!!!

  20. Lovely pictures and fantastic use of colour! Also, like how they don’t appear too animated and have a right balance of liveliness.

  21. I love this. As a child we spent our summers in the forests and rivers. We had the complete collection of these posters, compiled from visits to many a remote ranger station, but I didn’t know I could buy them. I’m ordering a set right now for my son’s room and giving the extra sets to my siblings for Christmas. Thank you for the links to my past, they look great!


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