Inexpensive Inspirational Playroom Wall Art – Revisited {How to Cut Long Pieces of Vinyl with the Silhouette}

Inexpensive Inspirational Playroom Wall Art – Revisited {How to Cut Long Pieces of Vinyl with the Silhouette}

When redecorating my little guys playful learning room, the one piece of wall art I had to keep and find a new space for was the hand-stamped inspirational canvas I made a couple years ago.

I am a huge fan of inexpensive wall art and created the original simply using a large blank canvas, some extra paint and a set of foam letters. Unfortunitly the horizontal orientation was not working in its new home so a little revision and update was needed. I was able to reuse the same canvas, though this time around I decided to break out my Silhouette Cameo and use vinyl as a stencil for the lettering.

The fine folks at Silhouette sent me the new Cameo to try out last year and even though I was thrilled with excitement – with everything I had going on with my little guy it honestly sat in the box until a few weeks ago.
{a huge fail that would make any seasoned crafter cringe … I know}
Now that things have died down, I can not tell you how anxious I was to open the box and check out the changes in the new machine compared to my Silhouette SD.

The first couple things that grabbed my attention right away was of course the spacious 12×12 cutting surface. Those extra inches really do make a difference especially if you are using the machine for larger crafting projects not to mention 12×12 scrapbooking projects.

The new adjustable blade housing is one of my favorite new features. No more keeping the extra blades under lock and key in fear of losing them – as with the Cameo there is one blade housing with a turn dial setting to adjust the blade.

As clean as my cuts were with the SD blades – I found the Cameo to be noticeably better. It’s also cuts a bit more quicker.

The adjustable loading guides are also great for working with projects of various sizes. I didn’t particularity have any problems loading the cutting mats with the SD – though when loading vinyl, if the edge was not straight it would sometimes bunch up. I found the Cameo to load either material much smoother.

When cutting the vinyl for the revamped canvas it was important to have each line of the wording be one coherent sheet of vinyl in order to keep everything aligned. Since the canvas I was using measures 24×36 – I needed the cut vinyl to be at least 23 inches long to stretch across the width of the canvas.

Typically when you open the Silhouette software and begin a project, the page is automatically scaled to the size of the cutting mat. Whether you have a silhouette SD or the Cameo, vinyl can be cut any length you desire with a simple settings change made right in the software.

To do this open up the Silhouette software and click on the Page Tools icon {as shown above}.

Then simply enter the desired with of your project.

This will change the scale of your working area and you can begin designing.

This setting is obviously used for media that is being cut without the use of the cutting mats – such as vinyl – that can be loaded directly into the machine.

To prepare the canvas I already had stamped, I lightly sanded the surface than gave it a coat of creamy white latex paint with a sponge roller.

While that was drying, the wording was laid out in the silhouette software and cut.

The vinyl strips were then laid out and spaced on the canvas.

Once all the strips were aligned the negative spaced was peel away, leaving only the vinyl letters, and transfer paper was used to place the vinyl letters on the canvas. {a step by step tutorial on how to use transfer paper can be found here}

With the letters in place the whole canvas was then rolled with a coat of black milk paint – and once dry the vinyl letters were peeled away.

A hand sander was then lightly scuffed across the surface to distress and take away a little of the bright black and white contrast.

It is still one of my favorite pieces of art made especially for my little guy.

Whether the canvas is made with a vinyl stencil or foam stamps – it is still a great way to fill a large blank wall space without spending a lot of money.



  1. It looks great and I would like to have one myself!

  2. Oh man, wish I had a cameo. I want one of these signs so badly! Yours is great!


  3. Love your sign….I too wish I had a cameo machine….I’ve heard it cuts alot better than the cricut…which is what I have….tfs

  4. Great sign…that Cameo is amazing…I never realized how great that machine is…

  5. Love this!

  6. Looks EXCEPTIONALLY professional – as usual. I really want a Cameo. I am going to ask for one for Mother’s Day; but, as we all know . . . they are expensive . . . so, we’ll see.

    Blog Friends: If you see a super price for the Cameo, please share! Thanks!

  7. love your wall art , ive been doing some but couldn’t get it big enough, your tutorial has shown me how to do it ,, thank you


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