Smokey the Bear Nature Prints / Poster Giveaway

Happy Friday. As promised, I have a few sets of
Smokey Bear Nature Prints to giveaway today.

Last week I shared how I used these classic educational charts to create some inexpensive wall art for my little guys room.
{you can check out the details and see some close-ups of the prints here}

The posters were purchased from the National Association of State Foresters and can be ordered through their online store {here}. All proceeds support the National Association of State Foresters’ conservation education and fire prevention efforts.

The 8.5″ x 11″ pack contains all sixteen posters in the series and
I have three separate sets to giveaway.

Just leave a comment below to enter – The three winners will be chosen at random and announced next Thursday, April 19th .

Have a fabulous weekend!


Update: This Giveaway is Now Closed

The Winners drawn by Random have been contacted and can be found on the Winner’s Page



  1. I would love to win a set of these prints!

  2. Oooo I love these!

  3. My daughter-in-law works for the DNR. My 18 month old grandaughter’s room is decorated in a nature theme. These would be so CUTE in her room!!

  4. These are exactly what I need for our cottage.

  5. These posters are so great. So is your blog by the way. I wish I had your sense of style! Love the way your room has turned out. Just started homeschooling my kids on a table that is too small and with a white board propped on a stool. Not pretty but it works for now I guess. I almost bought these posters after your last post but figured I had better not spend the money right now. Winning a set would be great! Thanks for the blog.

  6. They’re beautiful! Would love to win a set!

  7. I would love these for our nursery!!

  8. these are too cool! thanks for the chance!

  9. These are great prints! Thanks so much for letting us know about them and for the chance to win a set.

  10. Be still my heart! These prints are absolutely stunning… I loved them the first time I saw them and I love them just as much now!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  11. oh ,these are great…Most of what i decorate with is nature- themed….would love to win! thanks for the chance!

  12. I would love to win a set, I love nature and try to show it in my home…. thanks for the givaway – tonya

  13. My sons would love these! Thank you for the chance.

  14. These are great!! I love how you are displaying them as a learning tool! Thanks for the chance to win a set!

  15. I loved this, my kids are avid backyard bird watchers and love butterflies so this would be perfect for them. Plus it would teach them so much and can even inspire a nature exploration for them.

  16. I loved this, my kids are avid backyard bird watchers and love butterflies so this would be perfect for them. Plus it would teach them so much and can even inspire a nature exploration for them.

  17. Those are just beautiful! I love the way that you have them framed and displayed. When I saw the title of your post, I immediatley thought of the original “Smokey the Bear”. My brother, who is 60+ years old now, had a stuffed Smokey that was his favorite toy. He is still a nature lover. I would like to be entered in the giveaway.

  18. These prints are fabulous! I think they would look perfect in my apartment. Definitely a great idea to decorate with these

  19. Awesome prints! They would be great for my classroom.

  20. I love these! What a wonderful idea to use them for decorating!


  21. I have been looking for the perfect art work for our kids reading nook. These would be perfect!

  22. I love these posters. I think they would be great in our bathroom. I especially love the butterflies. Have a great weekend!

  23. Love these! I like how you framed them! So cool!

  24. JUST what I’ve been looking for!

  25. Oh I love nature and these prints. . . . I would be so thrilled to win this set! Thanks for the chance!

  26. Love these posters!!! I have the perfect spot for them—just waiting for them to restock.

  27. I’m new to your blog so I missed the first post on these. They are exceptional. Thank you for the sharing these. I love your style BTW. okililmummy at gmail dot com

  28. What a great way to have home decor that’s educational too!

  29. Oh I want these!!!

  30. My father works for the US Forest Service. When we were younger and would visit him at his office, we would take home a poster each time. I cut mine all up, but was wondering where I could find them. Thanks for the resource. I would love to win these, but will buy them if I don’t! :)

  31. I love these! Crossing my fingers!

  32. I just found your blog and I love it! I would love to have one of the sets of prints. My two year old little boy loves nature and everything about it.

  33. I would love to win a set–they look so darling framed in your room! I’d love to hang some in our playroom and then I’d donate the rest to my child’s school. As a former teacher, I know how much donations like that are appreciated.

  34. My granddaughter is autistic and is learning her animals. This would be a great learning tool for her. I would love a set. Thanks for being so willing to share. Also love what you did with them!

  35. Love Smokey the Bear and his wise words!

  36. These art prints are simply lovely!, I have been pleasantly surprised (and impressed) at the talented artist’s that contribute to the forest service(s)in support of the knowledge and education of the nations multitude of forests. Often times if the effort is made to visit a Forest Ranger station there are some wonderful coloring books and posters available either for free or for a reasonable fee.

  37. How great to add to my family room collection! I love how you’ve displayed this artwork.

  38. Smokey the bear saved our neighborhood. I am always be grateful for the US Forest Service.

  39. Thanks for the give-away offer.

  40. Love this set would be perfect for our homeschool science project.

  41. My boys’ room is a firehouse theme and these would be SO awesome on the wall!!!

  42. Oh, I would sooooo love to win a set of these posters! Thanks for the opportunity….


    tinab158 at hotmail dot com

  43. I love the posters. I am redoing my kids play room/ family room and these would be great.

  44. Love these posters, they have such beautiful color and design. Would look lovely in my home. Thank you!!

  45. What a great idea. My boys would love these as well.

  46. These are great prints! Thanks so much for the chance to win! I’d love to have some for our new house!!!

  47. Gorgeous Prints! Would love to win a set.

  48. They are beautiful. Would love to win a set for my grand kids. I’m sure my daughter would incorporate them in her home school lessons. I might have to snitch the butterfly page. :0)

  49. Love the poster and would love to win a set! Thanks for the give-away!

  50. These are just lovely–I would love to win…

  51. i almost never enter giveaways but these are too cute to pass up the chance! thanks for such a cool giveaway : )

  52. I’ve been looking for posters like theses for my 8 year old’s room! love them!

  53. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway, I would be so happy to win a set of these lovely posters. Hope I am one of the lucky ones.

  54. The posters would be a wonderful addition to our homeschool Nature Room!

  55. Wow! We live in the middle of the woods “Look ’em Up Books”, guides to birds, trees, fungi, etc are permanently on our coffee table. These would be great ,framed, in our entry way!

  56. these are beautiful. I’d love to try making something for my grandsons.
    Thank you for the chance.

  57. The prints are wonderful! Thank you for an opportunity to win a set. My office would really benefit from some wonderful art work!! Be especially blessed, Kathy

  58. What wonderful art to use in any learning situation! If I were still teaching they’d be in my classroom. Love your blog. It’s the only one I subscribe to.

  59. These would look so great in my sewing/office room. Hope I win!

  60. These would look wonderful in the office I am redoing.

  61. These would look wonderful in the office I am redoing.

  62. These would look wonderful in the office I am redoing.

  63. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! And these prints would be perfect for my little guys room!

  64. I simply love nature and am teaching my Granddaughter to love it too and she would love these!

  65. I would love to have these to pt in my granddaughters bedroom. Beautiful prints.

  66. these are so cute! thanks for the chance to win!

  67. I love them! We moved into a new home recently and I’ve got a lot of bare wall space that I need to fill.
    proudyaya04 {at} yahoo {dot} com

  68. With two boys, I could certainly utilize these!

  69. i would love to have a set to put in my kids rooms…pretty please pick me…

  70. I would love to frame some of these gorgeous prints for my home.

  71. I love your ideas !
    I want to copy-cat you!

  72. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to have these… thanks doing the give away!!

  73. These are beautiful! Would love a set for my little ones.

  74. Thanks for the opportunity! I would love these for my grandson’s room. He’s definitely a boy of nature. He loves anything that wiggles and involves dirt.

  75. OK, first I’ll try to win a set and if I don’t get lucky, then I guess I’ll just have to buy myself a set — these are fantastic — and what a great price for such beautiful prints!

  76. I have been wanting to make over my two year old’s bedroom. His room is decorated with big brother’s things. He loves animals and nature. These would be a great addition.

  77. These are so adorable! Would love to add them to our 7yo’s room. Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. I would love a set of these prints. They look great!!!

  79. These look so nice the way you framed them! I especially love the butterflies~

  80. I love these. We have a cabin near a lake and are redoing it so these would look awesome!!!

  81. Thank you so much for offering this give away. We’re redoing a lot of our rooms and the toy room is one of them! These prints would be perfect in their. Again, thank you for all that you do.

  82. SL – Love your blog sooooooooo much. Would love a set for my son’s room – which is a lake / camp theme!

  83. Love these prints…I have great ideas for them!

  84. Hi Stephanie, I was just telling my Mome about these prints yesterday. I told her that I wanted to order some. But I sure wouldn’t mind winning them. Thanks for a chance. Debbie Guess

  85. These would look great in my 3 year old son’s room!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  86. Thanks for all the great ideas, I have such fun reading them and trying them out. These prints you show are just beautiful!

  87. These are so great! Thanks for the opportunity!

  88. My kids would love these! I love that beautiful artwork can also be educational!!

  89. jasonandrebekah @ yahoo dot com :

    They’re gorgeous – thanks!


  90. These are beautiful. My dad is a retired state forester, and Smokey was a fixture in our home. Thanks for the give-away, and for the information about the web site!

  91. I would love to win this set of prints. They are gorgeous.

    Greetings from Holland

  92. These are the most beautiful pictures! I love nature prints and would love to win a set of these prints!

    I do love your blog and can’t wait for the next post, I have learned so much! Thank you for taking the time to share!

  93. I would love to win a set of these!

  94. Great giveaway, would love to win.

  95. beautiful prints, would love towin!

  96. Thanks for the inspiration you provide, and for a chance at the prints. My two year old would love these!

  97. These are so cute! I hope I win!! :)

  98. Those prints are great, they would be excellant for cubscouts.

  99. I want to decorate my newly finished basement in Black and Cream – these would look great!! thanks for the giveaway!

  100. Thanks for the opportunity to win a set of these. I loved them from the first time you posted them.

  101. Those would be so cute in my daughter’s room! Thanks for the chance to win!


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