Tuesday Ten: Inexpensive Early Holiday Shopping Finds

Tuesday Ten: Inexpensive Early Holiday Shopping Finds

I really adore the fall and try to slowly take in the beauty of the season –
 however the moment I see the store aisles being stocked for the winter holidays –
I get a little anxious and excited.
For this weeks Tuesday Ten
I am in no way trying to rush the seasons,
but wanted to share some inexpensive holiday items I recently found.
If your stores are anything like mine
these little trinkets seem to disappear from the shelves pretty quickly.

I am not sure if it is the color coded set up or the inexpensive price tags
but I can’t help but be enticed by the ornament aisle in Walmart.
One single stroll down and I automatically want to re-create a new look for my tree each year.

Almost all of the ornaments found there are just $1.97 {many used to be 97¢ but they seemed to have moved them to a separate little section this year}
The first two could actually double as fall decorations and I love the stylish mercury glass look they both have.
This one is a gold tone pine cone.
The second is a silver tone leaf.
Both, the pine cones and leaves, are glass and $1.97 a piece.
I think these would look fantastic on a Thanksgiving tablescape
Here is another mercury glass look in a teardrop style.
Replace the silver hanger with a piece of twine and you simply can beat the $1.97 price tag.
These would be so pretty not only on a tree but in a bowl as well.
This next ornament is one of my favorites.
The clear glass teardrop and vibrant peacock feather is so trendy, stylish, and chic.
Yes, these are only $1.97 and they are from Walmart.
I wish this next one came in a variety of colors – it is only available in the fuchsia.
They first thing I thought when I saw this one
was a grouping of them on an outdoor pine tree – used as a bird feeders.
They are made of glass so they would hold up outdoors
I am just not sure how the mercury-glass look finish would do.
I do think they would make an awesome inexpensive gift though –
 with a little air plant tucked in the center…
…like these designed by Shane Powers from West Elm.
A ‘put together’ gift for less than $5 – love the idea!
These glitter initials are nothing new as I have seen them the past couple of years.
They are just 98¢ and are found by the stockings.
There are so many uses for these…. they would make great inexpensive gift toppers.
Looking for inexpensive bottle brush trees –
these come in three different sizes and range from 75¢ to $2.
There are lots of different ways to embellish these little guys.
Joy from Artful Affirmations shares a fantastic video tutorial on her site,
including the step by step instructions on how to bleach and dye these bottle brush trees
 and transform them into the beauties shown above.
Her simple video tutorial can be found {here}
This time of year I also pick up paperwhite bulbs for the holidays.
They are with the fall bulbs in the garden center – 7 bulbs for $4.98
These always sell out quickly at my local Walmart
They are a great activity to get the little guy to help with.
He loved watching them grow and care for them
day by day last year
If you are looking for a quick and easy gift idea
are simple to put together
and an inexpensive gift to have on hand …. just in case.
Instructions along with the tags and printable directions for forcing the bulbs indoors
can be found {here}
Last couple items are some printable craft store coupons…..
$5 off $20 AC Moore Coupon
$5 off $25 Michaels Coupon
The peacock ornaments have inspired me to think feathers this season
and I think I need some clear glass ornaments!
I am loving this arrangement of various feathers inside the inexpensive clear ornaments designed by Sweet Paul for Redbook Magazine.
As well as these floating feather ornaments from Dig Gardens.
Have you started any holiday shopping yet this year?


  1. Great ideas and finds Stephanie Lynn!! I can’t wait to see what you do with the feather idea and glass ornaments! The paper white kits are a great idea for little gifts. Thank you! I have bought one gift so far and I’m planning some others!

  2. I’m so glad to see you blogging again. Missed your projects. 🙂 XOXO

  3. I think I’ll be going to Walmart today. Great post!!

  4. Hmmm love the feathers. I think I might have to try that out!

  5. Love the feather ornaments!

  6. wow, the bottle brush trees are so inexpensive and one of my favorite items for Christmas! Jean

  7. Who knew you could find such Christmas beauties at Wal*Mart? I’m sensing a shopping spree in the making… Thanks, Stephanie Lynn!

  8. Love the peacock ornament and not a bad price on it at all!

  9. Hi Lady!!!
    I’m so glad to see you back around. I have been wishing that everything is well with you and your little man. I have missed your ideas, inspiration, and wonderful posts. I can’t wait to see what else is coming.

  10. Oh my, I have just started my day with my devotional and then opened my email to your post. I have a full page of things added to my shopping list and cant wait to get going with some of the great projects. Your pillow tutorial is the best I have ever read. Heading out for materials now. I. Will report in later, after I catch my breathe. Yours is, by far, one of the best blogs ever! Keep writing and inspiring, girlfriend.

  11. Stephanie, Putting up my Halloween today (had fall up but for the neighbors sake I wait to do Halloween til the week before) and you have me thinking of Christmas. Love the bottle brush trees, had to pin that one from Artful Affirmations, and love your eye for things. My only problem, like most of my friends, I HATE WALMART! Guess I’ll have to brave it for some of those pinecones though. Think they would be cute placecards on my Thanksgiving table. Blessings. erin

  12. I love the feather ornaments too!! And one way to potentially make it not so girlie would put pheasant feathers in it! 🙂


  13. Thanks for sharing these ideas. I love that you found everything at Walmart. I’m more of a Target shopper, but the pinecones are a find. I love all of your images of the glass ornaments as well. I haven’t started thinking of Christmas yet, but I know it’s around the corner.

  14. Our nearest Walmart is 30 miles away… but it may be worth the trip! Love the peacock feather ornament. Thanks for sharing your finds!! ~Melanie

  15. I was in Pier One this morning,oohing and ahhing over all the peacock inspired ornaments,but alas,they were out of my budget:( I am hoping my Canadian Walmart will be carrying all the ornaments you’ve shown. Thanks for the heads up!

  16. I was in Pier One this morning,oohing and ahhing over all the peacock inspired ornaments,but alas,they were out of my budget:( I am hoping my Canadian Walmart will be carrying all the ornaments you’ve shown. Thanks for the heads up!

  17. Just enjoyed reading your post as I wade throughout the internet looking for inexpensive shopping list. The list you post is a great help and guide. Thanks.

  18. Oh I just love the mercury glass ornaments! And who knew that you could get bottle brush trees so cheaply! Thanks for the alert.


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