All Natural Homemade Applesauce Recipe: How to Make Stovetop Applesauce

All Natural Homemade Applesauce Recipe: How to Make Stovetop Applesauce

We have recently been given the ok to add apples back into my little guys diet after a long year of solely being fed by a feeding tube.  As you can imagine, I am overly excited {and a little apprehensive as well}.  When limited to just apples and water the most creative one can get is homemade applesauce – but no one is complaining around here.
This homemade applesauce recipe is incredibly easy to make especially with the help of a few kitchen gadgets. There are so many varieties of apples available – some of which I have detailed below, at the end of this post. Using a good mix of sweet and tart apples adds layers of flavor – although the best applesauce can simply be made using the combination of apples
you may have on hand.
p.s. keep in mind any apple with red skin can be cooked with the skin on to make pink applesauce.

 Homemade Applesauce
9-10 Apples {approximately 3 lbs}
1 Tablespoon of Lemon Juice



Peel, core, and slice all of the apples.
Thislittle gadget does it all in just seconds.
To prevent the apples from turning brown they can be submerged in a mixture
of lemon juice and water.
Quarter the slices.
Place the apples in a dutch oven or large saucepan.
Add just enough water to cover the bottom of the pan.
Over medium high heat bring to a boil.
Reduce the heat, cover and cook for 10-15 minutes or until the apples are tender.
Remove from the heat and strain any access water.
Put the apples in a food processor and purée until desired smoothness.
Return the applesauce back to the dutch oven or saucepan.
Add the lemon juice {for acidity} and reheat sauce to a boil.
My little guy enjoys helping with the prep work so we frequently make small batches that seem to disappear in just a few days.  I store it in an air tight container in the fridge no longer than week. It also freezes well too! This recipe makes just about 24 ounces of sauce.
If making a larger batch for canning check out the
National Center for Home Food Preservation for more information.


Fuji • Very sweet, aromatic, full rich flavor – Very Juicy and Crisp – Very long shelf life – Best applesauce apple
Gala • Sweet, aromatic, full flavor – Firm and crisp texture – Best applesauce apple

Red Delicious • Mild sweet flavor – Medium Firm with grainy texture – good base apple for applesauce
Golden Delicious • All purpose apple – Highly aromatic, rich mild flavor – Firm crisp flesh – Blends nicely with other varieties
Jonathan • Sweet tart flavor – firm texture – Blends well with other varieties
Jonagold • Cross between a Jonathan and Golden Delicious – Tangy, sweet flavor

McIntosh • Sweet mild tart flavor – Skins known for making pink applesauce – Good used as part of a blend
Honeycrisp • Slightly tart but very sweet flavor – Very juicy – Good for sauce blends but watery
Cripps Pink {Pink Lady}• Tangy tart sweet flavor – produces a smooth, naturally sweet applesauce
Granny Smith • Very tart apple flavor with a touch of sweetness – Not the best for applesauce unless sugar is added – or a tart flavor is referred


  1. I do it in the crockpot! I just peel and core the apples, and put them in for the day. No water or anything else necessary. Then I just stick the immersion blender in the crockpot bowl, blend, and done! It’s a great way to use up older apples in the fruit drawer and I agree, the more variety of apples used the better. Yum!


  2. I love appleaauce and appreciate the recipe, Stephanie Lynn. I didn’t realize your son had been on a feeding tube for a year. I am praying right now that his situation will be rectified and that he be returned to eating normally. Sending his mother a great big hug and a prayer for blessing.

    Love to you…



  3. Thanks for the post. My grandmother made applesauce like this (I think) but I could never remember how much water and I always overdo it ending up with not quite apple sauce and not quite cider. 😉

  4. Lovely post. Praying as well.

  5. I have a batch on the stove as I type this. Great minds…

  6. I also make it in the crock pot and don’t even peel the apples, they pretty much fall off after cooking and I mash with a potato masher. I use water, cinnamon stick and lemon or orange juice plus some citrus peel –whichever I used for juice. So goooooood!!

  7. Haven’t made this in a long time. It sounds so good.


  8. My grandmother made homemade applesauce all the time and my grandfather took some in his packed lunch everyday. I bought some applesauce today at the grocery store for baking and I thought how my grandmother would have never bought any! It is SO, SO good to see your son in this post Stephanie Lynn! While you were taking a break, I was so worried about him! So glad to hear an update on him! Sending love! Angie xo

  9. Thank you for that and keeping you both in my prayers

  10. Stephanie – Sounds like really good news for your son and you on this applesauce. God Bless and prayers on your son feeling better and better every day.

  11. Wonderful post…it’s nice to see your son “God Bless” be sure you use organic folks. Hope your son continues to get well.

  12. I love homemade applesauce and once you have had it you never want to go back to the store bought brands.


  13. I never knew it was called a Dutch oven! Love the recipes and the photo’s. In the Netherlands we love applesauce too and usually add a cinnamon stick to add flavour. Just let it cook with the apples and take it out once the cooking is finished.



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