Metallic Peacock Feather Plates: Spray Painted Glass Silhouette Decorative Plates

Metallic Peacock Feather Plates: Spray Painted Glass Silhouette Decorative Plates

Happy Monday. Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving.
Gathering with the family, a delicious dinner and some shopping with the girls
has left me anxiously awaiting the upcoming holiday season.
Some decorations have been pulled out of storage, however
I am actually looking forward to putting a few things together myself.
While I’m fond of the traditional red and green this year I am seeking
neutrals and metallics this year to carry through to New Years and beyond.
I started with these peacock feather plates for my kitchen. They don’t scream holiday decor but the glam of the brushed metallics is exactly what I was going for. The dollar glass plates and endless design and color possibilities make this a perfect inexpensive decor project
– not just for the holidays but year round.

Materials Needed:
Clear Glass Plates
Vinyl Decals
Spray Paint
Permanent Marker
I used the Silhouette Cameo to cut the vinyl designs used for this project, however any removable vinyl decal or sticker can be used. The feather shape was purchased from the
Silhouette Online Store {design #8186 – beautiful peacock feather}.
For detailed instructions on how to cut long pieces of vinyl with the Silhouette
check out this post.
Once the vinyl is cut, remove the negative space of the design
– this is the part of the design that will be painted onto the plate.
The next step is to apply the vinyl design to the front of the glass plate. Begin by thoroughly cleaning and drying the plate. The plates that were used above were picked up at IKEA for 99¢ {ÖPPEN Plate} – I have also seen some at my local dollar store as well.
Transfer paper will have to be used to apply the vinyl designs to the plates.
Detailed instructions on how to use transfer paper can be found on this post.
The key to this step is to completely cover any part of the front of the plate that you do not want to be painted. For this project two separate feather designs were used on each of the plates – then any spaces left uncovered were simply covered with extra pieces of vinyl.
Using spray paint, spray the entire front of the plate. Multiple light coats work best on glass. Krylon Brushed Metallic spray paint in Champagne Nouveau was used above.
Once the paint has dried carefully peel away the vinyl.
Next, flip the plate over on a flat surface so the front is completely covered –
then spray the entire back of the plate with a coat of spray paint.
Krylon Satin Nickel was used above.
Once the plate has completely dried a permanent marker was used to line the edge of the plate for a finished look. I used a metallic Sharpie in Bronze.
These, of course, were made for decoration only.
I made four total to go above my kitchen sink.
Each of the designs vary just a bit.
 The 3D effects of the feathers against the glass plates are so pretty.
I just adore the glam of champagne and satin nickel together – not to mention the bronze rims.
It is the prefect mix of metallics I was after for my holiday decor this year.
Considering they only cost $4  – I am pretty excited about them too…
plus I was able to put some supplies I already had on hand to good use.
What is your holiday color theme going to be this year?
Silhouette Silhouette


  1. These plates are stunning x

  2. Wow!! They truly are stunning!

  3. These look fantastic, I love the way the glass makes them look three dimensional. Excellent work.

  4. Wow, beautiful job!

  5. Those are gorgeous!

  6. Those are great! I wouldn’t be able to put them away after Christmas; I’d leave them all year long 🙂

  7. So beautiful! 🙂

  8. Gorgeous, Stephanie, as always! I am dying to know where you got that boxwood garland?!! – Karen

  9. Wow! These are stunning! The whole display is just beautiful!

  10. çok güzel olmuşlar!bravo..

  11. I am stunned and swooning at the same time! lol My goodness those plates are gorgeous! I sure wish I had a vinyl cutter. 🙁

    Amazing and fantastic work! 🙂


  12. nice!! How are they hanging?

  13. These decorations are beautiful !! I haven’t seen these on the web,you are so creative.

  14. Love them! Have not cut Vinyl yet but you have inspired me to get some and have a go on my Cameo

  15. Very nice! Great idea!

  16. Very nice! Great idea!

  17. Very nice! Great idea!

  18. Love! I also like the boxwood garland you used instead of a pine one. Nice touch

  19. Beautiful!!!! I just had to pin this too…love it…

  20. Just fantastic, these are beautiful


  21. The plates are gorgeous and the price to make them is also 🙂

  22. Love your design! And thank you for the link to Silhouette! (Got a cover & more vinyl 40% off) I just purchased mine a couple weeks ago & am very excited to learn all the exciting designs & ideas. Thank you for sharing your’s, it’s beautiful!

    Karen from Buffalo

  23. These plates took my breath away. It was on your blog nearly two years ago that I discovered Silhouette, and I bought one using your link. Not long afterward, I joined a forum of Silhouette users, then became a moderator/teacher/helper on that forum for a long time, then I turned to designing files for the Silhouette. It grew to be nearly 6,000 owner/users in just a couple of years, and gave me a sense of accomplishment that I truly needed. I owe it all to you! Thank you for your inspiration, and your willingness to share. You started me on something that has made my dreams come true. Hugs to you, Stephanie Lynn!

    • Barbara – Thank you so much for sharing this story – I truly appreciate it. Your comments make me smile and are exactly why I enjoy sharing anything and everything on this blog. YOU are an inspiration – and it’s stories like this that keep ME going. Congratulations on your success – you totally deserve it! xoxo Stephanie Lynn

  24. Lovely. But I especially love your boxwood garland!

  25. What did you use to “attach” them to the wall? Or are they just sitting there? I love the garland – did you make that too?

  26. Hi Stephanie 🙂 I must say, these plates are so beautiful and stunning! Greaaat Job! Can you tell me what software you are using for your fonts? I am needing a good software that I would give me a way that I could use your beautiful fonts [like your name] and also mix it with photos. I am trying to design a website and I am feeling so limited with the font designs they have, which are basic.
    Thank you. Bobbie

  27. Hi Stephanie, WOW!!!! Gorgeous!!!! I’m reading through your lovely blog and came across this amazing project!!! You are so talented and creative

    Would you mind telling me what the name of the paint is that you used? We used a Krylon spray paint to try to cover a charger we wanted a different color….it was a Fail! MY husband thinks we didn’t have the right kind of paint. This is why I was wondering about what the full name of the paint is that you used.

    I will definitely check back to see if you answered. I understand though if you can’t.

  28. These plates are stunning! I was amazed to learn you created them yourself! You make it sound so easy, but I am not sure I am ready to tackle this just yet, but I see it in my future! The possibilities are endless! Heading over to share on G+ and Pinterest!


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