Finishing Up The Outdoor Storage Shed with The Bagster® Bag

Finishing Up The Outdoor Storage Shed with The Bagster® Bag

The beginning of this year Butch began working on an outdoor storage shed
located in a corner of our property.
Our goal was to have a dedicated place to store all of the outdoor power tools, yard maintenance equipment and other recreational’ toys that were beginning to take over a portion of our basement and garage area. It always amazes me how all this stuff,  that we actually use on a regular basis, seems to quickly accumulate.
 My husband, Butch, does not claim to be any sort of expert – but I will proudly say
he drew the plans and built the entire structure from the ground up – by himself.
With the exception of the doors, the shed was standing by early March
and we began to plan the organization and layout of the interior.
Remember those potting bench ideas with free building plans that I was dreaming about.

If you have been reading along, you know our summer began to grow a little hectic and along with many other projects, the shed was put on the back burner – before the doors were even put on.

As we begin to get back on track, one of things at the top of our list is
finishing up this area before the colder months and winter weather arrive.

As with any major organization or building project the surface of debris, waste, and unwanted unrecyclable junk is inevitable. So when I received an email from Waste Management
to try out The Bagster bag, I could not respond quick enough.
It was perfect timing and a sign to motivate us toward a quick project completion.


If you’re not familiar with the Bagster bag – in a nut shell it’s a simple solution for responsible waste and debris removal. The Bagster bag can be purchased at more than 2,000 local home improvement and hardware stores, used for as long as you need it, then when you are ready to have it picked up you just call or schedule the collection online.
We found The Bagster bag at our local Home Depot, in the lumber section, for $30.
They can also be found at participating Lowe’s, Ace Hardware and True Value stores.
Once we opened the package we were amazed at how big The Bagster bag is –
It’s actually large enough to hold full sheets of plywood, doors, a bathtub
even big enough to fit our ole golf cart inside… just to give you idea 😉
It is made of a highly durable, woven material – that reminds me of the big blue bags from IKEA – only much, much bigger…and green. It’s designed for disposing as much as 3,300 pounds of construction and demolition debris, household junk, and even yard waste in some areas.
The pick up costs vary from area to area; In my area it’s $154 for the first load. Compared to renting a dumpster, or traveling multiple times to our local landfill – which is over and hour away – I think The Bagster bag is a convenient and affordable solution for diy home projects that produce a fair amount of debris. I would suggest to visit the Waste Management site or give them a call for a pick up quote prior to purchasing.
What Is On The To-Do:
Build a set of locking doors to close in the shed
Clear the brush to the right of the shed and try to level the ground
Built a lean-to extending off the side of the shed for additional storage
Build a potting bench ** this will probably carry over to spring
Clean, organize and go through everything that needs to be stored for the winter
Fill The Bagster bag with the excess building supplies, yard waste and unrecyclable items.
I’ll be sharing the progress in the next couple of weeks  –
along with a little surprise from Waste Management {wink, wink} perfect for the upcoming holidays!
Keep in mind, The Bagster bag encourages customers to reduce landfill waste
by donating or recycling items and materials when at all possible.
To learn more or to see a demonstration of a Bagster® bag in action
please visit .
Disclosure Statement: Waste Management partnered with bloggers such as me to participate in its The Bagster® Bag Blogger Challenge. As part of this program, I received compensation to cover the cost of the Bagster bag and pick-up as well as my time. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about the products used for the The Bagster® Bag Blogger Challenge. Waste Management believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Waste Management’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.


  1. We purchased 2 Bagsters for dumping junk left in our house. Didn’t use them for that. In the photo of your young son sitting in the Bagster with the sides folded down – that’s how we made 2 terrific raised beds for our Florida yard. We have no soil just sand. We filled the Bagsters with purchased (by the dump truck load) of locally made compost/potting soil. Worked wonderfully for 2 1/2 years until we decided to put in a pool. Gave the Bagsters to our local thrift store to sell with the paperwork – sold in a day for $15 each and have since resold twice!!

    Wish we could have a shed, not allowed by our HOA so everything’s stuffed in our garage.

  2. I’m so proud of you for bulding this shed. Great work, and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out inside. You are a marvel, and your husband obviously is, too!

    And what darling pictures of your little boy. What a cutie pie!

    Thank you, too, for sharing about these bags. I’m going to show this to Mr. Magpie and see if this is something that we can use. I can think of a bunch of stuff that needs to be gone for here.



  3. Your son is adorable, ready to help dad out with projects! I would love a shed – no what we need is a locker room!! most of the junk in our garage and basement is sporting equipment. I have 2 boys and a husband who play hockey and they all have these huge equipment bags. I love pulling into my garage and seeing two of my good towels laying on the floor all wet and stinky!! anyway, your shed looks great! how fun to clean out and organize everything.

  4. That shed is really impressive! I would call him an expert. I have seen commercials of those bags and always wondered how good they really were, now I know! Thanks for doing the review!!

  5. This is certainly an ingenious way of storing goods. It is also economical in terms of cost.

  6. I love following your little family – as well as your recipes (Grandma to all here!) LV the raised-beds gardening ideas, though our yard is one big garden; ornamental with a few veggies thrown in for our health.
    I’d not heard of the Bagster, tho my DH says he has… Funny how he’s never mentioned them. Prob cuz he doesn’t think that his ‘stuff’ would be the prime candidates for their filling, as I do! Hmmm, I could easily fill several with what I have to miss when I pull my car into my half of the garage…
    Thx muchly!


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