How to Make a No Sew Kitchen Towel Apron: A Simple Baking & Crafting Apron for Kids

How to Make a No Sew Kitchen Towel Apron: A Simple Baking & Crafting Apron for Kids

The past couple of years I never thought about having aprons for the kiddies
until we actually sat down to start decorating our gingerbread houses for the holiday.
This year I was determined to have them ready to go
as they were the first thing I actually wrote on the party list.
This simple no sew apron design is made from a kitchen towel and some clothesline. They take less than ten minutes to put together and cost just $3 an apron to make.
It’s definitely one of those projects I can’t believe I put off for so long.
These are not only great for cooking and baking – but are prefect to have on hand
for any type of arts and crafts for your little ones.

Materials Needed:
Kitchen Towel
No Sew Fusible Web Tape {I use Stitch Witchery}
Clothesline Roping or Ribbon
Additional Supplies Needed:
Wash and dry the new kitchen towel prior to beginning.
Lay the towel on an ironing board with the longest side vertical.
Fold the top two corners down, leaving a 5 1/2 inch space in-between, to create the bib of the apron.
Place two strips of fusible web tape under each folded corner, as shown above.
Be sure not to run the tape all the way to edge of the towel – leave a 1 inch space at the top and bottom {arrows shown above} – Once ironed these spaces will create the opening for the clothesline.
Iron the fusible web on each corner per the package directions –
as each manufactures application is a little different.
Cut a piece of clothesline roping measuring 90 inches long. This will provide enough roping to loop around the waist of the child and tie the apron in the front.
Before cutting wrap a piece of tape around roping for a clean cut.
Feed the piece of clothesline through the two openings.
{a metal skewer or safety pin can be used to help fish the clothesline through}
Lay the apron {front side facing up} and fold the bottom hem of the towel
up 8 inches to create a pocket on the front.
Apply a strip of fusible web tape on each side of the towel to form the pocket as shown above.
A separate strip of fusible web tape can also be placed in the center of the pocket –
to create a two pocket front.
I used the measurements listed above to make aprons for four different children age 2 to 6.
The clothesline roping that is used makes the aprons adjustable at the neck and waist.
To assure a perfect fit, I do suggest to try out the measurements prior to making

and adjust them if necessary.

I have had amazing results in the past using the Stitch Witchery brand of fusible tape
though I still may go back and sew over the seams at some point for added durability.
I am thinking these will be put to good use in the future.

Here is the apron {using the measurements listed above} on my six year old niece.
Happy baking and crafting with your little ones -enjoy.


  1. Fun and cute and easy! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very cool! I want to make one!

  3. Can you wash this? It looks so cute, but aprons get dirty! Wondering if the tape would hold up in the washer.

    • Carrie, The fusible web I use says it is washable and I have used it for other projects with success. Like stated above though, I will probably end up going back and stitching the seams for added durability since I am thinking these will need to be washed quite a bit 🙂

      If you do plan to just the fusible web tape be sure to look for a package that is marked heavy duty and washable.

  4. Great idea Stephanie! Love this idea, and kids can never have too many aprons ;-D

  5. What size kitchen towel is that?

  6. What size kitchen towel is that?

  7. I love no sew projects and this idea and your tutorial is great and btw that is one cutie patoootie!

  8. Great idea. The apron looks lovely.

  9. This is absolutely awesome. It may sound funny, but I am so making these for my boys! Now to go find some manly dishtowels…

  10. Such a handy and simple idea! I am going to share on Facebook! Thank! ~Kelly

  11. Thanks…not thank 🙂

  12. Wow. You really have good ideas. Amazing and yet very simple 🙂


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