Make an Inexpensive Hanging Air Plant Terrarium From a Holiday Ornament

Make an Inexpensive Hanging Air Plant Terrarium From a Holiday Ornament

A couple months ago I shared some inexpensive holiday ornaments I came across while browsing the festive isles being stocked for the upcoming season.  The moment I spotted one of the $2 ornaments this vision of a hanging terrarium immediately popped in my head.
As I have mentioned before, I really like having a little pile of extra gifts for the unexpected
this time of year. These hanging terrariums are inexpensive and a breeze to put together, plus they contain a living plant – which I think makes a great lasting gift. Especially the air plant  –  it is one of the easiest plants to care for making it wonderful for anyone who enjoys plants but does not have the time to care for them. {no green thumbs required}

Hanging Air Plant Terrariums
Materials Needed:
Holiday Ornaments from Walmart {$1.97}
Spray Paint {optional}
Sphagnum Moss
Small Air Plants
I picked up the Air Plants at Joss & Main as a special during their Black Friday event.
 I used the mystery credit they gave to each member so the set only cost a few dollars.
If you’re already a member here is a new promotion:  buy today and get 30 days of free standard shipping or you can sign up here if you’re new to the site.
They change their sales frequently, and the air plants have since passed, however you can find them from the same seller on Amazon. I purchased the Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plants but they also have several other unique varieties. I am always pretty skeptical purchasing plants online as I’m a little picky about my greens, but these arrived safely, looking wonderful and healthy.
I sprayed the ornaments in an array of metallics:
Krylon Satin Nickel, Champagne Nouveau and Rust-Oleum Gold.
The Air Plants do not require dirt as they  absorb nutrients and necessary water through their leaves. I did stuff some dry sphagnum moss inside just to fill the hole in a bit and stabilize the Air Plants.
Nestle the plant in the opening.
Note: There is no need to moisten the moss as it is just for decorative purposes. Keep the moss dry – the air plants do not do well when they remain wet for extended periods of time.
Air Plants only require three things:
Bright indirect light, good air circulation, and an occasional watering
To water pull out the plant and soak it in water once a week – once dry just tuck it back in
I’ll be making some printable gift cards in the next few days that include the care instructions.
I will post them here if anyone decides to make and give a few away.
I am delighted with these as they are just what I envisioned – looking past the bright fuchsia –
and costing just under $5 each to make.
Have a fabulous week – enjoy.


  1. What a terrific little hostess gift or spur of the moment present for someone you didn’t have on your list! I love it! I want one too 😉

    LOVE this!

  3. These are amazing! I love your ideas 🙂

    xoxo, Tanya

  4. Can I keep them? They’re to cute to give….thanks its a great idea.

  5. Love these! So unique! I may have to save this idea for next year. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very cute idea and creative. Love them.


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    Have a wonderful day and God bless,
    Shannon @ Gabby Marie

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  8. Oh wow! You always have great ideas.
    It is really nice to give this terrarium as a gift. It has a living plant and they will look after this very well by remembering us.

  9. this is so genius, i can’t even take it. i’ve always wanted air plants, and i bought them on joss and main with the glass holders that look pretty much like these ornaments. i seriously love this!

  10. So unique! Thanks for sharing along with sources. Ginger



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