A Salvaged Wreath for Valentine’s Day & Our New Jeep – Woody

A Salvaged Wreath for Valentine’s Day & Our New Jeep – Woody

Happy weekend my friends. Wanted to pop in and show you my Valentine’s Day wreath – which took all of a few minutes to put together.

 I salvaged my fresh pine wreath from the holidays as I have a hard time just tossing such things away. I still consider them ‘living’ until they are completely brittle and falling apart.  If the temperatures stay the way they have been I am thinking I may possibly be ok…

I used some of the large cookie cutters left over from the cookie cutter bird feeders CJ and I made the other day. I bought several of them last year, after Valentine’s Day – they were just a few cents a piece.
Each cookie cutter was wrapped with some soft homespun yarn.
And one was spray painted gold.
Just a quick and simple update.
…a subtle touch of love.
While we are on the topic of salvaged items…..
take a peek at what Butch brought home this week…
It’s a 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer.
We have been trying to find one in pretty good shape for quite some time
to add to our Jeep collection.
I am beyond thrilled and can not wait to go for a cruise.
CJ named it Woody.
Woody will hopefully never get to see Butch’s Rock Pile ….
(just thought I would throw that out there for Butch to read)
I love the old, vintage feel of the wood grain and have been pinning some pic’s to my little
We are hoping to keep it looking as close to the original stock truck with as little modifications as possible – even though that is going to be hard for my off road enthused big boy. It really doesn’t need a lot of work just a bunch of little things here and there. Something to keep Butch from going stir crazy these last few months of winter.
Though it may not be for everyone – I just adore my ‘new’ ride.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend – enjoy.

We also enjoy browsing the vintage ads so I’ll leave you with a few….



  1. I love your wreath and my guy will love your “new” Jeep! He’s been looking for one for a while now too. I’m sending the link to him now for him to drool over! LOL! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. What a great idea and perfect for Valentines Day! Hugs, Penny

  3. Love the wreath and Woody is darling:)

  4. Very cute wreath! 🙂 So fresh! 😀

  5. Simply perfect wreath!

    Have fun with the new “old man” Jeep. It’s terrific!

  6. Love the jeep for sure

    I love the old 50’s woody jeeps also and I know you do also, great find

  7. Sweet simple idea for a wreath this season! I love the old vintage ads too. Do you receive or read the magazine “Reminisce”? I find such pleasure reliving childhood moments each time I read one. The JEEP looks wonderful!

  8. I love your wreath, what a cute idea, I love that you used your Christmas wreath for it. Have a great weekend.

  9. What a sweet wreath and a very cool Jeep!

  10. Your wreath is so simple and so pretty. Love that you kept your holiday wreath to spruce her up. The cookie cutters are great. Smart gal.
    Love, loving your new ride. That wagon is awesome, great shape considering it’s age. Somebody loved it alot before. What fun you’ll have cruising around in it. Lots of great room for stowing whatever you need to. I’m sure jealous. I miss my old ratty looking Suburban as it was such a great old truck. Now she sits out in yard and we use her to store seasonal clothes. She needs repairs we can’t afford. Have fun.

  11. I’m loving Woody! It would be the perfect beach buggy for me!
    Oh – I love your wreath too!

  12. the wreath is absolutely lovely!!

  13. It’s something I could never saw here in Portugal. It’s really beautiful.

  14. The wreath turned out really sweet. I always add a touch of Valentine’s day to my Christmas wreath if it’s still alive too. Ours is doing well but I haven’t started decorating yet, so we’ll see. Love the Jeep! I have a WRangler that I adore!

  15. Oh my gosh I just love those Jeep Woody’s…. We had an old Jeep Cherokee but now you have me back on finding a great Wagoneer …. like the blue colored one 😀
    Happy Valentine’s

  16. What a sweet valentine hearts on your green wreath!You just inspired me! What a great jeep!Is it that long ago already 1990 wow I guess it is! We are a jeep family too!

  17. I think “Woody” has a lot of character and can certainly see why you’re excited. Wagoneers are hard to come by around here – you have a beauty !!

  18. Love the wreath, what a creative idea. I am inspired to get in the mood for Valentines.


  19. Just now taking down the Christmas decorations and feel your pain at the thought of disposing of the wreath. Clever way to update it!

  20. OMG!! I just got a “woody” of my own (and that’s what we call him too) read about it here http://objectofmayaffection.blogspot.com/2012/12/woody.html

  21. Your wreath idea is awesome! It totally inspired me to salvage my own fir wreath…when they still smell good, why throw them out, right? You can see it here if you like: http://knittingneedlesrunningshoes.blogspot.com. Thanks for all the inspiring ideas!! -Brielle


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