From Our House to Yours – Christmas Decor 2012

From Our House to Yours – Christmas Decor 2012

Thank you for another year filled with love and support my friends –
Have a fabulous weekend.
xoxo enjoy.


  1. Gorgeous!!! Loved seeing all this. You always make everything look so beautiful in your home. Happy New Year Stephanie!

  2. Everything is pretty and perfect! Love it all. Great style. Happy New Year!

  3. Beautiful…precious…perfect! Your holiday home is comforting and so beautifully styled! I especially love those window wreaths.

  4. Oh my goodness Stephanie Lynn, your home is so gorgeous. I love all of your holiday decorations. Thank you for the beautiful tour!

  5. So pretty, clean and simple!! It’s stunning!!!

  6. Everything looks so beautiful. I love the Christmas tree in the basket. Your tables setting is so lovely, too. Perfect!! Looks like someone loves his atv.

  7. The little guy looks like he is having too much fun! Happy new year.

  8. I think your snowman has the sniffles. We have some of the same ornaments, like that Santa. 🙂

  9. I so enjoyed seeing your Christmas decor especially here in January when I have time to sit and enjoy it all! Your tablescape is lovely with the plaid and mercury trees/balls and glass hurricanes for candles – great design!


  10. Thanks for including pictures of your little guy!! His smiles are just wonderful!! Great decorating once again!! Can you show us the playroom?

  11. I just love your real snow decorations. I live in Perth, Australia and I have never seen snow. Our Christmases are usually sweltering century degrees. Love your house too!

  12. What a wonderful, gorgeous, welcoming home you have. Your decorations are splendid. Love all those little silver trees on your table and everything else. You must be a very busy gal to keep your home so pretty. I’d be embarrassed for anybody to see mine lately.
    A guy was coming to fix our furnace today, luckily he was late so I had time to put things away and straighten up. Phew.
    Yes we were blessed with over $800 in parts/labor to fix our furnace, I had to have skin cancer cut out of my left boob last Thursday, I’m afraid of what the 3rd. thing could be. Isn’t that how it works, troublesome things happen in 3’s? Since it’s been very cold here just have to have the furnace fixed. Our house was built in 1998 so the old furnace is over 14 yrs. old. Should be glad it waited this long, lol.
    Hope your holidays were everything you could hope for, your little guy looks like he was having a great time. That’s quite a vehicle he’s driving. Was that his favorite toy? Wishing you and yours a very happy 2013.

  13. Your posts always warm my heart and make me smile. You give so much, what a blessing you are to all of us. Thank you for sharing your inner light – it is shining brightly and beautifully!

  14. What a beautiful and stylish home, I love seeing what you do. Thanks

  15. Everything is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

  16. Hi Stephanie Lynn – I contacted you a week or so ago about linking back to your tutorial for rolled paper roses, and had not heard back from you yet . . . . I went ahead and included your link and information in the January issue of our online Christian women’s magazine, Ruby for Women. We will also promote your site on our community site and blog, if that’s OK with you – if not, please just email me and we will remove it right away ;o) I love your creative ideas and I know our readers and members will also be delighted to stop by and visit you. Thanks so much, Nina @ Ruby for Women

    PS we do not sell our magazine, it is free of charge to anyone who wants to read it, and we have lots of women who take advantage of all of the free recipes, crafts, articles, poems, and stories each month. Thanks again, Nina

  17. Beautiful pictures of your lovely home. Thank you for sharing your home and decorations with us!

  18. Gorgeous Stephanie Lynn! Thank you for sharing.

  19. Your home looks lovely! Wanted to thank you for the paperwhite tutorial. Made a dozen for gifts and several larger ones fory living room. Love the bright green on these dark winter days.

  20. Your home looks lovely! Wanted to thank you for the paperwhite tutorial. Made a dozen for gifts and several larger ones fory living room. Love the bright green on these dark winter days.

  21. Stunning decor! Great job!
    [email protected]’s Musings

  22. Stephanie, your home is just so pretty…warm and inviting and cheerful, but not manic. (You know, some decor ends up looking like Mardi Gras – may be creative but it doesn’t feel like home or Christmas.)

  23. i think the paper roses will drive me to drink… is amazing how many it takes to make 3 wreathes…but lovely!

  24. Beautifully decorated.
    Happy New Yer to you and yours


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