Fun Snow Day Activities for the Kids: Playing with Snow

Fun Snow Day Activities for the Kids: Playing with Snow

Happy New Year my friends – hope your year is off to a fabulous start.
For this weeks tuesday ten I am inspired by…
We have only been lucky enough to see a tiny bit of snow right before the holidays
but we are waiting and ready for more with these
in hand.

Make colorful rainbow ‘glass’ ice balls using balloons
| source & full instructions: hurrayic |
Blow bubbles in the snow ~ freezing bubbles
| source and full instructions: science made fun |
Play a game of tic tac toe in the snow
| source: parents |
Make colorful snow art using food coloring
| source: mount vernon news |
Create fun snow art with bird seed ~ doubles as a special treat for your feathered friends
| source: spoonful |
Bring your vehicles to life by clearing a happy face on the windshield – disney cars fans unite!
| source: buzzfeed |
Stir up a batch of homemade snow cream ~ ice cream made with real snow
| source and full recipe: back to the cutting board |
Make Maple Syrup Taffy ~ candy made on the snow
| source and full recipe: the kitchn |
Whip up a batch of snow muffins ~ made with real collected snow
Create masterpieces with melted snow art
| source and full directions: housing a forest |
 and I just had to include this extra – though it is a bit involved and
probably better suited for the older kids…
Melted Snow Dyed Fabrics – the finished marbled patterns are so pretty.
| source and full directions: Dave’s Garden |
Here’s to having a load of fun in the New Year – cheers!


  1. Happy New Year! Thanks be to you for all the “right stuff” you share with us. Artsyjs

  2. We have a lot of snow, but are getting more on Thursdsy. Thank you so much for the great ideas. Hours of fun!

  3. Great ideas!! Thanks for sharing them!

  4. We’ve got tons of snow – too bad we can’t bottle and ship it off! Despite being retired, next snowfall I am going to go out and draw a happy face on the car and add some fun to the neighborhood. These young parents around hear (who never smile or speak) are so high strung, they will only think we are crazier than before!!LOL! Can’t wait to see the look on their face!!! LOL!

  5. wow! what fun. No snow in Northern California (not too far north) when we get a rare snow fall we are as giddy as little kids who get to do all those fun things in the snow. Beautiful photos. Happy New Year!

  6. Whenever my kids are stuck indoors, we always put on an audiobook to accompany whatever they’re doing. There’s lots of great sites to download them, but we use this one a lot because all of the stories are free and original. Here’s the link for anyone who is interested.

  7. Steve Rodgers :

    My kids love playing in the snow. In the frigid Pittsburgh weather we get every year you better love it! There is no avoiding it. Thanks for the post.


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