Chalkboard Wooden Postcards | Kids’ Valentines

Chalkboard Wooden Postcards | Kids’ Valentines

Happy Friday my friends. I am not quite sure where January has gone but Welcome February nonetheless. I am pretty excited my little guy and I managed to finish up one of our planned Valentine’s Day projects this week.
Despite our slow moving speed, these wooden postcards are incredibly easy to make and can be ready-to-play in just a day – and that’s only because it takes that long for the chalkboard paint to cure.
I just love that they are made from wood – which I know will ensure they will be around for quite awhile – no matter how much they are played with – plus we were able to make all of our postcards from just one $3 piece of wood from the hardware store.

Materials Needed:
Popular Board
Acrylic Paints and/or Wood Stain
Chalkboard Paint
Painter’s Tape or Vinyl
Stamps {optional}
Tools Needed:
Hand Saw or Chop Saw
Sander or Sand Paper
Cut the popular board to size using a chop saw or hand saw – Our postcards measured approximately 5 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches and our popular board was 1/2 inch thick.
Sand the surfaces and all edges really well.
Finish each piece with your favorite acrylic paint or stain. We used both, watered down acrylics and wood stain. Adding a tiny bit of water to the acrylic paint makes it translucent – letting the wood grain show through.
Once dry create the ‘postage stamp’.  I picked up a couple inexpensive valentine’s day scrapbooking stamps and simply brushed them with a little acrylic paint to create ours.
Next is the chalkboard paint. Painter’s tape or cut vinyl can be used to create the message areas.

I created the ‘address area’ on one side of the postcard with a piece of cut vinyl – the other side I ended up covering completely with the chalkboard paint – so my little guy had more room for his masterpieces.

Typical chalkboard paint requires a couple of coats – just be sure to follow the manufactures recommendations and once dry, don’t forget to season the chalkboard surfaces with a piece of chalk.
Then let your little ones have fun!
Two eyes, a nose and one…
Big Happy Smile.
This one is my favorite…
I may have to tuck it away so it doesn’t get erased.
The wooden postcards paired with the Pottery Barn Kids Inspired Mailbox
make for some great pretend play time.
I put the mailbox together a couple of years ago for CJ – the info can be found here:
These wooden postcards can also be made to mail directly through the regular USPS.
Just be sure the postcard is cut to the correct dimensions and the wood is the required weight specified by the postal service. We mailed out actual bottles a couple of years ago for CJ’s Pirate Birthday Party and the guests got a kick out of receiving them in the mail.
Although these are wonderful for Valentine’s Day – I think we’ll be keeping our out years round.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend – enjoy.


  1. What an adorable thing to make and do with children! Love it!

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  3. These are so cute! I can see my little ones using them year round!

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  5. Great idea. Fun, easy project for you and the little ones!

  6. That is such a great idea! The postcards are too cute.

  7. These are so adorable. Great project to do with the little ones. Very nice tutorial! Thank you for sharing.

  8. SO cute!


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